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School Daze by GC_Sum 41 Freak

Brad's Time Out

School Daze


"What Phi?"

"Why do we have to play school?"

"Cause, its fun and you'll learn."

"Yeah but we all already went to school." Rob pitched in.

"No, now sit down and lets learn!" *leaves*

*everyone else looks at eachother weird*

*Joe comes back with a chalkboard*

"Okay lets learn about the alphabet!"

"BORING!" Brad mocked.

"Delson! If you wanna learn, I suggest you to shut up or Mr. Froggy will kick you in your ass!"

"Pfft! Its just a frog!"

*says in irratible and annoyed voice* "What!?"

"Its just a dumb frog that you play with!"

"Go to the corner and count to 10 000 young man!" *Joe points to the corner*



*Brad goes to the corner and counts 10 000*

*writes his name on the board* "My name is Mr. Hahn and I'm your teacher. I will like to know your names."

"But Joe-"

"Phi, I'm not Joe, I'm Mr. Hahn and let me know your names."

"Yeah but you just said my name."

"I said shh!"......"Okay, lets see, I'll start with you, what's your name?" *looks at Chester*

"Um.." *says in a Arnold Swatzerniger voice* "The Ass Master!"

*everyone burts out laughing except Joe*

"Okay, Ass Master and you?" *looks at Mike*

*Chester frowns at his ignorance from Joe*

*Mike says in a pouty voice*"Aww, poor Ass Master is sad cause teacher is ignoring him."

*Chester pouts*

*Brad continues to count in the corner*

"Name?" *raises eyebrows at Mike*

*Phi interupts* "Shinoda Bear."

"Okay, Shinoda Bear and you?" *looks at Phi*

"Um..." *Pi looks around* "Batman."

"Okay Batman and you, the guy with the goati." *looks at Rob*

*Rob stared at Joe, without blinking*

*Joe stares back*

*it becomes a staring contest*

*Mike lies inorder for Rob to win* "Look Brad stopped counting!"

*Joe looks at Brad* "Start counting Brad!"

"HA HA! I won!" Rob yelled.

*Joe looks at Rob* "Name, that guy who cheated me out of the staring contest?"


*Joe walks back to the board* "Okay, we are now gonna learn about the Alphabet!"

"Alpha what?" Mike asked, confused and surprised.

*says loudly* "ALPHABET!"

*everyone covers their ears*

"First of all, we'll start with the letter A. What words start with A?" *looks around the room at the guys*

"Um..." *Rob lifts up hand* "Ass Master?"

"Anna." Mike says.

"Ass hole." Brad says from the corner.

"Shut Up Delson and count!"

"No, I mean your an ass hole, ass hole."


"Ooh, what teacher you are." Chester files his nails, smart ass.

"Ass cheeks." Mike says.

"Okay, what about B?"

"BRADFORD!" Brad screames from the corner.

"I SAID SHUT UP BRAD! But that was a correct answer." *smiles*

"Bad ass." Mike says again.

"Bitch." Phi pitched in.

"Bastard, Blonde, Bisexual, Bannanas. But cheeks." Chester says as he continues to file his nails.

"Big Bad Brad!" Rob suggested.

"Good, anything else?"

"BATMAN!" Phi said a little to cheery.

"Okay, what about C?"

"CHESTER!" Chaz yelled as he raised his hand insainly.

"Crap, Cat, Cookies, Chaz, Crazy ass bitch....." Mike listed.


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