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Nothing More, Nothing Less by AmplifiedSpeculation


Summary: Mike wants more with him and Chester, but he knows he is just a tool. (Oneshot! Rough Bennoda slash ahead, you've been warned.)

Mike's POV.

(A/N: Heyo! I'm alive again! :D I am so sorry for being dead and not writing, school can be a bitch at times and my depression has been going out of whack. But hey, I'm still here! Another sorry if my writing sucks, I haven't written in a while. This is also my first time EVER writing any kind of smut, so feel free to throw rocks at me if it's terrible.

Unbeta'd. So excuse my lazy ass grammar.

Warning: Slight BDSM. If it makes you uncomfortable, it'd be a good idea to leave now.

@Pink Maggit- I know, I'm an evil little potato >:) To be truly honest, I absolutely love Sub!Mike and I prefer him that way, no idea why. Dom!Mike honestly make me uncomfortable lol. But it's totally fine if you think differently, we are all on the same boat here :D I am a tater tot sucker for sad endings and I was kind of depressed while writing this! I agree, Chester is a total dick hehehe. Thank you for rating!

@becisamonsta- Hell yeah, I'm glad that you liked this! Lol, I thought that it was way too much, but hey, as long as you like it :D I was kind of scared to make Mike so submissive, because I thought people might find it too extreme ;) And that happened, so...(throws TV out of window). Thank you for the compliments! :D

@JellyfishLP- Ah, I see what you mean. I decided to make this kind of an emotional abuse kind of thing, because many stories make it unlike Chester to be such a major asshole, and I kind of wanted to do something different. It's okay if you didn't like the emotions abuse, I tried to be deep, and this is what came to mind. I am usually a person who likes to write some sad stories, because I can convey a lot of emotional standpoints when I do. But it's totally fine! I like criticism, it means you're actually looking for ways to improve. :)

@Technicolorlover- Aw, thank you! I am also head-over-heels in love with Dom!Chester and Sub!Mike! AHHHHH! It's so hot, am I right?! (high fives you) I totally agree, there really isn't enough of this bias anywhere, it kind of sucks. Oof, don't worry, I'm planning to be active more on this site as much as I can, so hang in there, I'll do my best to come up with some new material! Thank you for reviewing, mate! Nice to hear from some of my people ;D

@angieliveshere- Glad you liked it! I guess that my first attempt at smut is a success ;) Thank you for reviewing, you guys are the best! <3


"This isn't about love. It's a way for me to get release. And don't you think otherwise about it."

I try to let myself free from the rope tied around my wrists, but my constant struggling only seems to make him smile. And there was no way I could even reply, with the piece of cloth wrapped around my mouth, silencing my cries and pleas. I felt helpless, and so fucking useless at the same time.

But I knew he loved it.

He started by unknotting the material on my mouth, and I took a deep breath when he did. The sudden rush of cold air in my lungs felt almost like heaven, I could finally take one big gasp after all of that hot, sweaty oxygen I was forced to breathe in. I continued to try to pry myself free from my restraints, tugging on the rope and struggling. Chester only seemed to smile sweetly yet so sadistically at my attempts to break free.

And oh god, that smile.

I know, I'm absolutely fucked up. I'm nothing more than a fuck toy for Chester. All he ever wanted was only my body. And what was so great about it anyway? I'm too skinny, my shoulders are too broad, and I always look like a useless piece of shit. Why would he take interest in somebody like me? Compared to him, it was like putting gold and sewage together.

There were some things I just can't seem to understand.

He approached me, and started to caress my body in the slowest way possible. With every move he made with his hand, it made my heart pump faster and my skin flare up to about a million degrees as he played with my skin. I wanted to touch him so badly, too. I would do anything to just lay a finger on that creamy, ivory skin. But that will never happen. I'm not the one who makes the rules.

I tried to control my whimpering as much as I could, I was quite ticklish at most of the places he decided to touch. My exposed chest was rising up and down, but then I felt a strong tingle surge through me as I felt Chester pinch one of my nipples hard. The pain registered not to far after that, but then some kind of light pleasure mixed with it as I gasped, my reaction seemed to have pleased Chester. "You like that, don't you?" He asked me in this seductive tone, oh my god, if my heart wasn't beating fast enough before, it definitely was now.

,I nodded the best I can, making sure to look at him directly in the eye as I did so. Those beautiful chocolate eyes, gazing back at my own black, pathetic ones. It almost made me forget where I was, who I am, what I am doing here on my own fucking bed, tied up like I'm getting kidnapped in my own damn house. He always knew how make me lose myself, it was every time he moved, I felt like I was intoxicated by him.

I felt a wet sensation on my right nipple, and my eyes grew wide at the sight of fucking Chester Bennington sucking and twisting me, his eyes clouded with some kind of dark lust. I moaned loudly at the tingly and overwhelming feeling that was rising inside of me. "I love it when you moan for me, Mike," he groaned as his lips removed itself off of my chest, making a loud pop sound.

I wanted more. It wasn't enough, I wanted more. Nah, scratch that. I needed more. We barely even started on anything, and I'm just trying to contain myself from screaming at him to fuck me hard. He probably wouldn't listen to me anyway, it was always at his pace, he was the one in control. I'm just the puppet. And I'm not complaining. There's something about being violated like this that was so tempting for me. It was so wrong on so many accounts, but I'm just addicted to Chester. I knew from the very start. I have a problem, and I admitted it.

Chester Bennington is a fucking drug. And no intervention in the world can make me stop myself from loving it.

"Chester...please!" I cried at the continuous pressure on my sensitive nubs, the pinching and twisting and the licking was starting to make me lose my mind. "You know better than to call me that down here." That sudden dark stare that he gave me, it sent cold chills down my spine. He knew that I was trying to avoid calling him anything else other than his name. All I ever wanted to do was to call him by his own damn name. And apparently I'm too pathetic to do just that?

"M-Master...please..." I choked out, and the satisfied look on Chester's face told me that I did the right thing. More of his sexy stares. This game that he likes to play with me, it never fails to make me go bat-shit crazy. The one where I have to do what he says to get what I want. It's like a close-ended deal. "That's right. When I'm with you, I'm your master. And you, you're my slave, my little slut." I have no idea why, but each word that fell out of his mouth made my erection harder. I was supposed to be humiliated that I let myself become like this. But, the degrading names that he called me, it made me so disgusted yet so aroused at the same time. Shit. I'm more of a sick fuck than I ever realized.

He started with my neck, laying tiny butterfly kisses on the sensitive part of my neck. That was probably my worst tickle spot he could try to find, so I bit my lip and started to squirm as he traveled upward, giving small nips on the bottom of my jaw. Then he bit my neck hard, and it made me scream. I'm not exactly sure if it was the pain or the pleasure or the frustration that made me do so. However, I wasn't afraid to make any noise. Ever since the first time, it was clear that the more I screamed or begged or moaned for Chester, the more he loved it. And I was more than willing to please him, even when he treats me like I'm a pile of bird shit left on his doorstep.

It seemed like my screams made him more excited, because now his tongue was traveling all over the crook of my neck, not leaving any area unexplored. Normally, cold, slimy saliva on my neck would of made me so grossed out and freaked. But when it was Chester's, as disgusting as it is, I wanted all over my hideous body. It was like he spread a bunch of LSD on my skin. He purposely licked my spot once again, and I moaned, just the way he liked it. High-pitched and loud. The sound of my own voice makes me cringe, but it only makes Chester groan. It was weird how different we reacted to the same thing.

"Look at yourself. We barely even started and you're already moaning like a bitch," Chester purred into my ear, causing me to shudder at his erotic voice. It's not like I could help myself, technically it was all his fault for making me like lose my control like this. It was his fault for being so amazing, his fault for being so perfect, his fault for being so fucking flawless!

I know, I'm a stupid, desperate idiot for having an insane crush on someone makes me feel like trash. But, I just can't. That beautiful shaved head, those strong arms wrapped around my stomach, that heavenly body hiding under all those layers of clothes, its all too much for a retard like myself to handle. Sometimes I wonder why he even wastes his time with me, when it should be somebody else. Pretty much anybody else in the world deserves this gorgeous man more than I do.

I felt a finger trace the hem of my pants, tugging them down. I shut my eyes tight as I just let him do it. My hardening cock gave a hard throb as now my pants were half-way down my legs, making me wince. I couldn't dare open my eyes, I didn't want to see one bit of my revolting body. Chester continued to kiss my neck erotically as now he discarded my pants, and they were tossed to the side like garbage bags to the curb.

I finally let myself see, only to be turned around and be greeted by Chester's face, and my face became so red it pretty much resembled a cherry tomato. I let myself stare blankly at every detail of his face, every second that I look making me go insane with need. He seemed to get the idea of what I wanted to do, because he suddenly grabbed a hold of my face and roughly pressed his lips in mine.

A muffled gasp escaped my throat as he pushed me on my back, his eyes closed and his hands brushing itself on my puffy cheeks. His toned body was almost suffocating me, and I wanted to push him off to give me some sort of space, but with my wrists still bound I just had to deal with the weight on me. Now, it's expected that I'm supposed to absolutely freak out at my crush kissing me, but actually, it's just another example on how messed up our relationship is. He kissed me so many times. But none of them were out of love, out of compassion. It was all just supposed to be erotic, only a turn-on, everytime just a reminder that our relationship will never work out between the both of us.

So basically every kiss from him was absolutely pointless.

But still, I enjoy the moment as much as I can. I liked getting kissed, it was quite sweet and nice at the same time. Especially if it was from him. I opened my eyes half-way when I could feel the moist surface of his tongue graze my lips, asking for entrance. Almost eagerly, I opened my lips, letting him through. He pushed me harder on my bed as he started to swirl himself all around the cavern of my mouth, and I let out a low, droning groan as he did it. This was so gross, so filthy, so fucking wrong. This was so amazing, so breathtaking, so fucking right. Hell, I don't even know anymore.

It didn't last way too long though, it was clear that Chester needed a quick gasp of breath as he separated himself from me, a small, long cord of saliva stretching from my mouth to his as it split in half. I still wanted to feel his touch, but the take of air was very much needed for me too, so I took another breath of frigid, mild oxygen as Chester pulled away from me, those hungry eyes trailing every part of my awful features. I know that look in his eyes. It never means anything good. I choked down a gulp. What did he want to do with me now?

"Turn around."

"Y-Yes, master," I obeyed without any kind of hesitation, turning around to let Chester get a sight of my back. Without any kind of warning, he pounced on me, and started to place those well-built hands on my hips. His fingers dragged itself on my hands, still tied up with the rope. I almost begged him to take that piece of shit off me. It was really starting to get irritating that he gets to touch me, but I can't touch him. But of course, he's the one in charge. I'm a tool. And I probably deserve it too. I'm not worthy of even being with this man, yet here I am.

Might as well enjoy what I have right now.

I could now feel that his right hand was now going down to my ass, which was still clothed by my two-sizes-too-small boxers. I sharply exhaled at the arousal that this was giving me, this was all too much at once. He then squeezed my ass cheeks in those strong hands, and the abrupt pleasure made me moan loudly. He likes it when he touches me. I like when I get touched by him. It's a win-win scenario. He rubbed his fingers on the cotton of my underwear and did it again, except harder and more roughly than before. God damn it, Chester. You always know how to make me go crazy.

"God, that ass is beautiful. Nice, thick, and round. Mmmm...you turn me on so much, slave," he moaned loudly and went back to playing around with my ass, forcing me to stifle my whimpers and cries with the forgotten pillow on the side. I turn him on? What was it about me that turned him on so much? Did he have some kind of thing for disgusting men?

It isn't healthy to hate myself so much, but there are a few things I truly can't help myself with. I hate my face. I hate my arms. I hate my legs. I hate my feet. I hate it, I hate it, I hate all of it! If I just woke up one day and I was in a different person's body, I don't care who the hell it is, it'll be like a dream come true. It would be fantastic to be somebody else than my terrible self. I still remember in school, all those songs about "being you" and "embracing your difference" they forced us to sing back in third grade. But what if you're better off being somebody else than being yourself?

But right now, I don't matter. All that is important now is to please my master. It's really weird to call him "master", mainly because only slaves do something like that. But to him, I'm his fucking slave, so I guess something like that makes sense. He stopped his ministrations on me, and my body was shaking, a light layer of sweat covering my entire body. It was cold as hell, I forgot to close the air-conditioning before he arrived, but yet I feel like my body was on fire, it feels like somebody brought the sun inside my room for everybody to see.

It doesn't make sense.

"Now it's time for some fun, Mikey," he whispered in my ear, and I made small whimpers at Chester teasing my ear with his small licks and nips on my lobe. And hallelujah, he finally decided to untie me, to free myself from my restraints. Thank god, I felt like my blood flow was starting to get cut off! He loosed the knot that binded me together and pulled hard in the two hanging strings, and suddenly, I was able to move my arms. I enjoyed my freedom my wiggling my arms in front of me. This was probably the first time I'm actually happy to see my arms in front of my face.

"Don't get too comfortable yet. We aren't even close to being done here," I heard Chester growl. Of course I didn't forget. I might be stupid, but maybe not that stupid. My eyes shot wide open as in about two seconds, my boxers went flying right off, hitting the wall on my right. The freezing breeze made me shiver, I was now completely naked. But he was still clothed from head to toe. That was the thing about having sex with Chester. He never takes his clothes off. I never get a chance to see every inch of that heavenly body. And I probably don't deserve it anyway, so I should stop complaining. However, I don't know why, but there was something arousing about being fully nude while he was still in all of his clothes. I forgot what that was called, I need to look it up later.

"Lay down. Lift those legs up while you're at it," Chester almost demanded, and I quickly followed his orders, lifting my legs up to let him see my private zone. Something about his dominance, his desire to control me, it was such a turn-on. Well, maybe it's because I'm a bottom, maybe it's because I just lose myself when I'm around him. I was too drunk with lust to think about it, anyway.

And now, this is the part when he completely humiliates me by staring at me. It's like he is subconsciously trying to remind me on how much I hate myself as his eyes travel everywhere, from the tip of my cock to the core of my twitching entrance. Stop staring at me and just do it. Stop it. Stop it! My mind was sending him these thoughts, my true desires and my wants. Of course, Chester isn't some kind of a goddamn mind reader, and I was in no position to tell him what to do. That was his job, so all I could do is cringe as he continued to gaze at me.

Finally, he decided to get along with this as he pushed my legs upwards, and he started to spread me open with his fingers. I bit my lip to stifle another dragged out moan as he teased me with his thumb, rubbing it against the surface of my opening. Now, this is where things get exciting. When everything just becomes a blur of pleasure and intensity and I could forget everything about myself, and only focus on him.

I was ready. Probably more ready than I'll ever be.

However, he did something unexpected by placing his tongue on the broken skin of my opening, placing small licks on the outside. I groaned at the this new, slippery sensation, and I think that's all it took for him. He then stretched me wider with his fingers and started to lick my asshole, purposely teasing me by making his licks short and light. The small bolts of intense euphoria that rose up from deep inside with each brush of his tongue forced me to let out a shameless cry of pleasure.

"You dirty slut. You get off with me licking your cute little asshole?" Chester grinned wolfishly at me, half of his face still buried in between my legs. I could feel my cock grow even more erect if possible as I nodded frantically. Stop fucking talking and get in there already! "Please...more," I quietly begged him, bucking my hips toward his face to try to get more of him inside. His teasing was really starting to torture me.

Luckily, he finally started to comply and he thrust his skilled tongue in my opening, and I clenched tightly around him as I gasped, the pleasure hitting me in one big tidal wave. It's not like he was hitting my prostate or anything, but even I am quite shocked at how...good it felt. And I never gotten rimmed before, this was all a first to me. But this wasn't even close to enough. I wanted it all. He continued to shove his flexible tongue in and out of me, and my small squeaks transformed into deep moans and cries, as he grabbed my hips and hoisted me up, trying to dig inside even deeper, if that was somehow possible.

My eyes shut itself automatically and rolled to the back of my head with a particularly rough flick of his tongue, I could feel it all the way inside my anus. It felt so good, goddamn it, it was getting difficult to even think straight at what this man was doing to me. My dick was aching and throbbing so badly, it hurt. I went down from beneath to touch myself and to relive some of that pain, thankfully Chester came to the rescue and grabbed a hold of my erection without asking, spreading my pre-cum from the tip of the slit and stroking up and down my length.

Oh my god, that was it.

With Chester tongue-fucking my ass even faster and with his callused hand pleasuring me even more than it did before, I knew it was coming. I felt the edge of it creep on me, then I started screaming, the ecstasy and the gratification was about to hit me all at once. Then, I probably made the one of the worst decisions I made in my entire useless life.

"A-Ah...oh god, master! I'm c-coming!" I couldn't help it. It just came tumbling out of my mouth. Soon, he slowed his movements down, his face displaying some sort of quiet rage. "Don't you dare fucking come without my permission," Chester snapped at me and without any warning, his unoccupied left hand came and hit my ass. The sting registered almost as suddenly as I felt it, but of course, the odd, blissful pleasure got in the way, so I wasn't sure if I was supposed to sob or moan. So as a compromise, I did both. See, I had this thing for pain. Of course it hurt, but there was always that something about it that felt good. You can't ever have just pain or just pleasure during intercourse, so maybe that's why I decided to love it.

"What's that? You want more?" He asked me in an incredulous voice, but he obviously wasn't looking for a reply, because he carried on with spanking me, not holding back for one second. Each slap I sustained from him, it turned me on to the extreme. Pain makes me feel good. And I had so much of it right now. My legs turned into the jelly-like state is was before as I felt my climax return once again, preparing itself to pounce right back on me. No. I had to fight it. I have no idea what would happen if I don't, but there was no way I am going to find out today.

But that scene was quickly averted as Chester kissed my cheek and gave my erection the hardest squeeze he has ever gave it. It was like a switch had gone off in my mind. I couldn't control it. It was impossible, there was no way around it. I gave up. I just let myself unwind, letting my last shreds of self-control vanish as I shrieked, small bursts of milky-white fluid falling on my stomach. The aftermath of my orgasm was completely taken away with the fact that I just went against what Chester told me to do. Shit, shit, shit! Oh no. I am really fucked this time.

And as I expected, Chester was nowhere close to happy about the mess that I created all over him and myself. His face almost contorted, he was so angry with me. I screwed things up once again. Just like I do with almost everything in my life. He got a fistful of my dark hair and yanked my head up to him, my head yelling in pain as I simply pulled to his direction. "And what the hell did I tell you?!" he almost roared in my ear, every single word and syllable giving me an idea on how pissed off I made him. "Y-You told to not to t-touch myself, master," I whimpered in the most pathetic way possible, my hands shaking from the nervousness on what's going to happen next.

"Yet you still did it, huh?! You got some fucking guts to go against my orders," Chester tugged on my locks again, and I winced once again. Truth is, I don't have any guts when it comes to this. It just happened. It's not like I can stop myself! Why are you blaming me for something that was bound to happen? I felt a few tears start to flood into my eyes, but forced myself to blink them away as fast as I could. Oh great, I'm crying. Fucking piece of weak shit.

"Because of that, I'm going to have to punish you, slave." That voice was no longer in its usual, normal tone, it was low and scary as hell, something completely different than what I'm used to. Punishment? Which kind? What was it like? Did it hurt? However, it doesn't sound like a walk in the park. And I have an underlying feeling that it won't be good at all. Chester turned me around to the way that meant my back was facing him. Then, I felt something familiar go around wrists, then I finally realize that he is tying me up. Again. Are you fucking kidding me?!

I tried to fight him off, but he gave me a sharp pinch on my arm, and it made me yell in pain. "It's your own fucking fault you're in this anyway, so stop moving and deal with it." Okay, even though I pushed myself down probably more than anybody else in the world, why does my heart always hurt when Chester does it to me? That's the question I asked myself as my heart tugged on itself and I buried my face on the mattress, trying to fight that inner emotion inside my chest that was telling me just to cry.

Chester finally got off of me, but this time I wasn't able to see that beautiful face, only the stained blue cover of my mattress. I know truly well which one I'd decide to stare at for the rest of my life. "No lube this time. I won't be easy on you tonight," he finally told me. Almost as soon as he said that, it felt like a rocket if paranoia was launched in the pit of my stomach. That means its going to be bad. Real bad. As much as I enjoy pain, there are some things I have limits for. It hurts like hell even with lube, so what would it be like without it?

"Please, don't do it, master! I'll be good next time, just please, lubricate yourself!" I was desperate. As much as I knew not to do this, I was desperate. I was willing to do anything not to find out first-hand sex without any lubrication. "Shut the fuck up! You don't tell me what to do, I'm the one in control here. Learn your place, you whore." I knew I hit a nerve. As long as I knew Chester, one if the things he hates the most was being told what to do. It makes him feel like the lesser person. And maybe that's why he likes to order me around. Maybe it a reverse. Truth is, I didn't exactly listen to what he called me or whatever, my heart was too busy pounding in my ears, that was the only noise I was focused on right now.

Then, in one fluid motion, he thrust inside of me.

Oh my god, the pain! The pain this time was nowhere near pleasurable this time, it was like he lit a match and threw it on my goddamn body. It was like I was on fire! My body contorted and arched, and I felt like bursting into tears right then and there as he continued to push himself in, his moans filling up my ears. "God...damn it, Mike. How are you so fucking...tight?" He asked softly, which was a complete juxtaposition to what he was doing to me. How am I supposed to answer? You're fucking tearing me apart! I cried out in agony, doing my best to fight the tears brimming at the edge of my lower eyelid. It hurt. And this time, I didn't like it. Even from behind, I felt this horrible, sharp pain as my outer skin broke, and I felt a warm, thick liquid roll down my thighs.

Bleeding. I was bleeding on my own fucking bed!

The blood freaked me out more than it probably was supposed to. I wanted all of this to end. If he just stopped right now, he is going to wake up the next morning with a bunch of thank-you cards on the side if his bed. But Chester, he obviously loved it. I can't even see his face, but I can tell that I was giving him immense pleasure by just hearing him, and somehow, this really weird sense of pride began to fill up in my heart. Huh, I am barely ever proud of myself. But I was the one who made him like this, the person who made him feel this way. Who wouldn't be? I tried to focus on that detached sense of fulfillment instead of the pain.

Luckily for me, the pain started to subside with each single push he made inside me, and a light pleasure started to arise with each thrust. It wasn't overwhelming yet, but it was enough to make me moan. I would much rather feel this than that horrible pain that I had to experience earlier. The wet sound of his hanging balls smacking my cleft went directly to my cock, and I bit my lip to stop myself from whimpering, it was really a turn-on. It felt nice, it really did.

Then that was when I felt the tip of his penis hit my prostate.

An epic burst of pleasure flowed deep inside me, I could feel it in my toes all the way to the tips of my fingers. It was like this new energy surged through me, and dear god, did it feel good. Instead of giving a casual grunt or groan, I shamelessly screamed, and I was sure that was what Chester was looking for. His thrusts, if it was somehow possible, sped up so much, I felt like I was going to split in half! Every single thrust somehow made it into my spot, he was smashing into it over and over and over again! It felt like bombs were exploding deep inside me, and within minutes, I was a writhing, screaming mess. "Doesn't that feel good?" Chester asked me, well more like growled into my ear, and I felt shivers go down my spine at the odd, yet deep tone of his voice. God, it was so fucking hot! I wanted more, yes, I needed him to give it all to me!

"Yes, yes, master, oh my god, yes!" I shrieked, absolutely melting at the sensation of Chester's slick foreskin rubbing itself on my inner walls. "Then scream for me. Beg for it, tell me how much you love it." Oh my fucking god, his dominance made me go nuts! There something about it, the way he would grab my ass, how he pinned me down during sex, just the way he decided to own me, it was so arousing, it was fucking intoxicating at times. And I was more than willing to give him what he wants. "Ahhhh...master, please, I need it! Shove your cock deep inside of me until I lose it! Break me, tear me apart!" Jesus, that must of been the filthiest sentence I ever let out in my life. My mom would fucking kill me if she heard it. But I wanted so badly, and who gave a fuck about what she would think? It's all about pleasure. And I'm going to get it, so nobody is ever gonna stop me.

The moans, the screams, the ecstasy continued on and on, creating this build-up inside of me, like a wall that was going to fall soon. It was apparent after only about twenty minutes, that familiar feeling of pure insanity started to come over me, after my moans turned into absolute screams over delight. I could even feel my untouched cock twitching madly, almost begging me to just let go and release my seed. But no. I shouldn't, and I must not! As much as I wanted to give in, the sad reality started to sink in. I couldn't come before Chester did. And if I did, well, let's say I learned my lesson from earlier. I didn't want to go through that hell again. So I has to get all of my limited willpower to fight it, keep myself from just submitting to all of the euphoria. However, it turned out to be some other kind of torture. With Chester pounding into me like the world was going to end and with his huge penis stretching me to the max, the deliciousness would be a challenge to conquer.

Thankfully, it was quite obvious his climax was approaching as well. Those sexy noises became louder and less subtle, and now his thrusts were shorter and more erratic, like he couldn't get enough. Come already, give me fucking release! Soon, he bent down to my sweaty body and licked my neck once more, but the skin was now extra-sensitive from all of the playing around, so now it pushed me even further to my heightened experience. "Want me to cum in that tight ass?" Damn, did I ever! I would kill to feel his essence fill me up to the brim, letting me feel that sense of warmth and comfort. "Yes, master, please, shoot your cum deep into me! Let me feel all of it," I let the last part of it roll down my tongue, like a kitten purring. And that was all it took for him.

He didn't spray all at once, his cum came in short, small squirts, leaking itself inside my asshole. It coated the inside of my anus, and the feeling of his sticky, hot seed spreading inside was too much for me to handle. He was still trusting into me like a crazy person, trying to ride out the complete effects of his explosive orgasm. I was now blinded by all the pleasure, I had no idea who I was, where I am, and what I was doing here. Does it even matter? I want going to last long, he needed to give me his permission now or the bedsheet under me is no longer going to be baby blue anymore.

He bit so fucking hard on my neck, I could feel it bruise up already, and he wrapped those long, graceful fingers around my aching erection, striking it and whispering those much needed words. "Come for me." That was it, this was what I needed! I let a unholy scream that probably broke the sound barrier, and I let it all crash on me, let the blissfulness just completely overtake me. My own dick twitched one final time, and I shot out white, translucent stripes of seed on the sheets, staining everything from top to bottom. It was the most wonderful thing I felt, maybe in forever. If I could pay to feel this way every day, my life savings would go down the drain. I never wanted this to stop.

But, like all good things, it came to a crash. After I fell down from my personal heaven, the both of us spent the next minutes rushing cold air into our lungs, it felt like there wasn't enough oxygen in the room, I felt so deprived. I finally managed to stop shaking from the aftershocks of my mind-blowing orgasm, and my breathing went back to normal. That was probably the best fuck I ever had. I'm not sure what made it so special this time, but no matter how much I can try to convince myself, I don't think I'm going to have another one that could top that.

Two strong hands got a hold of my still-bound wrists, and for the second time, he took some moments to untangle the rope, to let me free from my restraints. But, is it just me, or is he taking more time to untie my than usual? It was as if he was trying to take his sweet time, like he was watching and examining every single fiber of that rope as he pulled it apart. I might be over exaggerating or just hoping for something that is hopeless. But...did he want to stay? Was he just being slower so that he could just have an excuse to spend more time with me? Dear god, please let that be the case. Just a few moments with him would make me the happiest man on earth. And maybe, just maybe, a little less of a piece of garbage.

Finally I could move! The rope fell at his knees, and the first thing I did was turn around, trying to look for him the first chance I got. And he looked at me, and wait for it. He stared deep into my eyes! We never see eye to eye in any situation..literally. Yet here he was now, peering those dark, beautiful chocolate eyes into my own black, pathetic ones. He had this look I his eyes...if that made any sense. Like some sort of want. What would he possibly want from me? I'm too useless to do anything right for him. But I let the accusations from my brain shut off for a second and just enjoy the moment. My heart almost throbbed at how amazing he looked right now. He was the fucking definition of flawlessness, what did I do to deserve a man like him?

But all of a sudden, he got up and zipped his now-soft cock into his bleached jeans and got up, not even saying a single word to me. No. Don't go. Please. I need you. I tried to convey all of that in one desperate look I gave him when he turned around to face me again, his hand on the doorknob. I didn't want him to go, hell, I never wanted him to leave me. It was always so emotional when he does, there's no way a man like me can take that on. But this time, his face was full of loathing and disgust, and it bit me directly in the heart. So it was just nothing. I was just raising my stupid hopes high again. He turned and his back away from me and opened the door without hesitation, leaving my room and shutting the front door with force, and the footsteps I heard told me he was heading for the front door this time around.

All of that happiness and content I felt earlier? Gone. Just like that. Now the only thing that I felt now was hopelessness. I really thought something was happening, but I was just being stupid. Now the voices in my head were now in full volume, things like "You're disgusting," and "Chester would never want to be with a loser like you," all of them beating me up as I just lost it and cried, finally letting all of my anxiety and depression free as I buried myself into my hands, the dried blood on me wiping itself off my sheet.

It was just a fucking cruel joke. Why would someone like Chester want to be with me? It was like mixing diamonds and manure all in a giant pot. I'm worthless, pathetic, stupid, horrible, terrible, a laughable excuse for a human being. I should of remembered that in the first place. Then, for some reason, Chester's words started to repeat itself in my head, like a broken record.

"This isn't about love. It's a way for me to get release. And don't you think otherwise about it."

If I was crying before, that was nothing compared to now. Water just kept coming, streaming down my cheek as I sobbed hysterically, just letting myself just indulge in all the sadness and frustration, and just letting it go. He never wanted to be with me. He made it so clear to me in the first place, what in the name of hell was I thinking, wondering if we had a chance? I actually wasted my time thinking on something so obvious like that? Jesus, I really am stupid. But, no matter how hard I try, he was so close, so tantalizingly close, but out of reach, like some shitty curse or whatever. Besides, he was already happy with what he had. Riches, a stable family, and a loving boyfriend who never leaves his side.

Yes. He had a boyfriend. And lucky me, I got to see it firsthand! I saw them stroll down the sidewalk, passing just by the café I work for money for college. He seemed so radiantly happy, smiling and holding hands with this guy with the craziest hair I have ever seen in my life, looking like he was deeply in love. They tortured me, by laughing and making faces at each other. But, the next part really was the kicker for me. In the front of the glass door, where everybody could fucking see them, Chester wrapped his arms around the guy's hips while the other guy held his neck and they kissed. They fucking kissed! Lips and everything! And they seemed like they had no shits in the world if anybody saw them. It was like the other person was the only thing that mattered.

God damn it all, no words can describe how much hate and jealousy that flooded me during that moment. Like I was so angry, I couldn't even see straight, everything was a big fucking blur. My hand were shaking, my heart felt like it was palpitating, and I had to hold myself from going out of the cafe to punch Chester's boyfriend into the equivalent of a raisin. All of a sudden, even though I haven't even talked to this guy, I hated him so much, it hurt. I wanted Chester be with me, fucking me, and you get to have him all to yourself, like the smug little shit you are. Maybe he doesn't deserve all the bubbling resentment I was giving him, the always is that possibility that he was really a nice guy. But I could give zero fucks on who he was, all that mattered is that he had what I wanted and I could never have it thanks to him.

Chester even told me about him the first time he fucked me. I remember every single loud and clear. "The only reason why I am doing this in the first place is that my boyfriend is religious. He can't have any sex until marriage, and I'm not going to wait that long. So I'm going to use you instead." Now, even though it sounded like a dead end, there was always that hopeful voice in the back of my head that said that maybe he could change. He could love me, just maybe, even though I had nothing to prove that I was worthy of having him. That's probably when I realized that there was another man with him. And there was this feeling, just this hard rock that fell into my stomach and never got digested.

This "Brad Delson" guy is probably the luckiest son of a bitch that has ever walked the face of this earth.

Every touch, every look, everytime I see Chester with him, it makes me sick. I want to be the one he loves, the one he tells his secrets to, the one that could be with him. He can be so brutal sometimes, but I loved it. All of his faults are what I loved the most about him. And I wish his problems, his mistakes could be mine. I want him to be mine. And I wanted to be all his.

But I can't.

And I never will.

(A/N: Oof, my dorkiness for Chester is showing in this fic [awkward laughter]. I'm sorry for torturing Mike, I still love him [gives him hugs]. So in my opinion, my first attempt at smut wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but you, the reader, decide whether you give me a thumbs up or a face full of rocks. Heheheh. BDSM is super fucking rare nowadays, and I was kind if in the mood to write something kind of dark and depressing, so I decided to write something new. Also, I love Bennoda BDSM because I'm sick as hell XD. Review or rate, love to see what you think. Thanks for reading!)

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