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Together Forever by Screaming-Suicide-4-Chaz

"Joe, I swear to God, if you throw that pillo-"

Chester's words were cut off when a pillow was thrown at his head, and Joe cackled evily as he watched Chester gape in disbelief.

"You fucker..." Chester mumbled, picking up the pillow that hit him. He threw it back at Joe, and hit him right in the face, and he began laughing as Joe gaped.

"Chester, I'm telling Mike!" Joe whined loudly, running out of Chester and Mike's bedroom and into his livingroom, where Mike was watching TV.

"Mike, Chester hit me in the face with a pillow!" Chester heard Joe say, and he laughed, walking out into his and Mike's livingroom.

"And.. you want me to do what..?" Mike asked, and Joe sighed heavily, crossing his arms, pouting. Chester sat beside Mike on the couch and smiled at him, falling in love with him all over again.

"Are you guys gonna start kissing and all that stuff that freaks me out?" Joe asked, pulling Mr.Froggie out of his baggy pants back pocket. He clutched his beloved Frog close to his chest and awaited an answer.

"Uh, maybe? Why?" Mike asked, and Joe sighed.

"I dunno.. cause if you are, I'm gonna leave." Chester smirked, and said, "Well then, yes, we are." He pulled Mike close to him and began kissing his soft lips. Joe gasped and then said, "Stop! I'm gonna leave!" Without breaking their kiss, Mike waved his hand at Joe, and then brought it up to Chester's face and cupped it, deepening the kiss.

"Fine! Call me when your.. done. I'm going over to Brad's." Joe said, standing up. He walked out of Mike and Chester's house, grinning as he walked to his car. He didn't mind them kissing or being a couple; they knew he was just joking.

Mike moaned into Chester's mouth, and then broke their kiss, smiling at his lover. Chester played with the bottom of Mike's shirt, and then pulled it up over his head, exposing his naked torso. Pushing Mike down onto the couch playfully, Chester stood up and removed his shirt also, and then his pants. Mike unbuttoned his pants and then removed them himself and then his boxers. Chester removed his boxers also, and then layed down on top of Mike, immediately kissing his lips.

"Ches..." Mike moaned as Chester began kissing and sucking on his neck. Chester pushed Mike's legs up and over his shoulders, and then placed his right middle finger in his mouth, wetting it with his saliva. Bringing his hand down to Mike's opening, Chester rubbed his saliva over his entry and then pushed his finger inside, working it around gently. Adding a second finger, Mike moaned softly, never breaking eye contact with Chester.

After a few more moments of fingering Mike, Chester removed his fingers and then spat in his hand, rubbing his spit onto his erection, and then positioning it at Mike's opening. Holding onto Mike's hand, Chester entered him, both of them moaning.

Chester stopped moving to let Mike adjust to his huge manhood inside of him, stretching him. A few moments later, Mike gave a small nod and Chester slowly pulled out of him half way and then pushed back inside, moaning lowly.

"Mikey.. oh God.." Chester moaned as he created a slow rhythm, thrusting in and out of Mike. Chester pulled out of Mike again and pushed back inside with a little more force, and Mike screamed loudly.

"Chester! Oh God.. Mmm, hit that spot.. harder! God, Ches!" Mike screamed, and Chester smiled, thrusting into him harder and faster. Mike pushed his legs up higher, letting Chester go even deeper inside him.

"Mike, oh fuck, your so tight. Always so tight.." Chester moaned, hitting Mike's pleasure spot over and over.

"Only for you, baby.. Mmm, harder, Chester.." Chester began thrusting into Mike even harder, and then he began masturbating him, massaging the head of his dick roughly with his thumb. Mike moaned even louder, his and Chester's bodies slick with sweat.

Leaning down, Chester pressed his lips onto Mike's, kissing him and using his tongue roughly. Breaking their kiss, Chester moaned loudly, pushing into Mike even deeper.

"Mikey, God, I'm gonna cum.. fuck! Mike!"

"Chester.. harder! Faster, fuck, I'm.. cuming! God, Chester!"

As Chester continuesly hit Mike's prostate and jacked him off, Mike came hard, screaming out Chester's name.

"Mike! Oh God, Mike!" Chester screamed, cuming hard inside him. Collapsing on top of his lover, panting and lightly shaking, Chester let Mike's legs down gently, and pulled out of him, Mike panting also.

"I love you." Chester whispered, barely audible.

"I love you too, Chester. So much." Mike wrapped his arms around Chester's sweaty body, and kissed his forehead. Standing up, Mike pulled on his boxers and then picked his sleeping lover up into his arms, carrying him to their bedroom.

Laying Chester down in their bed, Mike kissed Chester's cheek gently, smiling at his angelic features. Mike walked out of their bedroom, turned off the light and closed the door, letting Chester get some sleep.


Chester awoke, rubbing his eyes and yawning, sitting up in bed. He stood up and grabbed a pair of boxers and pulled them on, and then walked out of his and Mike's bedroom and into their livingroom, seeing Mike sitting there, watching TV.

"Hey baby," Mike said, smiling at Chester. Chester smiled back and sat beside his boyfriend, yawning again.

"You sleep ok?" Mike asked, and Chester nodded, snuggling closer to Mike.

"Chester, I have to ask you something." Mike said suddenly, and Chester turned to where he was facing Mike.

"What is it?" He asked, giving Mike his full attention.

"Well," Mike stood up, and got on one knee in front of Chester, reaching into his pocket, and pulling out a small black, velvet box.

"We've been a couple for three years now, and I love you more and more each day. The band and our families have excepted us and our decision to be together, which I'm thankful for. I'm so thankful for you, Chester, and I love you so much. I never thought I could love someone this much." A few tears fell from Mike's eyes as he continued to speak. "I want to know we'll be together forever." He opened the black velvet box, and Chester gasped.

"Chester, will you marry me?" Tears fell from Chester's eyes also, and he nodded, smiling at Mike. "Yes, Mike. I will." Mike cried out, and pulled Chester towards him for a tight hug, pushing his face in the side of Chester's neck, both of them crying out of pure happiness.

Pulling away from their hug, Mike slid the engagement ring down Chester's finger, and Chester smiled widely, pulling Mike into a long, passionate kiss.

"I love you, Chester." Mike said, breaking their kiss.

"I love you too, Mike." Hugging Mike tight again, Chester kissed the side of his neck, sighing happily, and whispering, "We'll be together forever..."

~*~THE END~*~

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