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Forgotten by Easier2Run

Chapter 1

Don't own don't know and this never happened.

Chapter 1

“No Anna! Damn it I’m telling you, I’m not cheating on you!” Mike yelled into the phone while walking into the kitchen where everyone else sat with the exception of his youngest friend.

“Would you keep it down!” Brad growled sending Mike a death glare.

Mike ignored him and sat down beside Chester still on the phone, “No…No, No Jesus how many times do I have to tell you? NO! …Anna? ANNA? Damn it she hung up on me!” Mike shouted and threw the phone over Brad’s head and out the door where Rob was walking in.

“Jesus calm down Mike! What the hell is wrong with you!?” Brad shouted at his long time friend.

“If you didn’t hear, Anna thinks I’m cheating on her. That’s what’s wrong Brad!” To occupied by shouting at Brad to even say anything to Rob who almost got a phone thrown at him.

Rob didn’t say anything, he just walked to the coffee machine and put on a cup and then left again.

“I could hear that but you didn’t have to throw the phone like that! You could have hurt someone!” Brad shouted back.

“Oh come on, like I would throw it so it could hit anyone.” Mike growled and snatched the sport pages from the newspaper Chester was reading.

“Of course you can Mike…. you’re welcome.” Chester said without looking up.

Mike just grunted and folded up the paper on the table.

“Well you threw it not even an inch over my head stupid.” Brad said annoyed.

“Yeah well maybe it would have knocked some sense into you.” Mike retorted.

“Fuck you.” Brad snapped and walked out of the kitchen and out the front door.

“Hey could you read that somewhere else, you’re spreading it over the whole god damned table Mike.” Joe said and tried to find his coffee mug under the paper.

“No.” Mike replied and turned the page.

“What is it with everyone in the mornings?” Dave sighed.

Then Rob appeared in the doorway once again, he walked over to the coffee machine again and poured himself a cup of coffee and then headed out of the kitchen again.

“See that?” Dave asked pointing at the disappearing form of Rob, “That boy knows how to behave in the early hours of the day.” he said also getting up and heading out the front door.

Mike, Joe and Chester looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

“Sorry about Anna.” Chester said and patted Mike on the shoulder.

“Thanks, I don’t get it, where would she get something like that from? It’s gotta be someone of her bitchy friends.” Mike said and put his head in his hands. After a moment of silence Mike looked up at Chester, “How’re you and Sam?”

Chester let out a loud sigh and sat back in his chair, “Not good, I think she wants to split up…”

“What about the baby?” Joe asked.

“I don’t know, to be honest I don’t even know if it’s mine…” Chester replied sadly.

“What?” Mike exclaimed.

“What makes you think that?” Joe asked leaning forward.

“I’m not sure, she’s acting different and the fact that she’s not even considering the consequences if we broke up. What it would mean for the child.”

“You think she wants to break up with you and get together with the baby’s real father?” Mike asked sounding genuinely worried for his friend.

“I don’t know…I don’t even want to think about it right now. I gotta get to work.” Chester sighed again and left the house leaving Joe and Mike in the kitchen.

“I can’t believe Sam, I mean it’s been Chester and Sam ever sense we all met.” Joe sighed shaking his head.

“Yeah…” Mike said absentmindedly, “Speaking of ‘we’ where’s little brother?” Mike asked smiling faintly.

“Beats me.” Joe said and took Chester’s newspaper.

Mike got up from his chair, “When do you leave for work?” he asked Joe standing in the doorway on his way to find Rob.

“Uuumm.” Joe said and looked at the clock on the wall above where Mike was standing, “Five minutes ago!” He cried and jumped up from his chair and was out the door before Mike could even begin to laugh.

“Rob?” Mike called walking into the living room.

“Yeah.” Came a soft replay.

“Oh there you are.” Mike said as he walked into the living room and saw Rob sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee in his hands. His legs were drawn up against his chest and he rested his hands with the mug on his knees.

“When are you off to work?” Mike asked and sat down beside his younger friend on the couch.

“Not sure… when do you leave?” Rob asked still looking at the TV that was on MTV.

“I’m leaving now, you want a ride?” Mike said and stood up.

“No it’s ok, I’ll walk.” Rob answered.

“Ok, bye then.” Mike said and ruffled Rob’s hair before leaving the house.

Rob mumbled something and tried to get his hair in order again.

“I’m hooome!” Dave shouted when he came through the front door.

“Yeah about time too. We’re starving in here.” Brad said and went to help Dave with the bags of food he brought home from work. Dave worked in a restaurant down town. It was hard work but it was good money.

“Hamburgers for everyone!” Dave exclaimed and sat down by the table.

“You’re a lifesaver Phi.” Joe said and practically dove in the first bag he reached.

After a good 30 minutes of eating they heard the front door open. They all looked around at each other and then at the form that walked in to the kitchen.

“Oh hey Rob, didn’t even noticed you weren’t hear.” Chester chuckled and continued eating.

Rob stopped dead in his tracks and his face fell noticeably. He lowered his gaze to the floor to keep the others from seeing his expression. He has tried so many times to hide it but these last few days he found himself not able to anymore.

“I brought home food. You hungry?” Dave asked and searched the bags for something to give his friend, “Ehrmm…there isn’t anything left…sorry kid…” Dave said looking a little guilty.

“Wasn’t really hungry anyway…” Rob whispered and turned around and walked out of the kitchen. He walked up the stairs to his room…his stomach screaming for food.

“Rob! I can go back and get some food for you.” Dave said running after and stopping half way up the stairs.

“No it’s ok, Phi.” Rob said and walked towards his door.

“Are you sure? Aren’t hungry?” Dave asked leaning against the railing.

“Yeah I’m sure.” Rob said before he closed the door behind him never making eyes contact with Dave

Dave sighed and walked down the steps and into the kitchen again.

“Is it just me or is there something different about Rob?” Dave asked his friends who sitting at the table still, but heard Dave and Rob’s conversation.

“Yeah, maybe a little. But I’m sure it’s nothing. He would tell us if there’s something wrong…right?” Mike hesitated.

“Yeah… I think.” Chester said looking like he was deep in thought.

“Yeah whatever it is he’ll get over it, he always does, he may be young but he can take care of himself.” Joe said and started to clean the table.

“Can he really? I mean what if he doesn’t…? Can’t take care of himself I mean. Usch I don’t even know what I’m saying… Movie anyone?” Dave asked and walked towards the living room, the other soon following.

After an hour or two Rob emerged from his room the pain in his stomach being too much. He walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. It was dark and empty, he switched on the light above the sink and opened the fridge. He searched it up and down but couldn’t find anything that was eatable. Some things he wouldn’t even eat if someone paid him.

So he closed the fridge and headed for the counter to the fruit bowl. He took an apple and sat down on one of the bar stools surrounding the counter in the middle of the kitchen.

The whole house was silent, it felt good. No one shouting at another, no music and no TV. He stared out into the darkness wondering where the others were and why they were so quiet.

He finished his apple and hopped down from the stool. When he landed with his feet on the floor his right knee gave away but he caught himself and straightened up cursing silently. He threw the remaining of the apple and walked out of the kitchen turning of the light.

He saw a flickering light coming from the living room. He followed the light and saw his friends sprawled out in the living room on various places fast asleep. The table in front of the couch was covered with beer cans. Rob sighed but smiled faintly when he saw them sleeping calmly. He went over to the couch where Joe, Mike and Brad were sprawled all over the couch and one another. He took a blanket a covered them as good as he could. Then he made his way over to Dave who was sitting in an armchair with his head on his arms. Rob took another blanket and covered Dave with it and then he looked at Chester in the other armchair. He had his head in a funny angle, Rob walked over quietly and gently put one hand under Chester’s chin and the other on his cheek.

“What are you doing.” Chester suddenly asked sounding more then annoyed.

“I’m sorry…your head…I was just…” Rob said trying to form words but finding it hard.

“Well don’t, don’t touch me, leave me alone.” Chester growled and shifted in his seat and closed his eyes again.

Rob lowered his head in shame and slowly walked out of the room and up the stairs. ‘Sure, I’ll leave you alone. I’ll leave all of you alone.’ He thought and closed his door behind him before getting undressed and snuggling down in his bed. He knew Chester was probably drunk but he couldn’t help but to feel hurt by his words.

The next morning when Rob came down the stairs he saw a pissed of Brad slamming the front door shut, behind him. He sighed heavily and walked into the kitchen where the others were seated at the table eating breakfast. Joe looked a little annoyed too. Rob put two and two together and guessed it was Brad and Joe’s turn to argue over something this morning.

As usual he put on the coffee machine and retreated to the living room couch.

It was Friday today, Brad had Friday’s off, so did Chester and Joe. That’s another reason Rob knew Brad had an argument with someone, he didn’t work today and normally when Brad was free he wouldn’t step outside the front door, especially not this early in the morning.

He reached for the remote and turned on the TV. He put the remote down on the couch beside him and ran a hand through his hair. He looked at his hand and saw a few black hairs between his fingers, he shock his hand and let them fall to the floor in front of the couch.

“Joe, was that really necessary?” Mike asked.

“What!? You’re taking his side on this one? Oh of course you do you’re best friends.” Joe spat back.

“Look! I’m not taking anybody’s side! You just didn’t have to rub it in his face that’s all.” Mike yelled.

“Whatever!” Joe growled and stood up knocking his chair over. He went into the living room and sat on the other side of the couch from Rob. He took the remote and switched the channel to some cartoon.

Rob turned his head and looked at Joe annoyed. Joe glared back until Rob averted his gaze. Rob felt anger built up inside of him but instead of letting it out on Joe he stood up went to the kitchen, got his coffee and made his way up to his room.

“I hate this. Why can’t we get along anymore?” Mike sighed and stood up.

“Cause everyone’s a jerk.” Dave grumbled.

Mike sighed yet again and shook his head walking out of the kitchen and up the stairs. He made his way over to Rob’s door and knocked softly, “Rob?”

Mike heard a mumble from behind the door. He couldn’t make out the word but he took it for a ‘come in’ and opened the door and closed it behind him.

Rob was lying on his back on the bed, he turned his head slightly to see whom it was. Mike smiled faintly at him and sat down beside him, “Can I talk to you for a second?”

Rob probed himself up on his elbows to get a better view of Mike, “Sure.” He answered softly.

“Brad might loose his job and Joe had to get on his case. I don’t understand us sometimes. All we do is argue and hurt each other. Aren’t we supposed to be best friends?” Mike explained.

“Loose his job?” Rob asked confused.

“Yeah apparently they are cutting back, and might have to let some people go. And Brad thinks he might be one of them since he came in last.” Mike said sighing.


“Yeah… Well anyway, I just had to talk to someone or my head would have exploded. Thanks kid.” Mike said and patted Rob on the knee before he stood up. Mike looked at Rob before he walked out the door and he had this expression on his face like he wanted to say something but couldn’t get the words out. His mouth was half open and his eyes were almost pleading Mike to stay and ask what was wrong. But it quickly disappeared, “Anytime...” Rob whispered instead and lied down on the bed.

Mike frowned at the boy and closed the door before heading out the house to go to work.

“Bye guys.” Dave yelled at the remaining people in the house before he too left the house to go to work.

“Bye! Don’t forget to bring home food!” Joe yelled.

“Yeah, yeah.” Dave shouted back chuckling before he closed the door. Joe smiled faintly feeling a little better. After a minute or two Rob came almost running down the stairs and out the door and Joe could have sworn he saw glittering lines under his eyes. But Joe just shook his head and went back to doing nothing. It was Friday, his ‘doing nothing day’, nothing could bother him on his days off. Least of all a cranky kid, who hadn’t even lived long enough to know true pain.


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