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Would you take everything for granted like you do? by Springflower

Chapter 1

My newest baby lol. This story probably contains the most twisted things my mind came up with in the last 6 months, well had to get it out finally. Hope it doesn't suck too much.

Chapter 1

3 months ago

Cheers and screaming from the audience. I threw my remaining drumsticks into the crowd, waved one last time, then headed backstage.

"Brilliant show!" Mike shouted with a big grin and hugged me. We walked to the tourbus still embracing each other. It felt so good to be on the road again, my life couldn't have been happier, it was nearly too good to be true.

"Everybody here?" Bob asked, then we were on the way to the next venue.

We all sat down in the backlounge for a refreshing drink except for Phi who quickly stripped down to his t-shirt and boxers and was about to climb into his bunk, he looked horrible.

"Still sick?" Chaz stood up and touched Phi's forehead "You have a temperature."

"Yeah my whole body still feels weak and sore. I hope the medicine will kick in soon. We still have a long tour to go." he said with a raspy voice. "I hope I didn't suck too bad tonight."

"Nah, not at all, you were great as always" Chaz smiled at him "Get some rest now, we try not to be too loud."

"Says the loudest member of the band." Brad chuckled and made himself comfortable on the big sofa.

Chaz helped Phi climbing into the top bunk then headed back to join us.

"Hey you're not the only one here. Make room or..."

"Or what?"

"Or I'll splash coke on you."

"You wouldn't dare?"

"Wanna risk it?"

"Not really."

Brad made room for Chester. I could only laugh at them, they were the best, i couldn't imagine living one day without them. As much as I loved to sleep in my own bed or lying on the beach just letting life pass by, this was real, this was what i lived for. Performing every day and spending time with those amazing guys.

"So let's all raise the glasses err our drinks that this will be the most fun and successful tour ever!" Mike shouted. I along with my bandmates cheered and approved.

We kept on chatting and joking not tired at all until the bus came to a sudden stop.

„Are we there already?" Joe asked.

„Can't be." Bob replied and went to the front.

Suddenly everything went really fast.

„Don't open the door!" Bob yelled at the busdriver, but it was too late. The door opened and 4 persons stormed in.

One shot at the busdriver, the second one at our bodyguard. Both dropped to the floor obviously dead.

I had never seen anybody die before. There were screams I can't remember by who. I froze in horror not being able to fully understand what happened in front of my own eyes.

The tallest and biggest guy, obviously the one in charge grabbed Bob and shoved him forward towards us.

He shoved the gun in Bob's side and yelled „Look at them one last time. If you won't do exactly what we say, you can pick up their pieces in a plastic bag once we're done with them."

The other intruders laughed and I swallowed hard realizing they would take us with them, they didn't come just to rob us. We were what they were after.

The guy dragged Bob back to the entrance, he was looking desperate, not as calm and reasonable as we knew him, and threw him out, along with the other two bodies.

One kindnapper sat behind the steering wheel and the bus was on the road again.

„Hmm I thought there were six of them." The tall guy headed towards me. I was sitting closest to the entrance of the back lounge.

He raised the gun to my head. „Where is he?"

I couldn't answer, I couldn't breathe anymore. Tears filled my eyes.

„Where is he?" he shouted again and the gun touched my forehead. I was shaking and sobbing by now.

"Are you deaf?"

„I think I know where he is." that was a female voice.

The guy backed up and joined his accessory. I couldn't stop shaking until I felt hands embrace me.

I had never seen a gun before not to mention someone get shot, those things were always far away. Happening on the other side of the city, to others. People who were not as lucky as me.

„It's ok Rob, please calm down. It's gonna be ok." Joe's words managed to reduce my trembling a little.

„I know you're hiding in there." that brought my attention back to the two kidnappers who were now standing infront of Dave's bunk. The mocking voice made me feel sick to the stomach. I feared deeply for Dave.

The tall guy reached into the bunk, grabbed Phi's arm and pulled him out of the bunk letting him fall to the floor. He landed really hard on his side and let out a piercing scream. His face grimaced with pain and he looked up to us and the criminals with big helpless eyes.

Brad stood up but was shoved roughly onto the sofa again a gun pointing at him.

The guy grabbed Phi by his arms and dragged him to the backlounge ignoring his painful whimpers and threw him on the sofa as well.

Chester was immediately by his side. "Dave, oh my god, are you hurt?"

He replied through gritted teeth "My side .... guess i've broken .... something.... hurt's way too much." then he closed his eyes still heavily breathing.

Chaz lifted Dave's shirt and gasped, several large bruises were forming. When he put down the shirt again and accidentally touched Phi's hipbone the bass player screamed out once more. "Please Chaz .... leave it... i guess my hip ... or leg is broken ... as well."

"Why did you do this?" Chaz yelled angrily at the kidnappers.

"Because i could. And to give you an example of how things will work the next days. You do what we want or you'll get hurt. And it's better not to make me angry."

"He's in pain, he needs a doctor."

"Shut up or you'll need a doctor soon." the leader of the gang screamed at Chaz who shut his mouth.

The guy took a glance at each and one of us. Brad and Mike looked down, Chaz still glared. He rested his eyes on me and Joe, who still had his arms around me.

"Aren't we pathetic?" he chuckled then his face got serious again "Cellphones out everybody, then we'll tie you up and don't dare to move."

He grabbed each phone and threw them out of the window where they probably shattered into a thousand pieces.

"Where is your's?" he took a few steps forward looking down at Dave who kept his eyes closed and didn't answer.

"Where is it?" he asked again and poked Dave in the side.

Our bandmate screamed out in pain and managed to whimper "In my bag."

"How am i supposed to know which one your bag is, huh? GO AND GET IT."

"I... i ... can't " Dave cried again and tried to move away futher back, his composure long gone as he cried helplessly.

"You whining loser."

"He can't reach it anyway. It's of no use." Chaz screamed back.

"Do you think i'm nuts?" the guy turned around and screamed right into Chester's face. "Ever heard of satelite localization of cellphones? Probably not you stupid fuck"

I couldn't take it anymore. Though I was still heavily shaking, I just had to do something or the next of my friends would get hurt.

"I'll get it." I took in a deep breath, untangled myself from Joe's arms, stood up and walked slowly to the bunk section but stopped when I felt the cold metal of the gun on my neck

"One wrong move and I'll blow your pretty head off." it was the woman this time.

I knelt down, unzipped the bag and gave her the cellphone, then stood up and returned to my spot on the sofa.

"Good boy!" she said and stroked my cheek. I resisted the urge to pull away cause it would only cause more trouble.

"Haha you like him, don't you?" one of the guys laughed.

"Shut up!" she said and returned to her spot next to the door.

"Why? the drummerboy is really cute. I might as well have a go on him later." the tall guy answered and I froze in horror.

"Awww look he's frightened. Won't you stop looking at me like a lost puppy, you have no idea what a turn-on that is!" He winked, turned around and headed to the front of the bus.

I let out the breath I was holding and turned my head to look at the rest of the guys. Mike and Brad were looking at me worried but gave me a reassuring smile when they noticed that i was looking at them. Chaz was leant over to Phi stroking his arm and whispering into his ear. And Joe was staring into space.

"Turn around!"

I jumped but didn't move. For that i got a punch in the stomach and was turned around roughly while still coughing and fearing for the worst.

They put handcuffs on my wrists and turned me around again. I could see them doing exactly the same to the others. Phi kicked and screamed when they moved him into an obviously very painful position.

One of the guys knocked him out and he fell to the floor with a thud.

"Thank god he's quiet now, this one starts getting on my nerves big time."

"Please pick him up again. He's seriously injured." Chaz begged quietly.

"Like i would care." the guy headed back to the bunk section.

"We're completely helpless." Joe said with no expression in his voice.

The bus drive felt like hours, though i'm sure it was less. Would have been quite risky to drive around with that big bus for a long time.

We sat in silence too shocked and scared to say a word. I felt the others shoot nervous glances at me they obviously thought as well that I was in more danger than them. I sighed and closed my eyes hoping for this nightmare to end.

The bus left the highway and drove onto a small street right into the woods, away from civilisation and anybody who could've helped us.

My arms hurt and I started to feel really hungry and thirsty. Phi had woken up and shifted a little so that the pain didn't seem to be as intense.

I admired the fact that he was actually able to smile a little again. Only for us, to show that he would be alright and that we shouldn't worry.

I looked over to Brad and Mike and saw something that scared me and gave me hope at the same time. Brad had managed to get one hand free and secretly showed it to Mike. I only hoped he wouldn't do anything stupid.

The bus stopped and two of the kidnappers were about to get out. The other ones stayed still pointing guns at us.

"If one of you tries anything, your bandmates will be dead for sure." the leader yelled, then got out of the bus.


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