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An Elevator Ride and the Natural Flow of Things by Dernam

The Whole World Went Crazy

A pair of heavy, overlapping metal doors shuffled together with a satisfyingly slow click. The slight sagging feeling of inertia settled itself upon the four elevator passengers as they were lifted to the top floor of what they assumed to be the tallest building ever. With the destination already set, the four reposed in a comfortable, passing silence in waiting for the unusually long trip to end. That was until something went horribly wrong.

“Are you groping my ass?” Mike asked more out of mortified surprise and curiosity than anything else.

“And what if I am?” Joe asked coolly in response.

There was a slight pause wherein Mike furrowed his eyebrows in contemplation. Of all the things Joe could have said, that was not even the last thing Mike had expected to hear. He hadn’t expected a verbal response at all in fact. From years of experience in life and the natural flow of things, Mike has learned at the very least that guys didn’t touch other guys’ asses let alone grope them. And even if and now when that happened, they didn’t continue doing it even after they were caught.

Directly behind the two, stood a distraught Brad. Though also noticing and thinking exactly as Mike’s chain of logic came, Brad remained surprisingly silent. Mostly because he too wasn’t expecting any of this and partly because his jaw was stuck open.

Chester and Joe, however in the same elevator and timeline, made no visible sign of genuine surprise or discomfort. Joe surely wasn’t bothered since he was the violator in the first place and Chester... was just himself.

So the four of them remained as comfortably silent as could be accomplished in an elevator with Joe’s hand down Mike’s pants – clearly crossing some sort of barrier none of them felt like identifying.

The silence provided such a comfort that felt warm yet prickly to Brad. He knew he was blushing furiously, but there was nothing else to do except stop gaping which he just barely accomplished a second ago. Of course, he could just as easily stare at how Joe’s hand was buried underneath a layer of denim and how he could sometimes make out the outline of his fingers as they curled and extended around one of Mike’s firm cheeks, but Brad didn’t want to admit that he was already and still was doing just that.

Meanwhile, Chester was rather annoyed at the silence and hoped that something would happen soon. Perhaps Joe would find a different rhythm or pattern to which he moved his hand or perhaps he would progress to Mike’s left cheek. At any rate, monkey’s could have been involved and Chester would be glad for the change. He eventually got what he thought he wanted, but was understandably disappointed.

Mike actually responded to Joe’s not at all expected, completely uncalled for behavior. He shrugged lamely and added stupidly in his defense “I was just wondering...”

So the matter settled as did the new silence not unlike the last stupidly comfortable one. Joe was quite occupied and satisfied having his hand down Mike’s pant; Mike, still dumbfounded, actively did nothing about it; Chester continued to amass his impatience with the new, stupid silence; and Brad... well after he managed to suppress the nagging feeling that he was being hypnotized by Joe’s hand on Mike’s ass, he came to the brilliantly male conclusion that his friends have gone completely bonkers. It was only after Chester followed Joe’s good example on Mike’s other cheek that Brad realized the whole world went crazy. This accusation, of course, excluded himself as he was the only one left who wasn’t groping Mike’s ass. And he was definitely not going to admit to himself that, for once, he wanted to be crazy too.

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