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Hello to whoever is reading this. I'm Kate, AKA UnwillinglyMasked.

Umm.... I like to write! I'm a loser that doesn't have much of a life, so I write about Linkin Park, Murderdolls, and Good Charlotte! All of my stories are just random ravings of my mind, so please don't take them seriously.

A little bit about me nobody cares about. I live in Vivian, Louisiana, which is this tiny hick town that I'm determined to get out of. I just tured 15, and that shocks most of my readers. They always think I'm a lot older. *shrugs* I've been writing as far back as I can remember. I hope to persue a career in some form of writing, hopefully. Let's see.... I'm a sophomore at Caddo Magnet High School. I love to dance. The rest of my life basically consists of reading or writing fanfics...sad, I know. My favorite band is Linkin Park. I'm on their street team and in the LPU (LinkinWriter22). That's just about it I guess.

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A Different Story

Category: Linkin Park

Description: Chapter THIRTEEN is up! Alas the long awaited sequel to "Wonderful" is here! It's five months later, March 25, the release date of Meteora. Everything should indeed be wonderful, perfect in fact. But, everything's far from perfect for Mike Shinoda. Read and review!!

Genre: Love & Romance

User Rating: R

Created on 2003-03-25

Updated on 2003-06-14

Chapters: 12

Reviews: 145

Words: 142

Views: 3634

Members Rating: (6)

A Different Story (Repost)

Category: Linkin Park

Description: Finally, the story comes to an end. COMPLETE! I love you all.

Genre: Drama

User Rating: R

Created on 2003-07-04

Updated on 2003-09-22

Chapters: 20

Reviews: 72

Words: 70

Views: 5174

Members Rating: (5)


Category: Linkin Park

Description: Do you know what it feels like to fall apart? I do.... Brad and Mike's relationship has slowly been crumbling, but Mike is so wrapped up in his horrible past, he doesn't even notice that Brad is slipping away from him. 'It's hard to notice what is passing by when you're staring at the cracks'

Genre: Angst

User Rating: PG-13

Created on 2003-07-14

Updated on 2003-07-14

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 12

Words: 11

Views: 1382

Members Rating: (1)


Category: Linkin Park

Description: ~Complete~ Alas, more stuff from me. Panic, chaos, confusion. It's the middle of the night and everybody's frantic. Why though...? Hmmm, I wonder. Read and Review!! Chester's POV.

Genre: Drama

User Rating: PG-13

Created on 2003-02-26

Updated on 2003-02-26

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 12

Words: 10

Views: 1788

Members Rating: (1)

Nice To Meet You

Category: Linkin Park

Description: This is a very sexy standalone. And it's NOT M/C! What's the best way to get to know somebody? Mysterious LP member #1 finds out. R&R! Good...I promise.

Genre: Love & Romance

User Rating: R

Created on 2003-10-03

Updated on 2003-10-03

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 30

Words: 26

Views: 2063

Members Rating: (3)

Playing The Game

Category: Linkin Park

Description: STANDALONE! Why have one when you can have two? Why play nice when you can break the rules? Why be good when it's so fun being bad? C/R, M/C. Slash implied. Mild cursing. Have fun! R&R please!

Genre: Drama

User Rating: PG-13

Created on 2004-02-26

Updated on 2004-02-26

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 14

Words: 13

Views: 1599

Members Rating: (0)


Category: Linkin Park

Description: ~*Complete*~ The last chapter has been uploaded! This story has come to an end! :( BUT, the sequel "A Different Story" shall be uploaded on March 25th!!

Genre: Love & Romance

User Rating: NC-17

Created on 2002-11-07

Updated on 2003-02-06

Chapters: 14

Reviews: 109

Words: 106

Views: 6606

Members Rating: (5)

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