I Am by Nef

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From: Severedhead

Date: 2007-06-22

Chapter: 1

I was staring... trying to figure out what pairing this was... either way, this was well written and I really liked it.


From: Krystal


Date: 2007-01-06

Chapter: 1

It was so good, aww poor boys!

It's a shame yopu didn't do more chapters with this but it's still an amazing story ^_^

From: reiku


Date: 2005-06-12

Chapter: 1

it was good keep up the good work

From: RockCatalyst


Date: 2004-05-20

Chapter: 1

I don't really think the ending was all that cheesy...I thought it was good. I'm also proud of myself for guessing the pairing. But, the story was well written, and I really liked it. Keep up the good work!

From: Franchizzle


Date: 2003-11-27

Chapter: 1

your stories are the best on this site.


this kicked so much ass.

From: Kenji Kobayashi

Email: spitfire25@linkinpark.com

Date: 2003-06-06

Chapter: 1

The whole time I knew it was being told from Mike's perspective, but I also thought he loved Chester. Then Chester turned into a homophobe and I sadly figured it was about Joe. (For some reason I'm allergic to Joe-slash.)

I more than loved the fact that it was Brad. :D

That was one of the best stories I've ever read.

From: xdoompaw

Email: doompaw@yahoo.com

Date: 2003-06-04

Chapter: 1

Whoa. That was just. . . Whoa. *stares*

Mmmmm. . . Brad/Mike. . . ^_^;;

You rock. *nods vigorously*

From: Holly


Date: 2003-04-14

Chapter: 1

aww poor brad!! :( that's ok mike was there to help him =p awesome story

From: CoNzIsFrEaKyFuRcHaZzY

Email: conzmaster14@aol.com

Date: 2003-04-12

Chapter: 1

OOOHHH!! *bangs head into a poll* I thought it was Chester's P.O.V. all along. Ooops....:P I LOVED it though....it was so greatly yummay a delish.....hehhe

From: crimson_tear

Email: crimson_tear@gmx.de

Date: 2003-04-12

Chapter: 1

I think I'm gonna cry now. You wrote that so beautifully.

I wanted to write a story 'bout cutting (I've been a cutter for over three years) but I don't know if I'm still gonna do this now. You described it all so well, there's nothing I could add.


From: Katy


Date: 2003-04-11

Chapter: 1

Really good...I didn't know who the couple was...but as soon as you said they were at chester's I knew it wasn't M/C....by the way...the ending wasn't cheesy...it was really good

From: Goober

Email: sqeekette@aol.com

Date: 2003-04-11

Chapter: 1

HA! Mike and Brad! I called that at the beginning! Oh my goodness! That story fricken rocked! And the ending isn't cheesy. I liked it a whole lot.

From: Screaming-Suicide-4-Chaz

Email: Pharmaecopia6SIC@aol.com

Date: 2003-04-11

Chapter: 1

That was absolutely beautiful in every way. It really touched me.. because I'm a cutter too. You've inspired me to write something.. and whatever it is, I'm going to dedicate it to you. This was wonderful... truly wonderful.

From: shinobi

Email: linkin_janey@yahoo.com

Date: 2003-04-11

Chapter: 1


Holy Moly!!

That was fucking brilliant!!

You had me glued to the screen from beginning to end!!

It was beautifully written, very powerful, I related so well to some parts of the story.

I especially liked the way you didn't mention the names of the couple until the very end.

That rocked!

Well done!!


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