And suddenly tomorrow's moment washed away by SonataNocturne

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From: ninja

Date: 2018-07-11

Chapter: 1

This was so hot and lovely. I loved the end, I laughed so hard!

From: becisamonsta

Date: 2018-07-02

Chapter: 1


HOT. . . HOT. . .

I loove Braz <3 thank you for writing this! Made my entire morning :) sorry for the short lived comment, I finally found some time to read :)

From: A.N.

Date: 2018-07-02

Chapter: 1

I need a cold shower... LOLOL!

They are so hungry for each other, OMG! Thank you so much for writing this! We need more Braz on this site!

I love that part when Chester is described as impatient and yearning. Such a great, great description of that moment.

I wouldn't mind having Brad's lips on me like that either! Loved Chester's reaction, not just because it was hot, but because of the way he's encouraging Brad to keep going. I love when you write that, about these guys encouraging each other, making it known what they like and don't like. It shows a healthy relationship, even when it's just smut.

Also, Chester's muscular butt, that was a nice touch, pun totally intended ;D

And also, "I need you to come for me", and BAM, Chester lets loose like a rocket! Brad's command can make Ches come! HAHAHAHA! Loved that moment!

From: Esmeralda

Date: 2018-06-30

Chapter: 1

This is so hot... I love Braz, bad thing this is one shot only... you should throw Mike into the mix again. I love it!!!

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