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Seven Deadly Sins by hybridgurl


Title: "Seven Deadly Sins"

Author: hybridgurl

Rating: NC-17

Category: Love/Romance/Kinky Boylove ;)

Summary: Sick and tired of Chester’s constant dominance and control in their relationship Mike decides to get his own back…seven times over… M/C slash but I’m sure you guys figured that out already right?

Disclaimer: Yeah, it's so true. I know because I was there hiding in the closet with a pen and paper, writing it all up as it happened.

A/N: Ho, ho, exams are over, summer’s here and I’m back with a new slash that I hope you guys will enjoy. I’ve been working on this for ages, so long in fact that I’m after forgetting what the hell the original plot was in the first place, but oh well. I have no idea what I’m doing, where this story is headed or what the eventual conclusion will be - I’m just sort of making it up as I go along. Anyways, as always reviews are appreciated as is constructive criticism.

This story is dedicated to Heather who read over bits and pieces, told me what she thought and gave me inspiration ;) Spank you for your help hun!

Now, on with the smut…



"Say it"

Mike Shinoda moaned and let his head fall backwards into the soft feather pillows of the ridiculously oversized bed.

The cold sheets felt good against his hot skin.

"Say it Mike"

He squeezed his eyes shut, willing his lover to move his hand faster, anything to give him the release he so badly needed.

"I'm waiting..."

Mike frowned and sighed frustratedly as he felt the other mans hand leave his body entirely.

"Say it Mike - I won't ask again"

Mike didn't open his mouth. He hated when the other man did this. It wasn't enough that he had to be in control all the time - he had to know it as well. He had the amazing ability of bringing Mike right to his brink and then just as he saw that shimmering curve of his orgasm he'd spoil the mood completely and demand that Mike let him know just how in control he was.


Mike wearily opened his eyes as he felt the bed shift. He knew what was coming. He always did this. If Mike didn't openly admit that he was "his bitch" then he'd go off in a huff for hours, and Mike would lose any chance he had of getting laid for the next three weeks.

He was the first person to admit that this was definitely a dysfunctional relationship that had serious issues, one that he honestly didn't need to be in right now, but despite all his attempts to leave he always came back. And why was that?

Because when he did get laid, it was amazing.

Mike moaned as he felt a hand brush against his lower abdomen.

"Mike you know that all you have to do is just say those three little words..."

His face appeared above Mike, dark eyes locking their gaze on his intently.

Mike gasped as the other mans hand moved lower, fingers fluttering, scraping and teasing the hot skin beneath them.

"...And I'll fuck you senseless"

He emphasized the word "fuck" by biting the ring, which adorned his lower lip.

Mike closed his eyes once more, willing himself not to give in, no matter how tempting the offer. He hated these stupid mind games, besides even if he did give in, was there really any chance of him getting laid? He recalled countless other times when he had did as the other man asked. Screaming those three little words as loud as he could and still being left alone to finish himself off.

The other mans fingers still continued to dance and flit and scrape gently across his skin, sending shivers of pleasure and anticipation down Mike's spine. Inside his head visions of past bedroom…excursions danced through his rational thoughts, begging for attention and screaming "Just say it if it'll make him happy and speed this whole thing up!!!" But still he refused.

This was the only bit of control he had, and every time he said those little words he lost it to the other man, and quite frankly he hated it, because secretly he was a bit of a control freak himself.

Mike sighed again as the fingers were removed from his skin and he felt the bed shift once more.

"Fuck you Mike!" were the opening sounds for the crescendo of the door slamming.

Mike opened his eyes, ears ringing from the loud bang, and sat up slowly as he heard angry footsteps on the stairs.

He heard the front door being slammed and despite himself he laughed. That door had seen more punishment than he ever had.

Outside a car engine revved.

He looked out the window just in time to see his so called lover driving out of the gates to the house.

He was seriously getting tired of this.

Something had to be done to set some relationship boundaries here.

Mike sighed once more before getting out of bed.

"Fuck you too Chester" he said softly as he walked into the small en suite bathroom to finish what the other man had started.


It was dark when Mike finally heard the door slam shut once again, signifying the return of Chester.

He quickly jumped onto the sofa in his living room and switched on the television to some random channel where a woman was demonstrating just what an effect a thigh master could have on your body.

He feigned interest as he heard Chester in the hallway – no use letting him know that Mike had spent the last four hours running to the window every time he heard a car engine in the driveway. He’d love to know that he still had control over Mike even when he was miles away.

So far he had given the milkman an eyeful and the mailman probably thought he was insane. Well if a grown man, and a rock star nonetheless, threw open the door and grabbed you into a hug crying and saying; “I’m sorry” over and over again wouldn’t you begin to doubt their mental health?

Mike closed his eyes and tried to erase the image of the mailman’s face as a slight blush spread across his cheeks. He silently prayed that no one would send him mail for at least the next few weeks.

If he had one weakness it was Chester. He was pathetic, no matter the argument, no matter whose fault it was he always was the one to apologise. Chester did something to him that he just couldn’t explain. One minute he hated his domineering ways, the next he was on his knees begging for forgiveness. It was definitely a love-hate situation, but this time he was determined not to give in. Chester had to learn that relationships worked 50/50 and couldn’t just focus on him all the time.

Deciding firmly to himself that he was mad at Chester and would not be the first to break down into a pathetic, apologizing mess, he fixed his attention squarely on the television set that was in front of him as his lover walked into the living room and plonked himself into the huge cream armchair that occupied the small corner that lay between the door and the window.

Mike watched from the corner of his eye as Chester yawned lazily and stretched his legs onto the small coffee table in front of him.

Mike instantly felt the anger in him begin to rise.

He knew what Chester was doing.

If Mike wanted to leave the room the only way he could was by jumping over Chester’s legs – and the smug smile that was plastered onto Chester’s thin lips showed that he knew it too.

Mike resisted the urge to growl and ball his hands up in frustration. He willed himself to just forget that Chester was even in the room.

He focused his attention once again on the television.

Across the room Chester cleared his throat loudly and squirmed in his seat. Mike ignored him completely. Chester cleared his throat again, louder this time, and threw a few coughs in for good measure – he knew that Mike wouldn’t be able to take much more of this, Chester had learned from experience that he was not a tolerant man when he was mad – and Chester loved to wind him up, just to see how long it took the normally calm and collected emcee to turn into a ranting madman.

In fact Chester couldn’t see any better way to spend his Thursday night than annoying the heck out of his lover until he gave in and apologized and let Chester do whatever his dirty little mind desired to him. What could be more fun and exciting than make up sex? Especially when you knew your lover would do anything and everything you asked him to.

Chester couldn’t stop the grin that spread across his lips and the chuckle that made it’s way out of his mouth. Pretty soon the small chuckle morphed into loud laughter.

Mike’s eye twitched just the slightest bit.

The laughter continued to get louder until Mike just couldn’t take anymore. Something inside him snapped and before he knew it he was on his feet screaming at Chester to “SHUT UP!!!”

Chester’s laughter stopped abruptly and he raised an eyebrow quizzically at Mike.

“I think that’s my line Mike – but by all means I’m sure you sound better at screaming it than me”

This made Mike even worse. He balled his hands into fists by his sides as he strode up to Chester’s seat.

“Is that all this is?” he asked quietly, his voice laced with rage.

Chester knew better than to answer. This was Mike’s rhetorical question voice and anyone who answered most definitely paid the price.

“Is this,” Mike motioned to himself and then to Chester who was trying his hardest not to laugh right in Mike’s face. “Us – just some kind of joke to you?! Because Chester I honestly think it is – you think you can just waltz back in here and everything will be magically fixed? That you can wind me up until I finally give in to whatever your current sick little mind game is and beg you for forgiveness? Well not this time. I have had it up to here with you – something has to be done about this cause if you don’t fix it then don’t expect me to stay!!!”

Mike had to resist the urge to punch Chester right in between his eyes as the older man began to laugh once more.

“Y’know Mikey,” Chester said, as he rose from his seat. He stood facing Mike looking right into his eyes.

He bent over and placed a soft kiss on Mike’s tanned cheek.

“You’re so dramatic when you’re angry and I can’t figure out if that’s why I love you, or why I hate your guts. I’m going to bed – maybe when you’ve grown up you might decide to come join me”

And with that Mike watched as Chester walked out the door leaving him standing there, fists still balled up by his sides, unexpressed anger just raging in him demanding to be let out and utterly confused over what had just happened.

As he heard the door of their bedroom close Mike literally collapsed onto the sofa. He was seriously tired of fighting with Chester, it was always the same. Even if they managed to have a somewhat progressive fight Chester just couldn’t get it into his head that his constant control was slowly but surely driving Mike insane.

Mike sighed frustratedly and put his hands over his face. He took a deep breath to calm himself and willed the anger inside him to subside.

It didn’t budge – it stayed inside just below the surface and Mike knew that if he didn’t get it out soon, whoever he laid eyes on the next morning was going to get it.

Normally when he was like this he would’ve headed to the small home studio which occupied the “formal” dining room and most of the kitchen but Chester was in bed probably asleep and no doubt after forgetting about the whole ordeal.

Mike’s first instinct was to run up the stairs and just scream at Chester and maybe punch him a bit till all the frustration was worked out of his system. Deciding that would probably cause even more trouble on the relationship side of things Mike forced himself into a sitting position and tried watching TV.

After going through all the channels six times he gave up and switched off the TV. He threw the remote onto the coffee table and was about to pick up the TV guide just to make sure that nothing was on when something else caught his eye.

“How the hell did this get here?” he asked no one in particular as he held the copy of Cosmopolitan magazine between his thumb and his index finger like it was diseased or something.

“I guess Anna must have left it…”

As soon as he said her name he regretted it. A small sharp pain entwined itself on his heart and he frowned. She had moved out about three weeks ago and Chester had moved in instead. He had almost married her. He had nearly made the biggest mistake of his life. Luckily he had come to his senses sooner rather than later and broke it off with her. He hated being the one to have to tell her, but he owed it to her rather than she heard it from someone else. She had been his everything but he just couldn’t love her the way he loved Chester. She was more like a sister rather than a soul mate.

He sighed. He missed her, she was like one of his closest friends – she knew things about him that no one else did – not even Brad. He frowned and pushed all thoughts of her out of his head. He knew that if he kept thinking about her he’d just end up missing her more and doing something stupid like phoning her. She was gone now – she was in the past, best to leave it that way.

He glanced at the cover of the magazine, Kate Moss pouted back at him in a black cat suit and he frowned before throwing it back onto the coffee table, but it missed and slid to the floor.

He sighed again and went to pick it up.

He froze when he read the bold headline of the page that the magazine had landed on.

“Relationship Problems? Boredom in the Bedroom? Tired of his Control? Try our new Seven Deadly Sins foolproof guide to fixing your relationship and giving you the respect you deserve – Developed by the top sex therapists in the states this programme guarantees that you’ll have him wrapped around your finger within seven weeks…”

Mike grinned and picked it up.

This was exactly what he needed…


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