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Surf The Net by Ceej


Disclaimer – I do not own Linkin Park. However much I would love to ravage their highly sexy bodies, I’m afraid it just isn’t to be. I also don’t own ff.net, any affliation in the story is merely in the spirit of a good story. Or five.

A/N – This is an idea I saw on ff.net which I am merely borrowing the concept for. The original was by Merccy and it was located in the C.S.I section… Oh and I am using ff.net instead of fflog because this site would never have some of the crap I am going to show you.



Chester Bennington fumbled around in his pockets and drew out anything but a card key. Instead he could only find a candy wrapper, half a cigarette and a crumpled picture of Sam and Draven which he quickly smoothed and slid into his wallet.

But as the picture slid in, something slid out the other side. A small rectangle of plastic landed at his feet and he shook his head, giggling to himself as he picked it up and slid it through the lock, the door opening with a sharp click.

Once he had stepped in, he noticed a cold breeze from the open window. Open being the operative word as he was sure he had closed it


With a shout Chester flew backwards against the door, making it slam loudly as a figure reached over to him… Slowly… Slowly… Slowly flicking the switch on and letting their appearance be known to a very shaken vocalist

‘Mike you fucking asshole! Jesus you scared the crap outta me doofus brains’

Mike Shinoda just grinned and with his index finger he poked his black framed glasses up his nose

‘Sorry Ches, didn’t know you were that much of a girl’

‘Why the fuck were you in the dark anyways?’

Mike shrugged and walked over to a small table on which sat a laptop. Not his personal laptop but the laptop that the six members of Linkin Park shared while on tour

‘I got caught up while I was surfing the net’

Chester snorted

‘You were “Surfing The Net”?’

‘Yeah I’m trying to get the whole lingo down so I can be an experienced surfer. You know the whole Laugh Out Loud thing… But I found this site and it’s really crazy…’

‘Since when do you want to be an experienced surfer? I though you only went on there for porn?’

Mike laughed and shook his head

‘No Ches that’s you’

He looked confused for a second and then smiled brightly

‘Yeah that’s me. So what’s your site then? Ooh any porn?!’

‘Uh no.. Not as yet, but I haven’t actually dared to read anything’

‘Me no comprende… Read? How does this involve porn?’

Mike concentrated on the screen for a second and started to click on various blue links until he found a large page filled with various paragraphs and more blue links. Pushing his glasses up again he motioned for Chester and indicated the screen

‘It’s this site called fanfiction.net where a bunch of fans write stories about their favourite bads, movies, shows etcetera. Well I found a bunch about us’

He rolled the mouse over Linkin Park and Chester raised an eyebrow

‘What kinda stories?’

‘Well as I said before, I haven’t dared touch them but..’

The door suddenly opened and Joe Hahn walked in, Brad Delson and Phoenix Farrell each holding an arm securely. Brad sighed and motioned his head to the trapped Korean

‘Found sneaking sugar into his room’

Chester tutted and glanced at the bright screen

‘Well Mike has an interesting discovery to tell you about! Doncha dork?’

Mike glared and then nodded slightly

‘I was surfi… I was messing around on the internet when I found this fanfiction site which has a ton of people writing stories… About us and other people’

Joe jumped up and down excitedly

‘Oh wow I wanna read! I wanna read!’

Brad pinched him hard and smiled at the sudden silence

‘What about Robbie? Shouldn’t we get him?’

Phi nodded and headed towards the door

‘Last time I saw him he was sitting in his room playing the PS2. I should save him and bring him in’

He closed the door behind him and the room fell into a comfortable silence. Mike scrolled down the page and looked at all the summaries, stopping only to giggle

‘Wow… I got married to Chester in five of those summaries. Should I be scared?’

Chester pulled a face

‘Uck not as scared as me… Married to you? Now that would equate hell on earth. Well I mean no offense to Anna’

Phi came back in with Rob Bourdon to keep him company, and the young drummer looked at them confused before taking a seat next to Brad

‘I got told you were reading fanfiction? Are you sure you wanna do that?’

Mike raised an eyebrow

‘You know what fanfiction is? But I never see you on the computer… You mysterious girl you’

‘Don’t quote Andre at me bitch. And I got told by a couple of fans who gave me a “example” which I don’t have anymore’ He paused ‘Mike was pregnant, it was strange, I was scared’

Chester poked Mike and stifled a laugh as the emcee quickly looked back at the page, scrolling through the summaries and calculating which would be the best. After a few he came across one which looked okay or at least non pregnant. He scrolled further down the page before coughing and nodding at the screen

‘Okay you guys ready for some action?’

Mike and Chester spaced apart so the rest of the guys could poke their heads into the space and get a clear view of the screen. Joe shifted position several times before finally deciding on the best spot and they all held their breath as they each begun to read.

Their journey into fanfiction had begun.

What will the guys think about a good old Mary Sue? Find out next time

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