Love, Fear and Friendship by hattu

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From: nodabear89

Date: 2007-06-22

Chapter: 7

Wonderful story, and fuck what Mike says, I still hate Brad! lol


From: jackster


Date: 2007-06-22

Chapter: 7

update yay!

its finished..though..no yay on that part


loved the update

loved the chapter

loved your story

::huggles braddles and mikey::

felt sorry for braddles in this chappy

glad he wanted to find mikey

and yay mikey for not letting braddles leave

and and

::huggles robbles::

he needs one too

as i said

loved the chapter and your story

From: shmerf

Date: 2006-10-25

Chapter: 6

if you take another eternity before writing more, I will come to your house and pee in your bathroom!! oh YEAH!! THATS RIGHT!! beware!!!

>.< So fucking great!! I cant wait for more

<3 yelena

From: jackster


Date: 2006-10-24

Chapter: 6

not logged on must REVIEW!!

dude u still have my attention!!

water works going on overs herees

::huggles mikey::


dude im so so HAPPY u updated!

loving ur story

chapter was awesome

update soonnn pwweasse!

From: Gummibear Queen

Date: 2006-10-24

Chapter: 6

I'm glad to see you updating again.

Its been so long I had to start again and we got to the new chapter and I thought 'I've read this before' - I was about to send you a nasty email saying you'd broken a rule when I read the authors note and saw who betaed it.

I'm very blonde!

Anyways, It was a joy to read again and give me something new to read!

*have some gummibears*



From: Vixenla

Date: 2006-10-23

Chapter: 6

*pouts* Brad's still an ass!!

From: bleeding chaos </3

Date: 2006-05-12

Chapter: 5

finally u update

fucking amazing chapter

lol make brad&mikey get straight wit eachother

i cant stand dis drama lol

well i'd write more of a review but i'm practically falling asleep writing this...infact my eyes are closed...lmfao talented 'eh?!

well update soon, i might write another review l8er or w/e but i doubt it



From: cRiSpY cReAm

Date: 2006-05-12

Chapter: 5

no more? o man i wanna know whats going to happen next..brad just needs to be punched in the face! haha...i'm glad chester realized what he's doing..i love it update soon! later

From: lpfreak1980

Date: 2006-05-12

Chapter: 5

OMG, I just read all 5 chapters! This is really well written. You portray Mike's emotions wonderfully!! It's very believeable, how he's feeling. I can't wait for the next chapter!!

From: Kenji xx (not logged in)

Email: cutielittlemosher@hotmail.com

Date: 2006-05-09

Chapter: 5

Holy shit. I have just discovered this fic and I am hooked. You have to update soon.

From: WhyDoAllGoodThingsComeToAnEnd?

Date: 2006-05-09

Chapter: 5

brad fucker! :@ why is he so stupid? mike needs him and he needs mike its obvious! he should work things out...he needs it! hope things will get better :)

poor mike tho...it's not so big deal being gay...he's not in love with any of the guys for heaven's sake!

anyway...go on with this! i love it :)


From: shmerf

Date: 2006-05-08

Chapter: 5

shmexy shmexy lol I dont know. I say that to like everything. but this was a nice story and I cant wait for more. And how do you know I'm sitting at the PC...maybe I'm like....flying in front of it O_O ever think of that?! lol. please continue


From: Linkinpark_fan

Email: dinkydoni@yahoo.com

Date: 2006-05-08

Chapter: 5

Wow....... Brad is being an ass. He isn't handling the situation correctly. If it would have been me, I would have been happy that my friend trusted me enough to tell me the truth, I would not shun them, it's wrong, I just hope Brad will open his eyes soon. *gives you pie* eveyone loves pie! :3

From: jackster


Date: 2006-05-08

Chapter: 5

to lazy to log in

yes glad i came across this and clicked and read

because im loving it!!

so sad ::sniff::

poor mikey ::huggles him::

braddles mean!

n e ways loving ur story

pwease update soon

From: Vixenla

Date: 2006-05-08

Chapter: 5

I feel so bad for Mike! Grrr, I hate Bradford's attitude!! Makes me wonder if he was ever Mike's friend in the first place...

From: DisasterousLetdown

Date: 2006-01-06

Chapter: 4

Hey Girly!

I'm so sorry for how long it has taken me to review your chapter, Christmas has proven to be a busy time for me this year. I have finally gotten around to reviewing for ya though so hopefully you forgive me for my lateness!

I'm really glad to hear that my review meant so much to you, I write them for a reason... I think it is only fair to share my thoughts and feelings a chapter when an author allows us to read their story. Not to mention that reviews really help authors, I know they help me a lot! Also I have returned Mark only with a few bruises and um... well a... uh, broken arm and a concusion. He is okay though and willing to work with you, if not just send him back my way. *evil smirk* Oh and as for my story, as you can see it is up again... just wanted to let you know that I will be adding another chapter as soon as my beta sends it back to me. Okay now onto the review lol, sorry *blushes*...

For one I love the personality you have given Mike, he is so sarcastic and I love that about him! It's completely understandable that he wouldn't want to talk to them about Mark, considering everything that happened... that is a sore topic and wouldn't be easy to speak aloud to someone.

It's kinda sad to know that Mike realizes how his 'friends' are around him. Sure when you're reading it you're thinking to yourself how fucked up everything is when it comes to his friends, but then to hear that he notices how they act around him... that just makes it more depressing and you can't help, but want to comfort the poor guy. I don't blame him for not believing that they are confused and worried, I wouldn't believe it either! Rob has a way with words though and he is very convincing, I have a feeling that he could talk anybody into anything if he really put enough energy into it. I like that about Rob though, I think he has to be my favortite character in this story. Oh yeah and I just have to say that I like Dave too, what he said was very touching and I just hope he sticks by his words!

Oh and I just love the fact that Mike keeps forgetting that Jake is in the room, just adds some humor the chapter that I feel is necessary. Jake is a very wise guy, isn't he? That is exactly what Mike needs at the moment though, someone there who can give some advise in very understanding words.

I am so glad that Joe and Dave are sticking by Mike's side, I mean him being gay really shouldn't change anything. As for Chester's reaction... it was very believable and realistic, it is understandable how he would feel betrayed because Mike kept such a huge secret from him. Everyone knows how close they are so it is understandable how he would feel hurt. At least Mike knows he just needs time though and eventually everything will be okay between them. And Brad... well I am very disappointed in him. Sure it is only realistic to have someone not okay with Mike being gay, but that doesn't make me any less disappointed in him... especially because this is Brad, supposably Mike's best friend!

Oh and that was a hell of a way to end a chapter girly! I am dying to know what happens next. I guess that means I am out to read the next chapter when you get it posted, great job girly... You have an amazing talent when it comes to writing, don't ever stop!


- Amy -

From: hagazussa

Date: 2005-12-09

Chapter: 4

Hey sorry for being so late!

I'm glad Mike finally told the guys, but the effects are.... well I don't want to spill any secrets... *grins*

Hope you update soon. Keep up your great work!

(Somehow it's hard to review when you already know the story.. ;o)

From: TriedToGiveYouWarning

Date: 2005-11-16

Chapter: 4

Oh wow. I'm really loving this! This is such an awesome story - please - update soon! I'm dying from not knowing what'll happen next!

From: The Obsessed Sibbie

Date: 2005-11-03

Chapter: 4


Okies, I'll wait till you update again... I gotta go eat dinner and finish crying... poor Mike...

From: angel with no soul

Email: {not going to log in}

Date: 2005-11-03

Chapter: 4

*grins wide*

Yeah, I'm a commenting whore if I want to be, i know. But if I really like something... and if i have the right mood, I can make a quiet long review. I bet that was the longer that I've written... ^^; who knows. But I'm happy it surprised you. I actually don't come back to this site too often. It had lost the atmosphere it used to have, but I come to read stories I've started... so I keep reviewing either.

I could see Mike's waking up and almost felt his headache. *rubs forehead* That feeling isn't too cool. So the friends are worried? The friends... I could see why Mike wouldn't believe and I must admit, I didn't believe they were worried, especially when it comes about Chester. Yeah, I like a bad Chester. I dunno why though.

“I’m sorry, Jake. I can’t fill you in.” - that kind a made me laugh *yeah, I'm nasty. Or whatever *likes the idea of Mike being filled better* But if serious... Mike had his reasons never trust his friend, even if he already looked like a real stubborn that moment. Rob had a good point to believe his friends would understand... I hope either... but I believe Mike had his reasons to thing they wont. *wonders about those reasons*

Yet again... Rob has a really good point. It's even worse to be afraid they would find it out sooner or later then to tell it once and for all. Sure the first reaction could be different, but after all... they wouldn't be real friends if they wouldn't understand, would they? I think not... so again Mike really should just tell it. And Dave...

Awe, Dave was really cute that moment when he came in and said what he said. I was like melting. I really hoped someone would come in and say and it quiet surprised me it was Dave, but then again... Chester and Brad hadn't been too nice and Joe... Joe's Joe... so I see why you chose exactly Dave and I think it was a well thought up decision.

I was really happy when Mike decided to tell everyone. FINALLY! I thought. It was time. That moment I was trilled to see if he really tells and what would be the reaction. And OMG he really told! OMG, I like how you described coming out. I remember my first coming out and it was almost the same. I was scares, ashamed, unsure... I was thinking if that's the right decision, but once you tell it... there's no turning back and actually you feel... a bit reduced... or not? It's hard to say.

*hugs Joe and Dave* They are cool!! ^_^ Ah, Chester is an ass! I love him for that. He should have understood that for people like Mike it's not that easy to walk around telling he's gay to everyone. *rolls eyes*

Yes! *coughs* Sorry, but Brad was just the way I thought *hoped* he would be. I don't like things to be easy and in this story I saw that Brad shouldn't be okay with it. *kicks his ass* This was a perfect end of a very nice chapter. Full of emotions and... you let me wonder what's gonna happen as next. I'm waiting for an update, hun, and thank you for giving me POV.

*hugs and hands more cookies* I'm in rush or I would be babbling here more XD

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