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night by tm

the party

A.N.This chapter is in Brad's P.O.V., as will be the whole story.

A little something so it'll hopefully make more since: it's not in order. Starts here, and then will go back a couple of weeks, and then back to the present.

Rob was sitting on the couch, no doubt waiting on me. He casually looked my way, exhaling a long stream of smoke.

'I thought we decided no smoking in the house.' I said, staring back at him.

'Except in my room.'

'You're not in your room.'

'Considering how long I've been waiting on you, I decided I could.'

'Don't make it a habit.'

'Of course not.'



'Seriously.' I said, crossing my arms.

'Very hot. Very... I need some dick, and I need it bad.'

I didn't respond, so he continued.

'Honest. I would think that even if I didn't know you and how badly-'

'Okay. Fine. You ready?'

He stood, tossing me a black mask. The kind that only covers your eyes. He put on one that matched mine, but red. I put mine on, and smiled.

'Nice.' He said.

'Very. It's like we're the gay duo.'

He pulled his off, dropping it to the floor. I started to laugh as he headed for the door. I grabbed his mask from the floor, following after him.

'I was just joking.' I hit him in the chest with his mask, and he took it from me. 'You have to wear it anyway. Costume party.'

He put it on, so it was resting on his forehead. We got into his car, and headed out.

After enough silence, I turned to look at him.

'Are you nervous or something?'

He shrugged.

'So you are.'

'Just be careful tonight, okay?'


'You never know who'll show up is all.'

'What are you trying to say?' I said, and looked out the window.

'You know, Brad. You like to aggravate them, and I don't think that's too smart.'

I continued looking out the window.

'I didn't want to upset you. But you know what I mean, and I don't want to kick anyone's ass tonight.'

I knew he was looking at me, and it didn't take long for me to break and look at him. He was smiling at me.

'You'd rather be tappin' that ass.' I said, finally returning the smile.

He laughed, and the rest of the ride was spent making bad jokes.

We headed into the house, despite my best efforts, not hand in hand. Rob said he didn't think it would be as amusing as I thought it would.

'See you around?'

I nodded to him, and he was off to find one of the fours girls he was 'seeing'. Leaving me to sniff out the horny guys. Preferably not straight. It's harder than you think at a costume party. Not all gay men go in pretty dresses at the chance. It's mostly the straight one's who do.

Alcohol would be the easiest score right now, so I head off in the direction the tin man pointed me.

Enter your own yellow brick road jokes here.

I find my way to the kitchen, and hopefully beer. I see the fridge, but I also see this guy out of the corner of my eye. Turning slightly to get a better look, I see he is shirtless.

And tan.

And not a bad body.

And wearing a fucking mask. But so far so good.

I think I've stared enough, so I open the fridge. The empty fridge. Sighing, I close it. I feel someone behind me, before warm breath on my ear.

'The back up stash is in the garage. I'll show you.'

I turn, only to see the shirtless guy walking away from me.

And a cute ass.

I shake myself, before heading after the disappearing guy. I slow my pace, as we pass the crowds. Heading into a less busy part of the house, before a dark back room. I swallow hard, remembering Rob's earlier words. He succeeded, I'm rapidly on my way to a paranoid mess.

The guy opens a door, and hits a light switch. It's the garage, and on the floor by the door cases of beer. Still paranoid, I don't know if this is a good sign or bad. I turn to look at the guy again, but he is gone.

Instead, I'm greeted by the tin man. Who has found his Dorothy, a giggling mess of a drunk girl.

'Give me a hand, Zorro.'


'What ever you say tin man.'

I follow his lead, grabbing a box and heading back into the house. We make it to the fridge, with no help from Dorothy. Except her encouraging giggles.

'Fuck 'em. If they want them in the fridge, they can put them there themselves.'

I have no idea what the tin man rambled on after that, but Dorothy interrupted him anyway.

'Doesn't Zorro have a sword? So where's your sword?'

'In my pants. Where's your mutt?'

I don't think she heard the last part, another fit of giggles coming loudly from her. The tin man looked less than happy, so I grab a beer and quickly make my exit. Ignoring all urges to whip my sword out and slashing a large Z in something.

Wandering around, I get a couple of people asking me who I was.

I said Zorro.

Better than the truth. The truth being trying to get laid.

I see Rob, making my way over to him. He places his hand on his hips, shaking his head.

'Zorro, huh?'

I shrug.

'For future reference, this is the tin man's party.'

I cringe slightly.


'Yeah. Oops.' He sighs softly. 'Any luck?'

'None. You?'

'You know.' He smirks slightly.

'You make me sick.'

Rob laughs, patting me on the shoulder.

'There, there. Maybe one day I teach you my tricks.'

I fake a smile, as he walks away from me. Rolling my eyes, which is useless, I turn and see the shirtless guy again. I'm still somewhat weary when it comes to him. My one possible option, and Rob ruined it.

He's headed my way, and my mind is screaming 'RUN'.

But I suppose that makes it all the more fun, doesn't it?

I stare at him long enough for him to hopefully notice, before heading to the middle of a crowd of dancing people. I see a guy I know, in full drag. He's straight.

See? I told you.

Hands are on my hips from behind, and I turn my head to see a mask staring back at me. The shirtless guy's mask. He pulls me closer, dancing behind me.

'I thought it was you. A little hard to tell, though.'

'Do I know you?'

'We've met once or twice. I'm a friend of Rob's.'

Inwardly I groan, never have enjoyed many of Rob's friends. But at least he doesn't have me mistaken for someone else. I don't recognize his voice. It's familiar, and all to sexy so I stay pressed against him.

I feel my mask being removed, and I turn around completely. He's staring at me, his mask off as well. He smiles at me, as I feel my jaw drop.

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