Futile by im.no.saviour

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From: malaiyas

Date: 2008-03-03

Chapter: 1

...I didn't fucking review this?

Sorry, I'm an asshole.

I love it. I love the fact that it takes place in college, and I think the fact that Mike goes by Akira is definitely made of win.

I'm not much a fan of fiction involving Joe, especially because most of the ones you read involve the same characterization of him over and over and oooooverrrrrr. But none of that was to be found here, and it was definitely lovelovelove.<3

From: SteppinRazor

Email: Logged Out

Date: 2008-03-01

Chapter: 1

This fic is made of win!

*loves ur Joe*

AKIRA!!!! I love that Mike goes by Akira!

I would also love if you wrote more of this...

*tips hat at your excellent writing*

From: Trash

Date: 2008-03-01

Chapter: 1

gtewtrt. I'm not a massive Joe!fic fan because I tried writing one and he was so difficult to write as a character but this is amongst the tiny few I really like. Emo!Joe makes my heart bleed. I loved it =)


From: hattu

Date: 2008-03-01

Chapter: 1

Aww a romantic joe :)

What a good way to start a day.

I loved reading this. The poem on the end was great.

God job!

From: Beneath This Smile

Date: 2008-02-29

Chapter: 1

It was no problem. I always love beta-ing pure brilliance. =)

“Veins, cardboard and graphite lines laced the two together, wound like the mic cord in his palm.”

Can I just say, that line is major win? It makes me all gooey inside. I love the imagery - the idea that even though they’re two very different people, one thing binds them together, and forms a connection, that obviously is one that’s hard to forget, and break.

I mentioned this to you before, about how realistic it is, in terms of the subject - but because you choose to voice your story and portray it the way you did (with that time line), it only seems more believable. I don’t doubt that there was some sort of a connection between Mike and Joe dealing with their art, because of the fact that they both went to art school together - even if Joe did drop-out.

As the door clicks shut, Joe rummages through his mini-fridge, pulling out a bottle of 99 Bananas, lifting it into the air, "Wanna go tag the student center?"

That line is one of my favorite ones in this story - I think that once, again, it’s the imagery of the relationship. Illegal activities + that special friendship/relationship makes me want to believe it, and consider it as a possible pairing. Plus, I love the casual note to Joe’s voice.

The descriptions of their artwork were made of win, most definitely. It made me want to tag every brick wall within a hundred miles of me.

I also love that you ended this with a poem - not lyrics to a song that everybody knows, or even some people know, but a poem. And that made me happy on so many levels.

Again, I loved working with you on this, even if it is a Moe fic. =) Any pairing is possible, if the writer is good enough…and you are! So kudos to you! I absolutely love this.

- Ives

From: meh

Date: 2008-02-29

Chapter: 1

I love Joe, despite all the mockeries.

And I love this.

I can totally relate myself to the sentiment.

From: Lee (logged out)


Date: 2008-02-29

Chapter: 1

I've never read a romantic Joe fic before. :o I liked this, it was a refreshing read. ^^;

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