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From: Trash.

Date: 2012-07-16

Chapter: 1

It's good to read it from someone else's point of view like this. Brad just doesn't get it and Mike won't give him an inch, just says he is fine. How can Brad help him?

From: Darth Yak

Date: 2004-08-25

Chapter: 1

*whimpers* *sobs*

So sad. At the end the only thing you want is for brad to help him, for mike to open up.... The hopelessness is amazing in this fic.

*wipes away tears* Great job.

From: VampyricRaven

Date: 2004-08-01

Chapter: 1

ack! ee gads!!! u have to add more pretty please.

love love love love love love love this story.

From: Jessica

Email: -

Date: 2004-06-16

Chapter: 1

Ummm... thats not really a story.. but umm.. i guess it was ok?

From: demi

Email: the_smallest_rose@yahoo.com

Date: 2003-12-04

Chapter: 1

that was the sweetest thing i've yet so far. i like how u set it up, very dramic!

From: Jay

Email: jay_the_angel@hotmail.com

Date: 2003-07-24

Chapter: 1

I love it. It's absolutely fantastic, really angsty and it made me cry!! Great work!

From: CoNzIsFrEaKyFuRcHaZzY

Email: conzmaster14@aol.com

Date: 2003-03-27

Chapter: 1

too lazy to log in......that was good!! i love the angsty ones.....they are yummay!!! good job! :D

From: stefbop

Email: stefbop@linkinpark.com

Date: 2003-02-20

Chapter: 1

i really like this. very well written and angsty. i hope you'll write a few more chapters? please? i'll give u a cookie! :)

From: Dadi

Email: white_tear99@hotmail.com

Date: 2003-02-20

Chapter: 1

Like I said, so sad... And so familiar. :) *huggles*

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