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Hot Spot by Gummibear Queen

Chapter 1


This story another short fic I wrote to go inside "Hey Rob..." so for anyone that missed it or doesn't want to read 18+ chapters of waffle to get to the naughty stuff - here it is again



I watch him.

I have been monitoring his actions for months, recording his daily routine.

Observing any changes and fixing my plan accordingly.

I see him from the moment he opens his eyes in the morning until long after he has gone to sleep.

I view every movement he makes.

I study his patterns.

I recognize what makes him happy, what makes him laugh and what makes him cry.

I know him.

I am ready and now I wait.

The timing has to be right; all the factors have to be accounted for.

Nothing can go wrong.

Tonight I move from the safety of my hiding place.

Tonight I make him mine.

Tonight his wife is away; she has been gone for the past 3 nights and is not due back for another 2.

He is alone, with the exception of his dog - this is a minor obstacle.

His routine changed a little.

Everything is set and now I wait and watch. I am surprisingly calm.

I have been preparing this for months.

I thought I would be more nervous.

He is in the kitchen, as he does every night; he gets a glass of water, turns out the light, sets the alarm and goes upstairs. Once there he uses his bathroom, then undresses and goes to bed. I know within an hour he will be asleep. And then I can act. For now I watch him from the shadows of his garden, he sleeps, his breathing shallow, he looks so peaceful.

It’s a shame I have to wake him.

And now I am finally ready.

I walk to the back door and put my bag on the floor. I have 30 seconds to get from the door to the alarm box; the bag will delay me so I take only what I need. I put the key in the lock, take a deep breath, turn and open the door.

The dog wakes and sees me, I smile and pet her, as always she is pleased to see me.

“Good girl, here you are” I give her a dog chew; pat her on the head and walk to the alarm box.

7-2-7-3-7-2-8-8 the lights stop flashing, realizing I had been holding my breath I exhale and wipe the perspiration from my brow.

“Too easy Mike. Papercut!” I chuckle to myself as I go back to the door and collect my bag.

The dog is happily gnawing into her treat; I lock her in the kitchen and walk towards the stairs. I remove my shoes, coat and gloves then slowly walk up them. I stop outside his room, putting the bag down and take out the restraints. I open the door and walk in.

He sleeps.

Beautiful and breathing quietly.

His tanned skin contrasts the white sheets.

I walk toward him and cover his eyes with the blindfold; something he is used to wearing, usually on tour when traveling as he can not sleep without complete darkness.

I gently roll him onto his back and handcuff each wrist to the bed frame above him. I remove his covers and tie his feet to the bed.

He stays asleep but not for long.

I fetch a white rose from the bag. He stirs slightly as I sit next to him but remains asleep. I brush the rose petals against his right wrist, over his pulse points and then sweep it down his arm. He squirms as it reaches his armpit. I could be evil and tickle him endlessly, mulling this idea over, I let it circle this area and then move it across his chest to the other armpit, stopping to circle it again and then sweep it up his other arm to let it stroke his wrists again. He moves again, rolling his head to the side smiling slightly. His lips part as he does this, I move the rose to his face, over his nose and lips, down his neck and across his chest. He smiles more as I trace the flower across his ribs and stomach stopping above his boxers.

I wish I could see his eyes, the surprise on waking and the look of delight from the pleasures I have to give.

I don’t want to frighten him; I don’t want to see his fear or his judgmental glare.

I know on waking he will be afraid but I could never hurt him.

All I want is to make him mine and this is the only way.

Tonight he will be mine.

He moves again, though still asleep he mumbles and pulls at his restraints. I move closer to him and stroke his face with my hand, running my fingers though his hair. I take my lips to his and kiss him gently, my lips tingle at the contact, I want more and kiss him again this time harder. He moans and moves his head away. He moans again pulling at his restraints. His body tenses he is now awake.

“What? Who’s there? What’s going on?” he shouts pulling harder at the handcuffs

I stroke his face trying to calm him, he jumps away from my touch

“Help! Help me” his shouts becoming louder

“Shhhh” I whisper in his ear, stroking his face again

“Please don’t hurt me, please?” he whimpers as tears appear from under the blindfold

I wipe them away and shush him again.

I kiss the tip of his nose and run my fingers across his chest teasing his nipples. I kiss his cheek and move my fingers down his side making circling motions on his skin.

His struggling stops momentarily as my face touches his, he realizes I am a man.

Will he guess who I am?

Will my facial hair give me away further?

“Let me go” he cries “please”

I wipe away his tears again and move to straddle him, with my hands at his sides I lean forward and kiss his neck, tracing my tongue down to his color bone.

“Please don’t do this”

I ignore his pleas and kiss down onto his chest, I circle each of his nipples with my tongue, grazing them with my teeth. He holds his breath as I suck the left one and moans quietly when I suck it harder. I gently nibble the tip and he moans louder, I pull away and blow on the wet nipple causing him to shiver. I repeat this action on his other nipple, his moans becoming louder and breathing becoming deeper.

I continue to kiss, suck and nibble his nipples until I feel him becoming hard beneath me. I rub my erection against his pressing my body against him, kissing the base of his neck. I kiss my way down his chest over his stomach and start to pull down his boxers

“Oh God, please don’t do this, please don’t hurt me”.

I shush him again.

I could never hurt him.

I only want to make him happy.

I love him.

I have loved him from the moment I first saw him.

It has driven me crazy watching him every night on stage and not be able to touch him.

I envy Chester for the way they hold on to each other as they sing, but I know that those touches would torture me more than just watching. He does hug me, at 57 seconds into the Points of Authority video we hug, I want more.

“No…Please don’t” he cries again

I have removed his boxers and am kissing my way up his leg, paying more attention to his inner thighs, stroking his hips with my thumbs. I lick his balls, rolling them over my tongue. I press my tongue at the base of his hard dick, and lick upwards to the tip. I encircle it removing the pre-cum and then take it all into my mouth.

I suck hard grazing my teeth along the vein running up his shaft and pressing my tongue against it.

His breathing becomes deeper as I continue doing this. I look up to see his head has rolled back and he has relaxed his grip on the restraints. I tighten my hold of his hips, pushing my finger tips into his sides, forcing him further into my mouth. He lets out a small groan as he hits the back of my throat. He looks so beautiful, I feel myself become even more turned on and moan as I press myself into his leg.

“Oh God” he whispers breathing harder from the vibrations caused by my moaning.

I suck hard, moaning his name too softly to be heard. I press my lips against him and move them up his length. I wrap my hand around his dick and quickly move my tongue back and forth across the tip. I slowly pump his dick with my hand, continuing the butterfly flicks with my tongue. His breathing gets faster, as my hand and tongue motions also become quicker. He pulls at the handcuffs, breathing hard and moaning loudly. He digs his feet into the mattress and holds his body still. I remove my hand and take him back into my mouth, pressing my lips tightly around him as he cums hard into my mouth.

I kiss my way back up his body and sit next to him. I stroke his face and run my fingers through his sweat dampened hair. His breathing is becoming steady again and his look of fear is replaced with tiredness. I move closer holding his head and kiss him gently, he doesn’t try to pull away so I kiss him again and am surprised when he kisses me back. I feel his tongue on my lips and part them so we can explore each others mouths, and move my hands behind him deepening the kiss. I close my eyes, holding him tightly breathing him in as we kiss slowly and softly. The kiss ends and I pull away getting up off the bed, I kiss the tip of his nose and leave the white rose on his stomach. I place the key in one of the handcuffs and unlock it then quickly pick up my bag and exit the room closing the door behind me. I pick my things up as I descend the stairs and hear him moving to his bedroom door as I am walking out of the front door. I hear him shout “wait” as I get into my car and drive away.

Maybe next time I will stay longer.

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