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Running, Snow and Dreams by ValentineShinoda


All this started when Mike wouldn’t talk after the band went out to get lunch. I still regret not going after him like I always did (In other words what I always tried to do but I was talking to Phoenix at the time).

Let me get started at the actual beginning of all of this, Linkin Park was on tour and we were on a crazy schedule. My mood and Mike’s were the same at times but Mike hated when he made me mad, angry, upset or any other emotion with a negative thing to it.

This came out of the blue, I even asked Anna about this and she said the same thing and she was worried about him and we just thought that this was just a mood that he was in.

Now here I am a few weeks later staring at my phone because Mike ran off and I didn’t have the sense to go after him..

If this was the other way around he would chase after me till my legs gave out, but here I am regretting that I didn’t do what he would be alreading doing for me. If I wasn’t selfish I wouldn’t be running around the streets of Ottawa hoping that he was alright and hoping nobody found him before I did.

When I seen a footprints from a vans sneaker I felt relief not because I know it is him but because the tracks don’t stop right in front of me.

This is when I thanked the gods that there was snow in Ottawa because if there wasn’t I couldn’t of seen where my Mike Shinoda went.

I followed the footprints to a hotel that was still open to my luck. I went in and asked if someone named Mike Shinoda checked in to this hotel and the person at the desk said yes and that she would call the room and ask if Mr.Shinoda if he would actually want me to come to his hotel room.

I quickly said not to because Mike would feel like he was being chased and runaway again. I just looked at the person put a $20 bill on the counter and said,

“What room number is he in?”

The person said 20 and tried to give me my $20 bill back but I said keep it because he needs it more than me.

I know this because he was taking pictures at the concerts in Canada and I talked to him for about five minutes and he told me that him and his friends took whatever jobs they could because they wanted to build a dream together.

I had idea why he tried to pass me back the $20 bill but now it is hitting me in the face, this nineteen year old kid seen a good bit of negative things happen in this hotel that he didn’t know if $20 bills placed on the counters were even for him.

I gave him my phone number because I saw hope in the kid.

I went to the hotel room that Mike Shinoda was supposedly in and stayed outside for a moment then tried to open and the door and to my luck it was unlocked.

I opened the door and to my surprise Mike was still here and he was crying his eyes out. I nervously went to him and gave him a hug and he just cried a little more. I just let Mike do whatever he wanted at this time and I asked him why he was here and he said,

“Ches, I am here because I ran and didn’t see you running behind me so I ran till I got tired. I am so sorry Chester.”

I told him to not be sorry because him being here was my fault. It was my fault because I never ran after him when he needed me the most.

After all the years that Mike was here for me I couldn’t be here for him. I stopped this thought right when it started because I am here now for Mike.

This was when I asked Mike about the person who took photos for us last night and he said yes. He also told me that he called Jim to get him into the music business because if the kid wanted to have a dream Linkin Park is going to damn well help him and his friends see something.

I told Mike that I gave him my phone number and his, this made him smile because we just seen the kid the other day and now we know his name and he is more to us than a person holding a camera.

Getting Mike to focus on something else is something that he usually tries to get me to do when I am feeling like this. I should’ve took this as a sign but I ignored it instead. I focused on my pointless conversation with Phoenix instead of my best friend running off without anyone running after his fast pace and even faster mind.

Me and Mike walked to the front desk where the kid was and Mike slipped him a $100 bill.

Mike later told me that he knows what it is like to be struggling and young but little did I know the struggle was just beginning because what I didn’t know was that Mike wanted to help this kid to keep his mind off the battle going on in his head….

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