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Lying From You by lemonade17


I don't own them. Even my original characters don't do what I tell them to.

“Mike?” Jackie asked, pulling her knees even closer to her bare chest, “Something on your mind?” The nineteen-year-old man stayed silent, running the soft loofah down his girlfriend’s back. He had a weakness for skin. Beautiful, smooth skin, and Jackie Lindstedt sure had plenty. She was absolutely perfect. So why wasn’t he in a state of bliss?

He realized that she had said something. Figuring it was something along the lines of a comment on why he was so quiet, he just chuckled softly, filling a cup with warm water and pouring it slowly down her back, washing the soap away.

“It’s nothing, J,” he assured her, mustering up the most genuine smile he could, “I’m just nervous about an exam tomorrow is all.” That was the truth. Mike Shinoda was at college studying pre-med so he could become Dr. Shinoda, M.D. someday. Unfortunately, he wasn’t doing as well as he would have hoped, and his semester grade depended on an upcoming exam covering the parts and functions of the human respiratory system.

But to be honest, bronchioles and the trachea were the last things on his mind. He couldn’t stand the thought of seeing his father’s face when he found out the Mike had failed (or come close to) his first semester. Doctors couldn’t fail classes. Period.

Sometimes, Mike just wanted to run and get lost in the city with nothing but 100 bucks and a sketchbook. He could sketch various people on the streets or in restaurants and sell them. That was his dream. Living off his art.

Those dreams had been crushed before Mike even left junior high. He had signed up to take a drawing elective in eighth grade, and his father hadn’t been too pleased.

“Michael Kenji Shinoda, don’t you dare ignore me when I’m speaking to you!” Richard Shinoda yelled at the young boy sitting on the couch, gaze fixed at the carpet.

“I’m not,” the boy replied softly, wanting to cry. His father had found out earlier that Mike had signed up for an art class instead of a science or math elective that would actually help in the future. He had been yelling at Mike for quite a bit of time now.

“Did you sign up for this class for easy A?” Richard demanded, his dark eyes fiery. Mike nodded miserably. He would never be able to make his father understand that he loved drawing more than anything, especially science. “Michael, you need to work in life to succeed. Colleges are going to be looking for the best of the best, and people who take easy courses don’t fall into the category. Now, tomorrow you are going to go to that councilor and explain that you’d like to drop that foolish art class and take anatomy at the high school instead. Understand?” He spat out that last word, and all Mike could do was nod again.

“You know that it is for the best, Michael,” Lorraine Shinoda spoke up, trying to comfort her eldest son. Little did she know that this speech that Mike has heard so many times only made him feel that much worse. “Your father and I have plans for you, and we expect them to follow them. It may seem hard now, but you will thank us when you are a doctor making hundreds of thousands of dollars. Money and intelligence impresses young ladies, so you will easily find a beautiful wife and give me wonderful grandchildren. What more could you ask for?”

‘Everything,’ Mike replied silently, ‘and nothing.’ Even then, Mike knew that while he had a few girlfriends already, they weren’t the only object of his affection. What would his parents think if they knew that Mike had already exchanged saliva with his best friend, Brad, in that very same house?

Mike wasn’t gay. That would have killed his parents, as well as him eventually. He was bisexual, so could carry on a steady relationship with a girl without problems. The only ones who knew about Mike’s preferences were his parents and Brad, and the Shinodas didn’t even know everything.

“What if your parents come home early?” Brad asked nervously, sitting on the end of Mike’s bed, hands in his lap. Mike shook his head.

“They won’t,” he replied, simply. And he didn’t think they would. So, eighteen minutes and countless kisses later, when Lorraine walked in Mike’s room to tell him that she was home early and found said son with another teenager’s erection in his mouth, everyone was more than a little surprised.

Mike frowned in the dim candlelight, leaning back on the edge of the bathtub, letting Jackie wash his tanned chest. The incident with Brad had occurred late in his senior year. He had convinced his parents that it was a one time experiment and that he was completely straight. After graduation, Brad went to a college on the other side of the country and Mike had stayed in California. He hadn’t seen his friend again. They hadn’t even been allowed to go to each other’s graduation parties.

Mike made up his mind to call the Delson’s later and see if they knew where their son was. They couldn’t stop him from seeing his best friend anymore.

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