Handkerchiefs by lpfan503

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From: Esmeralda

Date: 2018-07-14

Chapter: 1

I just read this twice, the first time I couldn't concentrate because this is so hot that I just couldn't.... Gotta read it again in order to leave a proper review. First, there is something extremely hot on Mike bossing everybody around in the studio, and then being so submissive in the bedroom, Gosh!!

The guys analizing the whole handkerchief thing, that was hilarious, I'm not sure how Mike and Chester can pretend they can sneak around the guys, and not even think that they at least suspect what's going on between them. For some reason I love the secret affair, even though Mike doesn't consider that an affair.

And of course, the best is the set of rules they have for their relationship, showers first, no sex in the master bedroom, no I love yous, and just fucking/not making love. That's the way for them of keeping this thing from going out of hand. Really loved that part.

You really know your way with words. This is going straight to my favorites. Ahh, and yes, I also want to know what the black handkerchief means.

From: SonataNocturne

Date: 2018-07-11

Chapter: 1

And again a story that I waited to get a chance to read from the moment I saw it posted.

So uhm. That was freaking hot O.O OMG, knife-play <3 Gosh. I kinda guessed after the talk about the boxers and shirt. Wouldn't have minded some blood either x) Buahaha, Chester teasing was brilliant! And omg hair pulling too o.O And then the ending was super sweet <3

From: A.N.

Date: 2018-07-10

Chapter: 1

As you might know, I am VERY weak to Mike being submissive, as well as bound up in all kinds of ways. You had me at the mention of him being tied up, but you had me even more at the blindfold, the knife play (I love knife play so much), and everything else, actually. Just so many yummy things in this delightful one-shot.

I generally am turned off by Chester being dominant, but especially dominant over Mike. And the way you wrote this, with how commanding Chester was, it was really, really hot. Insanely hot. I love the thought of Mike letting a guy like Chester have him in whatever way he wants, and how you wrote him so willing but also a little feisty.

I also just came to the realization that if I had never brought up the hanky-code in the chat room last week, and got Penelope in on that conversation at one point, then this one-shot might not have happened. I'm not declaring myself responsible for this gem of a story, but I did play a very, very, super teeny-tiny minor role in setting it in motion, LOL XD

From: Penelope_Ink

Date: 2018-07-10

Chapter: ?

What's the black handkerchief mean? That's the big question. I love that Mike has his own garage door opener and that they have a stash of love toys. I'm not one for bondage too much, but you really did this in a sweet way. And the handcuffs that reminded him of their HT bracelets. Oh, you know my heart lives there :)

The guys knowing "the code" and not only being okay with it, but being amused by it was really cute. And that Joe figured it out. He would.

I could totally see Chester being driven like a workhorse by Mike all day in the studio..or all week...and Chester just being utterly ready to take some control back. And to think this all started from that pic yesterday XD You're so crazy.

Thank you for writing this! Oh and the end hahaha I loved the ends line of "guess I'll have to decide which handkerchief I'll be wearing tomorrow" lol I love it. So fun and playful.

From: hattu

Date: 2018-07-10

Chapter: ?

Oh god the handkerchief code :)))

I love this!

I remember so many discussion around these over the years.

Just I can’t remember any titles with stories around it.

Had to laugh at the guys looking it up in the net to figure out what their up on this night ;)

Are those two really believing no one figured them out?

That bedroom scene was the perfect start for the day…eventhough the shower will need to be much much colder ;)

Loved how Mike first didn’t even consider a safe word, that’s a lot of trust in your partner...

Bound, blindfolded and gagged…gnh gah… sorry can’t form anything coherent any more …………

Just really really really loved this!!!!

Wouldn’t mind a round two, wonder what the memory of the black handkerchief was ;)



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