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Battlefield by AmplifiedSpeculation


(Hi! I finally got the guts to write a story. Because I was a bit curious on how I'd compare to the others in Wattpad. And also because I have nothing else to do.

This chapter is SUPER wordy and long, so sorry if you don't follow.)

His name was Mike. Michael Kenji Shinoda.

And if you asked him what he did on a daily basis, the answer would be to take a AK-15 and shove it down the throats of aliens, which caused some people that asked him this question to walk away from him slowly and never utter a single word to him ever again.

Well, they called them different things. Sometimes monsters, mutant octopuses (technically octopi), but Mike just made it easy by calling them alien. Mostly because they looked like they were from an entirely different planet. A more accurate description would be stalkers of the night with a horrifying, ghastly shriek that erupt when provoked. Organisms with teeth almost seemingly sharper than a great white's and a mouth so spacious, it can probably stuff six poor souls at once inside. Creatures with a foreign language and blackish-purplish slimy tentacles that sprout out from their backs and can break your neck with one simple twist.

Alien was a complete understatement to whatever they were.

And surprisingly, that was exactly what Mike was doing right now, trying to get a proper aim while dark tentacles wrapped itself around his golden-skinned sniper.

"Go for the eyes...go for the eyes," Mike's depleted consciousness reminded him as he, neither the alien moved a muscle, the sound of heavy breathing resonating inside the abandoned room. The creature gave a tiny hiss and tightened his grip on the gun, his head turned in a completely different direction.

What is he doing? Mike seemed to question the alien's odd behavior as Mike tried to position the weapon directly at the target he was trying to eliminate. It hasn't even tried to eat him up, instead looking at him once, twice, then twisted its head in the opposite way, while circling its appendages around Mike's gun.

There was something that was off with the creature. It seemed like it trusted him...as if had a heart too. The realization hit Mike quite quickly, and he could swear he almost dropped his gun in compassion for the alien. This was the first time that he felt some kind of connection between one of their kind. It took so much self-discipline to not just pull himself away and slunk back into the darkness.

But one shrill bang later, and that ear-piercing scream echoed in Mike's ears, and the alien dropped dead on the tiled floor, a black, murky substance leaking out from the hole that shattered his head.

No. Don't trust them. Trust no-one and nothing. The soldier repeated his lieutenant's words as Mike sighed pitifully and tried to move his feet away from the puddle forming below him. He was a fool to let the creature get into his head. So many people have learnt the hard way on how deceiving the creatures can be.

And yet...he felt something. He might be cold, but his heart wasn't made out of stone. The alien showed mercy, a thing that has been refused his entire life, and it really seemed to touch him. Like magic, if it existed. "Oh, shit. My shoes!" Mike cursed out in displeasure when the substance finally reached to him, staining his white shoes that would cost him $300, if money mattered.

Because now, nothing else matters anymore other than staying alive.

If there was anything worse than walking around all night with wet socks, it was slipping on the soaked ground and banging his head hard on the tabletop beside it. "Wow, what a lucky day I'm having," the half-Asian muttered to himself as he brushed his hands over his forehead, feeling at the tender bump now forming on his forehead.

Almost suddenly, a loud voice echoed inside the room, causing Mike to almost leap in fright. "Mike! Hey man, where are you? Did you die?" The voice was quite familiar, reminding him of the mission he was sent forth. "No, Phoenix. I'm right here!"

"Okay! Um...where exactly is 'right here'?" Mike smiled at the other's amusing confusion as they played an innocent game of 'Marco Polo' to get the two together. He remembered what his commander told him, nobody can be trusted, always stay on your highest guard. And yet, Mike couldn't help but put his trust in the man, his only friend in this world. His bubbly personality and his eagerness to be a soldier were all traits that attracted him. They got along since day three.

"Jeez, Mike. Give me a call next time. I thought you were dead," Phoenix laughed heartily as Mike grinned and embraced his friend with a hard pat on the shoulder. "It's kind of hard to do that when you feel like you're going to die any second," Mike responded truthfully as Phoenix gave an nod in agreement. "You took a long while. I mean, while I was out I was ambushed by five of them and you only killed one. Must of put up a good fight, did he?"

"Y-Yeah. Trapped in every direction, he was so close to getting me, then one cock of the gun and he fell like a paper doll," Mike bragged, knowing that he was falsifying the truth, something he wasn't exactly comfortable with. But if he told him what actually happened, he would probably have to sit through another session of "Phoenix Farrell's 75 Reasons Why You Don't Trust Creatures That Can Eat Your Ass Whole In One Bite".

"We gotta be more careful out in this area. One missed step, and we'll be dinner for them. And, we probably should tell our lieutenant our status. He's going to be worried." Mike nonchalantly shrugged his weak shoulders, ready to get out of this dank little place.

Thwack. A crash, small yet so noticeable, got the attention of both rookie soldiers in no time flat. "Fuck, there's more!" Mike's warning heeded naturally with the other man, who whipped out his gun and scanned the area with his dark eyes, on the lookout for any danger. Mike followed Phoenix's movements, and they both cautiously started to search the house.

It seemed to be more of a mess the more that they looked at it. Mike could see the dark mold growing and expanding outside of the walls, the books scattered all around the floor, some covered in unknown material, and how could he forget the can that he opened in search of food, only to find at least fifty wrangling maggots crawling upon each other? "Damn, nobody's lived in this house in a while...no wonder why."

The thought brought back sorrowful memories for the aspiring young man. It strongly reminded him of how life used to be when he was just a naive, small child. These houses, once full of jolly and bustling people going to work, cooking dinner, finishing their homework, was now stranded, with all of the previous owners either on the run, in a temporary home, or dead. It was the exact same scenario with his home, ironically. Those were some days until they arrived. And it is all their fault. All of it.

"Hey, how 'bout here? I might of heard it over there..." Phoenix started, but the next thing that had happened was so on time, it felt like it was called on cue. A small whine, which sounded like a person trying to stop themselves from crying, rang from the door behind them. A person? It sounded more human than anything else inside the house besides Phoenix. It kind of went on the border of a wounded animal, but he decided to stick with human. But, how? This place is practically unlivable, and there were man-eating creatures laying around in plain sight. Mike decided when he meets this man or woman, he is going to give them an award. Probably some kind of pin. Or maybe that expired Chik-Fil-A coupon still living inside his drawer.

"Oh, fuck. Fuck! Did you hear that?! There's another one! Stay back, I'll lead them off-" Phoenix started to lean on the door and push, but Mike's strong hand in his shoulder forced him to take his guard down a notch.

"No, wait, Phi. If you listen closer, it sounds like a person. You know, they'll be pissed if we killed a human refugee, you know. Maybe I should lead." Phoenix snorted noisily and rolled his eyes. "I know you, Shinoda. Always pretending to be strong, but inside, you're just a squishy marshmallow. You're just probably trying to find reason to not kill this fucker dead in the face. Remember what the lieutenant said? Trust-"

"-Trust no-one and nothing. I think we repeated enough times this month to get it stuck in my head," Mike whispered a bit forcefully, obviously irritated at what Phoenix said to him, whether or not it may be true. "But, c'mon, man. Even though this place...needs some refurbishing, there may or may not be an actual person in danger. Tell you what, if I'm wrong and it's another alien, I'll let you take the kill AND the credit for the one I killed earlier. I see you vying for that promotion," Mike bribed him, and in no time Phoenix happily agreed, moving aside to let Mike lead them to their destination.

Phoenix crouched his body closer to Mike's who paused in front of the door, listening to for any noises. And what he heard wasn't anything he expected it to be.

There was sound alright coming out of the door, but it was so much different than the nagging of his peers or the hollow shrieks of the aliens who were shot to death. In fact...it was beautiful. A word he thought he'll never use ever again after the horrors he experienced as a child.

A voice, a light, yet solid tone emanated from the hidden room and into Mike's ear. It was male, and he seemed to sound like a grown adult. The sound coming from him was so soft, yet so pleasant, Mike felt like he could lean on the door and listen for the rest of his life. Even though the words falling out of the unknown man's mouth were even barely audible to begin with, his heart felt like it was melting. Literally.

"Mike. Hey, you little shit, what's the hold-up? My feet hurt like hell, and I want to sleep. Can you open the door, pwease? Phoenix asked him in a babyish sort of tone, which abruptly stopped when Mike just gasped and fiercely whispered, "I-I...I heard singing..."

"Singing? Are you out of your mind? Who fucking sings these days?" He scoffed and shook his head, looking quite convinced that his best friend was losing his mind. Mike just willed himself to ignore him and continued to listen. "Okay, on the count of three, we break in. Ready? One-"

"THREE!" Phoenix yelled triumphantly and shoved Mike violently unto the door, flying the door wide open, and the sound of a loud yell followed after that. Mike awkwardly stumbled into the room with Phoenix following not long after. "Phoenix, you stupid bitch," Mike hissed coldly at the other man, who just grinned sheepishly and shrugged.

Mike was correct. It was a person, which made Mike's system flood with relief. The fantastic singing seemed to be coming from this man, who just stared blankly at the soldiers, his dark eyes clouded by tears.

He seemed fragile, so skinny Mike could probably shove him inside his old high school locker with no problem at all. His pale skin was covered by the dark hoodie that he wore, making him seem like a person of isolation. But all that Mike thought was consisted, this man needed their help. Immediately. He hastily wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and stuttered, "Y-You're n-not one of t-them..."

"Yes, we are human, like you. Sir, are you okay? Do you need our help?" Mike stretched his hand out to assist him in pulling him back up, but all the man did was inch back away from the welcoming hand. "No, n-no...d-don't touch me...please! I'm a f-freak..."

Freak? God, if this handsome man is a freak, then I should probably check in to the nearest mental hospital. Even with how malnourished and sickly the man appeared to be, there was something so deniably attractive about this man, much to Mike's dismay. Maybe it was the adorable way he tensed up when Mike came closer to him. Perhaps it was those brown eyes, the dark, chocolate-like orbs that seemed to peer into his own. At least, they were brown...

Wait, hold up. Did his eyes just change color?! Mike questioned to himself in confusion as now his eyes now radiated a dark, blissful shade of Copenhagen blue.

(A/N: This will be explained in the second chapter, so hold on to your hats for a bit!)

"Mister, you are not a freak. You're just alone and lost." Just like me. "If you come with us, you won't be any longer," Mike attempted at bringing him up, but instead, the unknown man seemed to tremble furiously, his tears streaking across his face and landing on his hoodie.

"No, no. Y-You don't understand...I'm d-dangerous...leave me alone..." His embrace on the flattened pillow tightened and he turned his back to them, obviously not going to come willingly.

He seemed determined to stay where he was. There seemed to be some sort of aura of loneliness that surrounded the light-skinned beauty, and it started to affect Mike, who felt his heart give a hard throb. He was so afraid, so out of touch. And he doesn't want anybody to help him get out of this hell hole. It was like he was feeling trauma over something that might have occurred before they came. Whatever happened to him must of been tragic.

Mike was almost ready to just give up and leave the poor man to himself. But then, he caught Phoenix coming toward and crouching toward him. Mike simply stared at him, an oblivious look on his face. What better job can he do at convincing than him?

"Hey. You there. What's your name?" The man looked quite taken aback at the question, but nonetheless answered hesitantly. "My n-name is Chester. Chester Bennington." That name has quite a ring to it, Mike thought shallowly. The man seemed to take some kind of interest in Phoenix, as his tears came to a abrupt halt, and his grip on the pillow loosened.

Phoenix nodded slightly before he continued. "Listen, Chester. You see this place? It seems to be around 50 years old and it smells like fermented dog shit. And as much as we both know, this place is practically unlivable. Even though you may say otherwise to yourself, we think you deserve better. Outside with our protection, you'll have access to fresh clothes, clean water, decent food, and a stable environment to live in. I mean look at you, you're practically skin and bones! There's weird dirty stains on you, you look like you've been run over by a freight train. And there's absolutely no one to talk to or watch over your back. But where we'll take you, well, we'll make you look so good, you'll have a girlfriend in two seconds flat. You just have to trust us."

The pillow landed with a loud thump on the dirty carpet. Now the man, Chester, seemed to be quite interested now, even when Mike gave him the same offer to him. His eyes flushed away into a bright, colorful light green, and Mike could tell Phoenix was trying to hold it together, trying not to freak out.

"But, what if I mess things up there? Like I always do?" Chester's voice was no longer quivering, instead it was much more solid and clear, which made Phoenix smile. "I seen and lived with screw-ups my entire life. I think I can handle you," he replied with a playful tone, making Chester giggle as if he was seven years old.

"Um...okay...I guess I can. Just please, don't let them get to me." Phoenix grinned triumphantly and pulled Chester up with the strength he could muster, and now he sashayed to Mike, who looked absolutely dumbfounded.

"How did you do that?" The question made the other man chuckle loudly, and he responded with, "I'm the master of convincing. It all comes naturally for me."

"Congratulations, you actually accomplished something in your life," Mike whispered in defeat as Phoenix gave a small snicker.

Chester gestured the two men to let him out, which they did. "I haven't been out of my room in three years, I don't know what its like outside." Appalled, Phoenix's mouth hung open and he stuttered, "How did you survive in here?" Chester didn't respond, his mouth pursed itself shut, like it was a deep and dark secret he couldn't reveal.

They had a game plan on how to get Chester outside. Both Mike and Phoenix would surround him, sandwiching their bodies around his for protection, just in case of danger. And then they would check around for any monsters in sight. When they are outside, they run like the devil is chasing them. They can't risk any valuable time, unless they wanted to get mauled to their deaths. Chester got between both men, with his sore back facing Phoenix's and his chest on Mike's back, which made Chester's crotch press uncomfortably into the soldier's ass.

Mike blushed deeply and tried to not think about the contact behind him, trying to set his mind straight. The door was kicked (overdramatically, seeing that it was Phoenix who did it), and they walked in a line, each one copying the other's movements.

While they moved, Mike couldn't help wondering. Who is this man? How could he live in these kind of conditions? Why did he only accept the offer when Phoenix did it? Why is he so hot?

Chester seemed like a man of few words. This usually happens to people when they felt like they've been abandoned, which Mike suspected for the poor man. Compared to the two men, he was a fucking beanpole. And a person who would rather listen to the sound of air-conditioning than people's voices.

Mike liked him already.

Our first recruit! Lieutenant's going to be quite satisfied with who we found. He might be a good addition...or maybe just an outcast? Jeez, look at all the cuts on his arm. Does he hurt himself?

And why would he say he's a monster? He seems like a harmless, naive person. Somebody must of treated him like that. Like how I was treated. The thought brought a sting to his eyes, as sudden tears were wiped away with his sleeve.

Maybe he cut himself? Why hurt such a gorgeous body? Wait...UGH! Mike, no. No. Stop it. Get a hold of yourself. You're straight. You are a man who likes girls. Women. You don't like men. And how could you like a person that you just met about fifteen minutes ago? It's inane, it's stupid, it's absurd, it's--"

"Um...Mike?" Phoenix tapped on his broad shoulder as Mike finally snapped back to reality, the cold, outside night wind blowing on his face.

Time to run.

(A/N: First chapter! Yippee! I am sorry if the story doesn't make sense for you, I'm not good at writing...I am aware that I didn't add enough emotion and crap in this chapter, only action and it was a little too fast-paced. Sorry, I just wanted to get the exposition out if the way. I have this whole story planned out, so I think by the third chapter, there shall be drama. Much drama.

This took me about three days to write, so I might post again later this week or in the next. Hopefully sooner. I'd be happy if you reviewed this, want to know what I'm doing right or wrong...

Thanks for reading!)

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