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A Novel Story by BBB's Sex Toy

Chapter 1

(A/N thanks for all the GOOD reviews and for the record I’m not a thief who steals fic’s I write all my own stuff with my heart and soul thanks to the ppl who understand and don’t just judges me *Amy Bennington and co* are very foolish the think that when I don’t critise your shit *key word: shit* }:) this is for you Kellie love ya gurl)

"A Novel Story"

Chester sat at his laptop, he pushed his glasses up his nose and continued typing.

**Mike ran his hand through his long spiky brown/brown hair. He licked his lips as he stared right into Chester's sparkling brown eyes. He ran his thumb over Chester's ruby red lips. Chester stuck out his tongue and licked the tip. A shiver ran through Mike's body. His pants tightened as his groin grew.

'Chester' he whispered.

Chester grabbed Mike's face with both of his hands and kissed him deeply and passionately. Tongues battled fiercely in each others mouths.

'Oh Mike, baby' Chester gasped against Mike's lips.

Mike slipped one of his hands around Chester's waist, pulling the younger man into him. Chester shoved his hands into Mike's hair, holding his head and lips firmly to his own. Mike's other hand slid down and cupped Chester's crotch, rubbing and stroking against the bulge that stiffened from the touch. Chester began to pant from the sensation. Mike's hand caressed Chester one last time as he moved both of his hands to Chester's waist. He began to unfasten them and brought them down to his ankles along with his underwear in one fast sweep.

Mike pulled back from the kiss and lustfully stared at Chester's well-endowed cock, as Chester grasped Mike's pants and removed them, he was surprised, but pleased to see that Mike had no underwear beneath them. Mike sank to his knees and took Chester into his mouth. Chester moaned while Mike licked and sucked on the tip. When Mike pushed his tongue into the slit, Chester cried out. He grabbed Mike’s shoulders to steady himself. Wave after wave of electricity rushed through his body from head to toe.

'Mike, oh Mike, yes, please! Oh god! Please!' Chester begged. Mike sucked him in completely, he immediately sucked him hard and fast, his head bobbed up and down the shaft. Drawing Chester closer and closer to the edge.**

Mike walked into the room and saw Chester engrossed with his laptop. He walked silently over to him and looked over his shoulder as he typed. As he read what was displayed on the screen, a smile grew on his face. A chuckle escaped his lips, making Chester aware of his presence. Chester spun around in his chair as Mike spoke.

"Writing another best-seller are ya' babe?"

"What are you doing home so early?" Chester asked.

"Well I thought that I would surprise you by taking you out for dinner, but your story as given me other ideas"

"Hmm I can see that!" Chester replied glancing at Mike's crotch.

"Let's go to bed and you can show me exactly how your story ends!"

"Hell yeah!"

They both raced each other upstairs.

(A/N this happened to me once it was funny *lol* if you want a sequal review)

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