Wonderful by UnwillinglyMasked

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From: Ladyvayne

Email: Ladyvayne20@yahoo.com

Date: 2006-01-17

Chapter: 14

This is a great story. You are an awesome writer w/ a lot of talent. Keep it up

From: Bitty


Date: 2005-11-17

Chapter: 14

epilougue maybe?

From: Bitty


Date: 2005-11-17

Chapter: 14

that was a beautiful story



From: cRiSpY cReAm

Email: jesp02@cox.net

Date: 2004-09-04

Chapter: 14

awwwwwwww..waaaa...i am so sad..that was so sad..i am lol sad. so they r over? no more...damn wat if mike kills himself casue of chester? damn chester would feel HORRIBLE!! wow so that the end of it right? i forget..lol that was amazing -hugs- adios

From: thebazile


Date: 2004-07-24

Chapter: 14



From: The_Professional_Reader


Date: 2004-07-06

Chapter: 14

Lovely. Very surprising. Very sweet. I loved it. Definitely will recommend it.

From: Orsi

Email: spicey@vnet.hu

Date: 2004-04-13

Chapter: 14

OMG!! It's over!!! It's so sad! :( Poor Mike! It was awesome btw i really enjoyed it reading! :)

It's cool that you have a new one, i hope that would be happier! :D

Bye Orsi

ps.: I want a sleeping Mikey!! :p

From: .bennizzle.jizzle.

Email: cantankerouscancercaitiff@yahoo.com

Date: 2003-09-27

Chapter: 14

omg. i just realized that i never reviewed this....

wwwwwwwoooooooooooooooo!!!!!! i LOVED this fic! angst and slash princess. youve been dubbed...

lol. good job. *pats you on the back* bye!

From: lauren

Email: kitti26@backpacker.com

Date: 2003-05-10

Chapter: 14

im just now reading thid..hell i have no clue when u last wrote it..and i also have no clue if there is a sequel...is there??? point me in the direction of it and im there! btw..it was utterly cruel 4 u 2 leave the story off liek that lol.

bye :)

From: Walking_Paradox

Email: goth_queen88@yahoo.com

Date: 2003-04-02

Chapter: 14

*sniff* that was great, and sad, and fluffy, and angsty and romantic, and comical and....*thinks of other words* I think I put them all up!

Going to read part 2, cuz I'm a little late..oops..

Great fic!


From: Sorrow


Date: 2003-03-31

Chapter: 14

*Sob* that was so fucking sad sniff it was beatuiful but sad good story.

From: CoNzIsFrEaKyFuRcHaZzY

Email: conzmaster14@aol.com

Date: 2003-03-27

Chapter: 14

UCRAZYINSANEMOFO!!! U ARE AWESOME!!! A slash God, and an angst queen!! I love u..:D! That was so good, sad....yah....I LOVE IT

From: Kerosene

Email: crazedslashmunky@yahoo.com

Date: 2003-02-11

Chapter: 14

aww...its ok...I think I might cry now....

From: stefbop

Email: linkubuspark@hotmail.com

Date: 2003-02-10

Chapter: 14

that was so lovely! but so sad!

write the sequel asap! :)

thankies for the mention! i feel special! *huggles*

i LOVE stp 'wonderful' - such a beautiful song. :)

From: shinobi

Email: linkin_janey@yahoo.com

Date: 2003-02-09

Chapter: 14

Woah.... I started reading this a while ago and have only just read the most of it just now.... wow... that was so good!! *throws you a cookie* I liked it, a lot!! I love the whole mike/chaz thing and even though it was a real sad ending it was really good, really enjoyable.... the song fitted it so well, one of my fave songs ^_^

A sequel, huh? I'm looking forward to that a lot!! Congrats!!


shinobi ^_^

From: Katy


Date: 2003-02-08

Chapter: 14

Hey it's me again...and I just want to say that I agree with Carro...you have to do at least one more chapter!! I mean give us something a little better to hang on to!! pretty please...*gives you really cute puppy dog look*

From: Bex

Email: rock_goddess64@hotmail.com

Date: 2003-02-07

Chapter: 14

Great story! Very very good! One thing.... the ending.... You can't just leave it hanging like that! What's lil Mikey gonna do? Where's Chaz off to? What're the guys gonna say/do? Unless this'll be in the sequal you gotta write more of this masterpiece!

From: crazyLPgirl

Email: bettyb00p215@aol.com

Date: 2003-02-07

Chapter: 14

*tear* Oh my God...that was so sad!! But the story was fucking awesome. Its one of the best ones ive read!! Now I have 2 things to look forward to on the 25th!! peace yo...\m/

From: Katy

Email: LPsbabe@linkinpark.com

Date: 2003-02-07

Chapter: 14

Hey...OMG!! That was so sad!! I don't know if I can wait till March 25th for the sequal. I know that I'm going to read this one over and over again!! I loved it so much!! Thanks for mentioning me in your notes!! I feel so loved...hehe!! This was an awesome story...great job!! This is definately my favorite story!! E-mail me sometime!


From: CaRRo

Email: lp_and_one@hotmail.com

Date: 2003-02-06

Chapter: 14

okay honestly..BAD ENDING! No...TERRIBLE ENDING! You can't do that to Mike. Come on! Can u write one more chappie?!?!?PLEASE? Im begging you!

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