Afraid by vei

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From: dark_red


Date: 2007-08-25

Chapter: 1

Red's goal is to catch up on some of your stuff, this weekend. :)

The idea of controlling what you fear is easy to relate to, as I'm sure we all wish we could have power over everything we're afraid of. Chester is in the rare position of actually being able to have control over his fears, and it's interesting that he's only willing to be near them if he's in control, if he's reassured that he won't get hurt again.

Also interesting is the lack of emotion Chester credits these fears with. He ignores the makeup of the crowd, the intricacies that make Mike who he is - his fears are merely, to him, the sum of their parts. The crowd is not a group of thousands, but one giant monster; Mike is not an intelligent, compassionate friend, but simply a sexually functioning man. Chester reduces these symbols of his fears until they are no longer threatening, breaks them down to their most basic purpose so he can dominate them.

Which is why I don't entirely hate him for what he does to Mike. That you prefaced the sex scene with his analysis of crowds and why he has to control them makes us understand more why he uses Mike. And it's heartbreaking, don't get me wrong, that Mike is so patient and caring (I even wibbled when he asked if Chester was okay, afterwards), and all Chester can do is use Mike to deal with his fear. But if you hadn't preceded it with the fear of crowds, I would probably just think Chester's a heartless bastard. These fears (or the way you've showcased them, rather) make him much more human, much more flawed and disturbed and in need of help.

Randomly, I also liked the band's discussion about crowds, how they likened any one of their audiences to the groups that blindly follow their leader in North Korea. It's a bit like that, really...I think if you have a microphone and can get a few people to follow you, the rest will surely follow.

I'm not sure any of this makes sense, but I did enjoy it. :)

From: Joan of Arc


Date: 2007-07-17

Chapter: 1

Yay new cool author to stalk =D

From: a.rob

Date: 2007-06-11

Chapter: 1

Um, wow?

I really liked this different perspective Chester had. It was quite original - haven't seen a lot of Chester mindsets that are driven from fear, but in a good way. Don't know if that makes sense, sorry lol. But anyway, I really connected with some of the things you said, like

"All men are the same really, when you let them do what they please they treat you like a thing and act out without considering how they mess you up."

Maybe that's just my experience, but I really liked the way you said that. And I'll be done blabbing now. Keep workin' that talent!

Peace. :)

From: Lee

Date: 2007-06-11

Chapter: 1

I love the idea behind this. <3

From: Trash

Date: 2007-06-11

Chapter: 1

Oh I love it. Your writing is beautiful and the description of Chester's fears is brilliant. I love that something he fears entices him. And I love the monotone sex with Mike - like it was happening but he wasn't interested in it, just how it made him feel control wise.

Amazing =D

From: Carpals

Date: 2007-06-11

Chapter: 1

I like the angle you took on Chester's perspective of sex, you don't see it very much in stories. Thumbs up!

From: Disengaged

Date: 2007-06-10

Chapter: 1

Awesome!! I enjoyed reading it :D

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