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Subduction by Gummibear Queen


This story has already been posted within one of my other stories "Hey Rob..." but I intended it to be a slashy little standalone. so read again or for the first time and enjoy!!!!

Title: Subduction

Author: Noda Bear’s Bitch

Pairing: Mike/?

Disclaimer: I suppose you could say I own Rob. Mike will be mine someday, everyone else can go to hell. Oh and this story is pure fantasy.


Brad’s P.O.V


Urgh…what the hell?

“For fucks sake. WORK!!”

Tired, need sleep…be quiet



What the hell was that?

I pull back the curtain from my bunk and make my way to the front of the bus to find Mike glaring at a tin of pineapple chunks, gritting his teeth and squeezing his hands into fists.

“Mike it’s like 9:30. I was sleeping.”

He looks up at me, unclenching his fists and exhales deeply “Sorry”

“Why are you screaming and yelling?”

“I can’t get the can opener to work and I want pineapples” he wines like a 4 year old and looks like he is about to burst in to tears

“Let me try, where is the can opener?”

“Over there” he points to where he threw it earlier then goes to retrieve it

“Well the first mistake you made was you were opening the wrong end”

“Here” he passes the can opener to me

“The second was that it’s a lift off top and all you need to do was pull the ring pull back”


“Happy now?” handing him the open can of pineapple chunks and passing him a spoon

“Mmm” he takes his pineapple chunks and sits at the table; I follow and sit on the other side

“Well you don’t look or sound happy”

“I’m fine”

“You’re lying; you have been pissed off with everyone and everything for the past week now. What’s wrong?”

“Wime worny”

“Okay you’re gonna have to like say that louder and without a mouthful of food”

“I’m horny” he finally says putting his elbows on the table, holding his head with his hands and screwing his eyes closed

Okay I can handle this…I’ve known Mike for a long time…we can talk about his sex life…or lack of…erm…think…what to say

“Okay. Where is everyone else?” only now realizing that the bus had stopped

“Gone to get breakfast”

“Good, so erm why don’t I go like join them and you er can well erm you know” talking with my hands, trying to get my point across without saying the word-


“Yeah. Do that”

“Tried it. A lot. Doesn’t help, just makes me worse so I decided to go cold turkey”

“How long has it been?”

“5 days and now I’m really really horny. It’s not fair! If any of you are horny you can have your pick of groupies, our fans expect you to sleep with groupies, they want you to.”

“Mike, why don’t you just go to the gay bar at the next place we stop and pick someone up?”

“What if someone sees? It would ruin the band if the media found out. I haven’t even told four of my best friends or my parents, I’m not ready for the world to know.”

He stares at his pineapple chunks, stirring them round and then looks up smiling



“We’ve been friends for a long time right?”


“And you know I would do anything for you?”

“Mike what do you want?”

“Fuck me?”


“You heard me. Fuck me”

Oh my god! My best friend wants me to fuck him…you can handle this, he is just sex starved and crazy




“I will wear a blonde wig and sing Slave 4u”

“Yeah, that’s really gonna turn me on, you gonna do the snake dance too?” I roll my eyes at him and laugh

“If you want me to” he raises his eyebrow and grins…oh my god, can’t believe I just asked him that.

“Still No”

“How about a blow job?”

“You give me one or I give you one? Either way the answer is no”

“We could just get naked and make out”

“Mike stop! I love you like a brother and we are not getting naked together”

“We’ve been naked together before”

“Yes but we haven’t been touching and we never ever will. Ok?”

“I’d do it for you. Do you think one of the others would go for it? God why are you all so fucking straight? What was that look?”

“What look?”

“That look, you’re doing it now. You’re hiding something”

“No I’m not”

“Yes you are. It was when I said about the others being straight; see you’re doing it again”

“I’m not doing anything”

“Liar! Is one of the others gay? See you did it again, I know when you’re hiding something the left side of your mouth twitches and you look down. Tell me. Is it Phi? I’ve always had a thing for men with green eyes, Or Chester? That would be hot, but he has a wife so he’s defiantly straight but everyone thinks I’m straight he could be pretending too. Is it Rob? He is so quiet and innocent looking, just thinking of all the things I could do to him or Joe, I think that would involve food”

“I’m not telling you who-“

“So I’m right one of the others is gay”

“Well he thinks he might be, and I promised I wouldn’t say anything to anyone. Why you gay people feel the need to confide in me I’ll never know”

“So tell? How long have you known? Do you think he’ll fuck me? What-”

“Mike calm down and stop bouncing. Look he only told me a few weeks ago and he is very confused about it. I don’t think he has much, if any experience with other men and I don’t want you to scare him”

“I won’t scare him”

“Well marching up to him, declaring your gay and telling him that you want to fuck him will scare him. Which is why I’m not gonna tell you who it is.”

There, that told him. I’m sure they would be perfect for each other but in Mike’s current state of sexual frustration he would fuck the exhaust pipe on the bus given the chance.

“Fine don’t tell me, but I guarantee that this mystery man will be begging me to fuck him before tonight’s concert”

“What you gonna do seduce him?”

“Yep” he smirked, got up and walked to the bus exit. “Going to the store, you want anything?”

“No thanks, what are you planning?”

“You’ll see” he grinned at me again and left….well this afternoon could be amusing.

I don’t know how he did it, but somehow Mike managed to get us all sitting at the front part of the bus, said we needed quality time together or something. I am sat on the floor, watching, from here I can see everyone and now I’m waiting for the show to start. Phi and Rob are sat on the couch, Joe and Chester on one side of the table and Mike is on the other side playing with his bottle of coke. By now he has got himself looking and smelling as good as he can. He is watching everyone, silently, running his fingers up and down the bottle. Making eye contact with each person, smiling a little, slowly licking his bottom lip then biting it gently. He closed his eyes briefly and held the bottle moving his whole hand up and down and up …oh god he’s-

“Mike what the fuck are you doing?”

“Hmm?” he turns to look at Joe continuing his stroking motion on the bottle

“You look weird and you’re doing strange things to the coke bottle”

“I’m horny”

Okay that was unexpected, trying hard not to laugh I look back to the others who seem a bit shocked by Mike’s announcement, Chester laughs a little which sets the others off into a giggles

“So why are you doing that to your coke bottle? When most people are sexually frustrated they peel off the label not jerk off the bottle”

“I wanted to get you’re attention”

“My attention?”

“Yes, well not just you Joe, everybody’s attention”

“Isn’t that a little gay?”

“Can I tell you a secret?” Mike whispered to them all “I’m gay” and giggles

Shock does not begin to describe the reaction of every one of us in the room; the silence is broken by Chester joining in with Mike’s giggling

“Mike have you been drinking?”

“No, I am very sober and very horny” he said tuning to look at Chester

“And you’re seriously gay?”

“Yes always have been”

“What about Anna?” Joe asked

“What about her?” turning his attention to Joe

“Does she know?”

“Oh yeah, she’s always known. We met at a group for gay, lesbians and bi-sexuals years ago and have an arrangement, she comes to award ceremonies and stuff pretending to be my girlfriend and in return sometime in the future I will father her children.”

“So Anna is a lesbian?”


“Have you ever watched her and her girlfriend have sex?”

“Eww no! You’re a sick man Joe Hahn!!”

“No I’m a straight man with a perfectly healthy interest in lesbians”


“Yes Chester?”

“If you’ve been gay for years, why are you telling us this now?”

“Because I’m horny and I need help”

“You’re horny? I’ve seen my Wife once since we have been on tour, which means I’ve had sex twice in 4 months so why don’t you do what I have to do and masturbate!”

“Okay” he says letting go of his bottle and starts undoing his trousers

“Mike what the fuck are you doing?”


“I didn’t mean here, go to the bathroom or your bunk”

“I’m bored of that. I want to have someone with me”

“Can’t you just use a magazine like everyone else?”

“You mean like this one” he holds up a music magazine with Chester on the front cover “Used it. I particularly like pages 24 to 26”

Chester snatches the magazine away, turns to those pages to find pictures of us all playing live on stage with page 25 being a full page showing Chester on stage and topless

“Just look at how sweaty you are” Mike says running his finger across the picture of Chester’s chest

I burst into laughter at this point, he knows it isn’t Chester and is now just playing. Chester pulls the magazine away and puts it behind him. Mike fakes a sulking face, gets up and walks to the freezer and returns with a rocket ice-lolly pop. Focusing his attention on Phi and Rob, he starts licking around the rocket, running his tongue up and down it, circling the tip and then putting it as far into his mouth as it will go and sucking hard. Still making the eye contact and smiling.

“Couldn’t you just fuck a groupie?”

“Do we have any men groupies?” stopping his actions on the rocket, looks like he’s thinking it over then turns to answer Phi “even if we did I couldn’t incase the media found out?”

“Oh. Well what about a girl groupie? Would you fuck a girl? Have you ever had sex with a girl?”

“I have once, didn’t like it and don’t plan to do it again” he states resuming his suggestive licking on the rocket and turning to look at Rob.

“I’m sure you could find one that would do anal”

“Yes but she would still look, smell and feel like a woman” not taking his attention away from Rob as he answered Phi’s questions. Rob was looking down nervously aware he was being watched

“We could make her wear Chester sweaty shirt he wore on stage and you could turn the lights off”

Rob lifted his head to turn when Phi spoke, but his attention was drawn to Mike who was still watching him, ignoring what Phi was saying. Mike licked the length of his rocket lolly, catching any drips with his tongue as it melted. Circling the tip again and then sucking it. Rob watched, his cheeks flushed and glowed as he began to sweat looking increasingly more nervous.

“You okay Rob?” he asked grinning

“Y-yeah just a little hot”

“Want some?” Mike moved and held the lolly-ice in front of Rob who shook his head

“You sure? It’s cold and yummy”

Rob shook his head again and began to take his hoodie off

The bus stopped breaking the tension and forcing all of our attentions away from Mike and Rob to our manager Bob who entered the bus

“Ok guys we’re at the hotel, its 1pm now we have to be at the arena by 6 so you have 4 hours to sleep, clean up or whatever. Pair up”

“I’m with Rob!”

Rob’s P.O.V


I take off my hoodie and to my surprise Mike has moved and is nowhere in sight, the others are rushing around. I want to talk to Brad…he looks over at me and smiles.

“Come on, move it.” Mike rushes in from the bunk area and ushers Brad to get his things, Brad looked like he was gonna speak to me…will try and catch him on the walk to the hotel.

“Chester forget about your shoes, everything you need is in your bag…Dave is this yours?…Joe stop playing around and get your things ready…Chester I said forget the fucking shoes…Brad get out of the way…Joe put the frog in your bag and go”

They all come rushing out of the bunk section, bags in hand and rush off the bus

“Here is your bag Rob”


Mike is in front of me again, I have not moved from the couch

“Come on.”

I take my bag and follow him off the bus, by the time I catch up we have all already been given our keys and Chester and Joe head off in direction to their room whist Mike ushers Brad, Phi and I into the elevator. I feel like everything is moving very fast around me and I’m stuck in slow motion. Its silent but at the same time every conversation around me is deafening. I move to the corner, Mike is next to me and Brad and Phi are in front. A woman enters the already cramped room, so brad steps back causing Mike to get closer to me.

We move upwards and my spine shivers, Mike’s put his hand on my back and is making circles….he is watching me again…I should move but again I’m frozen…he moves his hand lower down my spine and to the very base…his eyes still fixed on me…his hand moves to my ass and squeezes.

“Humph” I yelp in surprise

“I can not believe you just did that” Brad whispers to Mike who is still watching me but now grinning…luckily we have reached our floor, I take the card key from Mike and walk out of the elevator. He follows me whilst Brad and Phi remain. Oh crap I’m now alone with him…fuck…quickening my pace I find our room and swipe the card key…damn you, work…dropping my bag to the floor I try again…still wont work…fuck…I’m shaking…frantically swiping now. Mike is behind me now, he moves to take the card from me but hold my hand also. He moves closer to me, putting his hand on my waist and moves his head closer.

“Let me help” he whispers into my ear

He keeps his head there moving his hand from my waist, sliding it to rest on my stomach pulling me closer again. I feel his breath on my neck. He inhales deeply, breathing in my scent and gently runs his nose down my neck and slowly up again…mmm this feels nice…I want him to kiss me…I want to feel his lips on my neck…I lean back into him...closing my eyes and smiling…he brings his mouth to my ear again…his breath tickles



“The door’s open”


“We should go inside”


He lets go of my waist and steps back, still holding onto my hand…I didn’t even notice he opened the door. He lets go of my hand and picks up our bags and follows me into the room kicking the door behind him and putting the bags on one of the beds.

I stand looking at the other bed…I don’t know what to do…I’m alone in a hotel room with Mike Shinoda…and he’s gay…I have prayed and wished for this…am I dreaming?

He turns and looks at me; his eyes hypnotize me and I can’t look away. He looks deep into my eyes and knows every fear or fantasy I have. He is in control and I am willing to do whatever he wants…if only I could move my feet or my arms or anything…I’m still shaking…oh god I feel sick.

“Take your shoes and socks off”

Okay now that’s a weird request

“Take your shoes and socks off” he smiles at me this time, noticing the confused expression on my face…but I obey and he also removes his. He stands up looking at me again, the smile is gone. His eyes make contact with mine and I am frozen again. He has that predatory look that he has on stage when singing Papercut; he smirks a little, biting his bottom lip and slowly walks towards me. He advances, never breaking eye contact…move feet move…he takes another step and I step back and again…urgh…wall…he steps closer…I have nowhere to go.

Mike stands in front of me now…I want him to touch me, I want him holding me like he did at the door…I also want to run away and hide under the bed. He moves closer putting his left hand on my waist moving his thumb in circles.

“M-mike we should talk” I stammer trying to break the eye contact

He leans in closer, pressing himself against me, putting his right hand on my shoulder. He looks deep into my eyes, the tips of our nose almost touching. He moves his head closer…oh god is he gonna kiss me? Breaking the eye contact and whispers to me grazing my ear with his lips “what do you want to talk about?” I shiver at the quiet sound of his voice as his breath touches my ear. I am stronger than him; I could push him away…if I wanted to. He continues circling my side with his thumb, pulling my shoulder closer, pinning me between him and the wall.

“Wha-what’s happening here?” finding it difficult to speak…I feel like I’m having one of those nightmares where you open your mouth to scream but no noise comes out…only this more like a day dream, a fantasy, something I want. My heart is racing, my body shaking less…than it should be due to being held so tightly

“What do you want to happen?” he whispers into my ear, pinching my ear lobe between his lips then kissing his way down my neck.

Oh my…wow…um what did he say? What do I want to happen? Erm I want you to kiss me…I want you to undress me…I want to feel you…I want you to touch me

“I don’t know” I finally whisper back only now realizing my hand is on his back pulling him towards me. Allowing us both to become aware of how aroused the other has become. He continues kissing my neck as I lean my head to one side allowing him better access; I roll my head back as he kisses his way under my chin and to the other side.

“When”…kiss…”was”…kiss…”the”…kiss…”last”…kiss…”time”…kiss…”you”…kiss…”had”…kiss…”sex?” he mumbles between kisses and then moves up to kiss my earlobe.

Right now I can’t even remember my name…he nibbles my earlobe…my trousers are becoming too tight…the last time I had sex was with a woman…do I tell him that…I have only ever had sex with women…I was always thinking of men…mmm he is kissing my neck again and moving his way along my jawbone and on to my face…I want his lips on mine…I want to taste him.

“About 4 months ago”

“Was she good?” I see him smile…he knows I’m scared and has probably guessed I have never been with a man…either that or Brad told him

“No she looked, smelt, sounded, felt and tasted like a woman”

He laughed quietly kissing the side of my face bringing his hand from my side to hold the other side of my head, stroking my cheek with his thumb. My shaking has stopped…fear replaced by nervousness…kiss me…please…touch my lips…let me taste you…he kisses his way across my face to the tip of my nose, I move my head up so the tips of our noses touch, our lips an inch apart…take the hint…I pull him closer, tilting my head to the side…our lips almost touch…please Mike please…kiss me

“Rob?” his lips gently touch mine as he speaks…I cant take much more of this

“Yeah?” mine touch his

“Are you ok wi-“I break him off pressing my lips into his, putting an end to his teasing. Pulling him closer, wrapping both of my arms around him, and digging my fingers in to his back. He kisses me back, tightening his hold on me. Flicking his tongue against my bottom lip with each kiss, I match this action on his, welcoming his tongue into my mouth. Pushing me further against the wall, grinding his erection into mine continuing our heated kiss. I push back, walking him backwards to the bed. The backs of his legs hit the bed and he falls backwards pulling me down with him on to the bed never breaking the kiss. I sit up and straddle him, pulling him towards me, hungrily kissing him, and attacking his lips with my own. Nipping and sucking at his neck and ear lobes. He lifts my tee-shirt off interrupting my kissing and throws it across the room…want lips back…need more…I pull him back towards me and resume kissing him unbuttoning his shirt and sliding it off.

He runs his fingers across the small amount of hair on my chest, circling my nipples and pinching them. He pushes me sideways, off him and on to the bed, leaning over me causing me to lie down underneath him. He kisses his way down my neck and onto my chest and to each nipple, circling them with his tongue then sucking and biting…oh god don’t stop that…he unbuttons my jeans, still biting and sucking my nipples, pushing my jeans and boxers down…I am completely naked having my nipples nibbled by Mike Shinoda…This can’t be real…he gets up off the bed and smiles at me and moves to his bag…oh god he has lube!

He gets back onto the bed straddling my legs and kisses my stomach, moving lower until his mouth is at the tip of my dick, he licks the head removing any pre-cum. He continues kissing down to my inner thighs…evil bastard stop teasing…and kisses my balls. He licks his way up the length of my dick, circling the head then taking it into his mouth. He sucks hard grazing his bottom teeth against my dick. I put my hands on his head, gently pulling his hair running my fingers threw his black spikes. I close my eyes enjoying what he is doing, he moves off my legs to my side with his mouth still on my dick…ooh what’s that?...Mike had put a finger covered in lube into my ass and began pushing it in and out in time with his mouths actions…different…but oh god so good…I pull tighter on Mike’s hair…oh god its hot in here

“Oh fuck…god…Mike” I came into his mouth and he swallowed it down. He removed his finger and kissed his way up my body, taking me into his arms and kissing me hard, letting me taste myself. I moved my hands down his body, slowly over his soft olive skin to the top of his pants and play with the waistband of his exposed boxers tickling his stomach, he squirms slightly, breaking the kiss. I undo his trousers and push them down, followed by his boxers releasing his dick from its confinement and kissing him hard again, forcing my tongue into his mouth. He kicks his pants to the floor and pushes me down onto the bed grinding his erection in to me as I become aroused again.

God I want more…I want to please him…I need to feel him…I pull him closer grinding back into him, scratching my nails down his back

“Fuck me Mike” I moan between kisses, he needs no more encouragement. He stops kissing me and covers his hand in lube, inserting his finger into my ass, then another stretching me. He removes his fingers and slowly pushes his dick inside me…fuck this hurts…he lies on top of me staying very still and stroking my face wiping away a tear…he gently kisses me and put my hands on his back pulling him closer. He begins to move in and out of me, pulling away from me enough to reach down for my dick, which he begins to pump in time with his thrusts…the pain has lessened…he is beautiful…glistening in sweat, glowing… kissing me tenderly every so often…checking I’m not hurt

“Oh god, Rob…fuck…so good”

He moves closer…further into me…pulling out…in again harder… again…harder and faster…o-

“Holy shit”

“You okay?”

“Hell yes” he keeps going, hitting that spot until I can take no more, every muscle in my body contracts “fuck…Mike” I cum all over Mike’s hand and my stomach as his body tenses…his beautiful eyes close…his orgasm passes silently filling me with his seed and collapsing on top of me. I wrap him in my arms and kiss the top of his head.

We lie there like that in silence for what seems like an hour, he would kiss my chest and I would kiss his forehead every so often, stroking his back.


“What was that?” I giggle at the noise he made

“I said Hummmm”


“Thought it was time I said something”

“You know in all the years I’ve known you, I have never seen you this quiet”

“Well we had never made love before” he looks up to face me, looking deep into my eyes, moves closer and kisses me “thank you”

“What for?”

“Kissing me”

“You’re thanking me for just kissing you?” I ask a little confused

“I’m thanking you for shutting me up and kissing me earlier” he smiles and kisses me again

“That’s all?” pretending to look hurt giving him puppy dog eyes

“I thank you for every kiss since then too and also for taking your shoes and socks off”

“Why did you make me do that?”

“Two reasons: one, to see if you would do what I told you to and two, because I hate having to stop to do that when I’m undressing someone”

“Oh, okay” I kiss him and continue stroking his back. He smiles, puts his head back on my chest and closes his eyes

“Thank you” he whispers

“What for?” I whisper back

“Kissing me, holding me, stoking me, loving me”

“And what makes you think I love you” I jokingly ask

“I just know” he giggles snuggling into me and kissing my chest

“Thank you”

“What for?”

“Seducing me”


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