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Drawn to you by JellyfishLP

Drawn to you, ch. 1

Dear readers, the following story popped into my head last night before I went to bed. I have no idea where this will go, but we’ll see. It’s inspired by an interview with Mike I watched months ago, but can’t find it anymore. Mike’s POV, and Bennoda, of course :)


I can’t remember being this uncomfortable in my entire life. I’m currently attending the evening art class I have to pass to get into art school, and up until now, I’ve had a lot of fun. The course takes place twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. The teacher has told me that I have real talent, and that I’ve been getting better over time. It’s a course about drawing people realistically, and for the last few weeks, we have drawn single body parts, such as hands, eyes, or faces.

Not now, though. Tonight is the first ‘real’ lesson; the previous ones were just preparation for tonight. We’re supposed to draw a real person, and we have three hours to do so. There’s only one problem with the model I’m going to draw: it’s a naked man. A man my age, and a damn good looking one. Everyone else around me is at least ten years older than me, so they have no problem with this. I, on the other hand, am really embarrassed about drawing naked people. And who could blame me, I’m only 17 years old! I’ve never even had a girlfriend. Or a boyfriend, but let’s not talk about that…

Anyway, I knew this was coming. I knew that at some point during this class, we’d have to draw naked people. I need this damn class to get into art school, so I’ll do it, whether I like it or not. My parents said they would pay for art school, and I’m so excited to go once I graduate high school!

The guy we’re supposed to draw is sitting on a pillow, leaning his back against the wall. He has one leg stretched out in front of him, and the other one is bent. He’s resting his left arm on that bent knee, while his right hand is resting on the pillow. He has slightly curly brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, a big, but very cute nose – can noses be cute?- and a thin mouth, which is currently stretching into the most fantastic smile I have ever seen. The class hasn’t started yet, and he’s talking to the teacher. They are joking about something, and all I can focus on is this amazing laugh of his. It’s bubbly and loud and adorable. Man, his voice is nice. Really nice. I can see the hint of a tattoo on his back, but the rest of it isn’t visible because he’s sitting with his back to the white wall. And just a second ago, his deep chocolate eyes have met mine, and it was as if he had stared into my soul.

Alright, Shinoda, stop being so dramatic. You’re just nervous. Oh, God, the class is about to start, so he has to remove that towel that has hid his private parts until now. Do I look? I’ll have to look. Jesus, I’ll have to draw his…oh my God, can I please die right here and now?

The other people in the class don’t really react when he lifts the towel and puts it aside. Well, of course they don’t react. What are they supposed to do? I’m the only one who’s nervous. I don’t know what to do. The only dick I’ve seen is my own, and his is, uh, normal looking, I guess? No, it looks better than normal. It looks nice. Look away, Mike. Don’t stare. Focus on something else.

Somehow, he manages to keep a straight face while we’re staring at him, and scraping our pencils over the paper. The second thing I noticed when he had removed the towel were his defined hipbones. I like them. Mine don’t look like this. He’s skinny, but has a little belly, and I think that’s beyond adorable.

I start drawing this guy I don’t even know the name of, or how old he is or why the hell he doesn’t seem embarrassed about being naked in a room full of twenty strangers who draw him. I don’t know how he does it…I wouldn’t want anyone to draw me like this. Why does he even do this? What does he do for a living? Does he go to high school? To college? Is he a fashion model I don’t know? No, he’s not tall enough to be a fashion model. He’s handsome in his own special way. I want to touch him, I bet his skin is soft and warm. Jeez, what was that thought, Mike?!

While I focus on not focusing on his crotch area, I actually manage to get some work done, and by the time we all get a twenty minute break, I’m halfway done with the drawing. So far, it looks good, at least I think it does. I’m noticing so many little things and details on his body that I have to include in my drawing, from that one curly hair that’s right next to his ear, to that freckle on his stomach that I absolutely have to draw, even if it’s not that important.

Now what do I do during the break? But, more importantly, what does he do?

My question gets answered when he’s putting on a white, fluffy-looking robe and heads over to the fridge to get a coke. I’m putting my drawing onto the seat of my chair, place my pencil on top, take all the courage I have and join him. When he sees me coming towards him, he’s smiling at me, but instead of introducing myself like a regular person, I say:

“You have a cute belly button.”



Thanks for reading!

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