Beyond the event horizon by vei

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From: xBirdie

Date: 2012-01-29

Chapter: 1

I can't even nearly tell how much I enjoyed reading this. It was so amazingly written, so well-researched and overall just my favorite - insane Mike is awesome.

Can't say more. I think this one's on my top 3. On the first place.

Great work!

From: A.N.

Date: 2010-02-04

Chapter: 1

For some reason, insanity suits Mike's personality. This is so well written. I enjoyed the read.

From: Umi

Date: 2009-02-17

Chapter: 1

I just reread the story (I just had to after going through the ICD and DSM for some small oral exam tomorrow) and... I still adore and envy you for it. Period. I know I already left a comment but I really had to leave another one *sighs dreamily~ and once again declares her undying love for this story... and still wonders about the actual diagnosis in the end, maybe 'just' something organic?* <3

From: Umi

Date: 2008-04-09

Chapter: 1

I have to declare my undying love for this amazing piece of art! I totally fell in love with this one sentence >>It's ironic really, because Mike hears an actual crack the moment his sanity snaps.<<, even before I read the fic and now, afterwards, I love it even more.

I fell like printing the story, copying and putting it on my walls, till there's not one blank spot in the end.

The whole atmosphere is just... it sucks one into the fic and leaves no way to interrupt reading it, before you're done and the best: you can read it all over again and again and again and you'll never get bored!

*FAV* It's like... one of the best oneshots I've ever read! Right in this moment, it's even my #1!

Awww... *luv*

From: Andie

Date: 2007-09-09

Chapter: 1

Wow. That story is one of the best I have read, fanfiction or no. It was intricate and well thought out. I am so undeniably impressed. Honestly, this is best story to be seen on LPFiction to date. Fantastic job.

From: L~T

Date: 2007-09-08

Chapter: 1

What the hell can I say?

It pisses me off that I can't say anything to this.

I want to and yet...nothing.

Brilliance? Amazement? Earth shattering? Shocking?

I can't say any of that because it's more than words can say.

It's human.

<3 :)

From: DarkAngelXero

Date: 2007-09-08

Chapter: 1


ok dark_red said PRETTY much everthing i wanted to say :P damn you for getting there first! :P joking!

anyway, completely and utterly breathtaking. I loved every bit of it. I loved the simplicity with which chester shot up Mike with speed so he could perform and just dragged him onstage...quite reversed at the end isn't it? The way in which Mike detroys Chester, epitomising the destruction of the band as said previously, but also i feel it reflects Mike's destruction of himself.... eventhough he doesnt see it:

[i]"You know that..." Mike speaks up, watching Chester look around the empty room uneasily. "...in a way you are my greatest work of art."[/i]

... yes but a creation is only as good as its maker :]

i think this fic. is just amazing. Perfectly written and one i will no doubt reread often. Its simplicity yet intricacy was just BRILLIANT!

Well done... and THANK YOU!


From: dark_red


Date: 2007-09-08

Chapter: 1

First of all, I love that you're taking advantage of your neuropsychology background and incorporating it into fan fiction. It's one thing to just write stories about Linkin Park, but it's so much more unique when you can bring another of your interests into the picture. Neuroesthetics has interested me for a while. I couldn't tell you much about it beyond what it is (lol), but I like music and art and the creation process in general, and I really like merging those into fiction. So I guess it ties in with that.

It was really interesting to read this and watch Mike's condition progress (or regress, rather). In the beginning, you don't get a clear feel for what's wrong with him, just that something *isn't* right and that he's possibly searching for something new that isn't in his life. But then the classes, the songwriting, the illness, the drugs - combine a number of things and it's no wonder Mike snaps. It was a bit horrifying to see Mike talk the psychologist into thinking that he *shouldn't* be on medication because great minds like his can't risk manipulating their creativity. Because great minds, as he later shows, can also use their intelligence to do bad things.

Love that conversation between the band about replacing Mike with a body double, then Mike suggests they don't know he hasn't already done that. In a way, they really are working with a different Mike, a Mike that isn't who he used to be. His art becomes different, as does his music, and it's hard for someone with mental issues to communicate to someone without them that he sees glass raining from the sky and finds it necessary to recreate that in the recording studio.

Randomly, I like the idea of Chester reading Grey Daze lyrics to get depressed before he writes. I do often find myself wondering how they write about dark subjects when they're living the high life...and that might just be the answer. :D

One of my favorite parts was the section where they examined the corpses in the anatomy class ("The thought that he'll never know how he is inside himself feels strange."). My other favorite scene, is of course, Chester's last. First Mike destroys the demos of the new album, then he destroys the iconic embodiment of Linkin Park itself - its lead singer. That whole scene was great, and the idea of Chester being Mike's creation struck me as oddly real and existent in real life. Mike was so sinister and sly about what he did that it was fucking scary, and I really felt that Chester didn't see it coming any more than I did.

Anyway, fantastic job with this (in case my nonsensical rambling didn't get that across). I haven't read Oranges are Purple, but I shall do so in the not-so-distant future. :)

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