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Hey :D

I'm Robyn but also known as:

- Rob

- Robbie

- Riddles/Rgiddles

- Orbyn ( i have friends who are poor typers)!

I'm 13 and will be 14 on june 13th so SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY THEN please!

I'm a huge LP fan and have been since the beginning. I must have been the coolest 7 year old around! :D

i pretty much read any genres so long as they are well written... i cant STAND good fics that get ruined with stupid errors... its like for god's sake... GET A BETA! lol

im pretty much individual and i like meeting new people :]

MYSPACE: www.myspace.com/darkangelxero

i have MSN so just ask me for my addy if u want it :D


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Going In Circles Again

Category: Linkin Park

Description: Things happen for a reason... that’s what he always told me. Everything happens because it has to, nothing is pointless... right? My life changed so rapidly that day. In one day… just one I lost and gained more than I had had ever thought possible. (rated PG-13 for general theme and swearing)CHAPTER 4 NOW UP!!!

Genre: Drama

User Rating: PG-13

Created on 2006-12-19

Updated on 2006-12-21

Chapters: 4

Reviews: 9

Words: 3674

Views: 1105

Members Rating: (0)

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