Angels by Dope Fairy

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From: Raven


Date: 2005-03-10

Chapter: 2


*hugs tightly*

From: Jen

Email: dragonlinkinstar@linkinpark.com

Date: 2004-09-14

Chapter: 2

just wanted to say that your poem is beautiful, and it definitely captured a period in my life in words. thanks, jen

From: Trickster

Date: 2004-07-01

Chapter: 2

this is so sad. i liked the poem at the end. at some point everyone feels that kind of gray, that there isn't anything left to live for. I loved it great job.


From: Trickster

Date: 2004-03-17

Chapter: 2

wow, man you have a real talent and i love reading your work! keep it up dude it rocks!


From: Lizabob

Email: theflamingsafetypinnazi@hotmail.com

Date: 2002-11-19

Chapter: 1

That was short, but good. It sucks that Sam and Draven and Rob's girlfriend and daughter died, though. It's good that somebody could relate to Chazzy's bad times. The little gay twist was cute too, though, I wouldn't ever expect Chaz and Rob to be together. It was good, though. Keep up the good work.

From: Holly


Date: 2002-11-18

Chapter: 1

aww that was good!!!! u should update this...and soon!

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