Don't Turn Your Back On Me by ninja

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From: becisamonsta

Date: 2019-02-15

Chapter: 1

Finally found some energy to read this and leave my review, so forgive me for how lame I am going to sound as I am very sick blah. I loved this littler one shot, the sprinkle of angst is what made it so good, and the ending totally unexpected in a good way. Nice job ❤️

From: Penelope_Ink

Date: 2019-02-08

Chapter: 1

Gosh, what a tough subject! Not what I would have guessed. Honestly (and I'm weird, I can't help it) but I swear I thought she was going to confess to being an alien. I don't know why. That's just the vibe I got.

But anyway.

You know it's hard when one person goes distant. When there's no communication, it make it impossible to get anything resolved. Especially since Brad had zero clue as to what was going on. I get that he hit his breaking point, and maybe she needed that. Maybe she needed that push to realize she was handling it wrong.

I'm very glad this had a good ending, and they're going to be okay. Maybe they'll even be stronger for it.

Thank you for sharing, it was an interesting read!

From: JellyfishLP

Date: 2019-02-06

Chapter: 1

I haven't read something like this before, but it was really interesting :) I like that you chose a topic that's not written about often! Nice oneshot :)

From: halvlang

Date: 2019-02-06

Chapter: 1

Yeah, glad you uploaded it! It was really sweet, even though I was really concerned in between that Elisa won't start talking again and that Brad would therefore not let come her back home.

But I don't blame her, I guess it must be a shock to figure out that you are pregnant when you haven't planned it and emotions and hormones can influence people in different ways and I therefore understand that she was all withdrawn. Yes, it wasn't fair but she really only needed time.

I also loves how Dave and Erika are getting involved and try to help out as good as they could.

Really sweet one-shot with the right amount of angst in there ;)

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