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Public Love by Rivver

A.N: This was a request by the amazing SonataNocturne. Thank you for the bunny, Son (...and the many others xD). Hope you like it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story. It's all fiction.

Warning For Explicit Sexual Situations.

All that said, hope you guys enjoy. :)


It was Mike’s birthday and they were having drinks at a high class club in L.A. The tone of the evening was lighthearted and joyful and they all seemed to be having a good time. All except for Brad of course, since Mike was completely ignoring him and that irritated him to no end.

It was worse when they’d slept together recently, which they had, that very morning in fact after waking up tangled up in Mike’s bed sheets after a night of more sex. And now all of a sudden, Mike was reluctant to even exchange glances with him. To make matters worse, Mike had no problem showing affection to the other guys in public. But when it came to Brad? Oh no! Brad had to practically get on his knees and beg for even a hug in public. And if he got it, it was always half a hug. Not even a proper one.

Brad understood Mike preferred to keep their relationship in secret for now. He wanted that too. More so than Mike even, but that didn’t mean they had to act like complete strangers around each other. It was ridiculous, and in Brad’s opinion, it was rather suspicious that two guys who’d been friends for so long couldn’t share occasional hugs. Besides, the rest of the guys knew; the club lighting was fairly dark that it gave them privacy and people around them were minding their own damn business. Why couldn’t they share a few touches and glances here and there?

Mike was talking to Chester now and all of his body was leaning toward him as they talked and laughed. He was also giving his back to Brad, making him feel left out which was bizarre since he was the one supposedly dating Mike.

Determined to get even a drop of Mike’s attention, Brad waited until Mike stopped talking and turned to his glass of wine to slide his hand under the table and place it on the man’s thigh, squeezing. Brad himself was casually sipping on wine as he groped the man next to him. As expected, Mike’s eyebrows shoot up and he almost choked on the red liquid then turned to give him a stern glance. Brad couldn’t care less and pushed his luck just a tad more by moving his hand up Mike’s thigh and sliding it inward until he could cup the man’s groin.

Jumping a bit in his seat, Mike grabbed Brad’s hand and pushed it away from his crotch. “What are you doing?” He hissed.

Brad looked at Mike and smiled an innocent smile. “What does it look like?”

“I know what, just...not here, okay?” Mike said sternly, looking around to see if anyone had caught them. None of their friends seemed to be paying attention to them, but Mike was so worried Brad had to roll his eyes.

“Okay,” he said with a shrug, took his glass and gulped the rest of his wine. Then addressing the rest of their party, he excused himself.

Mike looked at him with a suspicious glint in his eyes as he stood up. “Where’re you going?”

“To the Loo,” Brad replied, keeping a naïve yet flirty tone. Mike loved it when he did that and indeed, his breathing seemed to thicken and his eyes glazed over just a tad.

Turning away from the table, Brad smirked. He could feel Mike’s eyes on him as he walked away and just knew he would follow.

Luckily, the only other man in the bathroom exited it just as Brad walked in. He walked toward the mirror to take a look at his reflection. His hair; though short, was long enough that it curled up at the ends so he ran his fingers through the curls to tidy them up as much as he could; his cheeks had a rosy tint to them caused by the wine, but it made him look less pale so it was okay. He also checked for any food stuck in his teeth because that’d be just…awful. And his glasses…Damn!. He should’ve left the glasses at the table. Sighing, he shrugged and finished grooming up. Mike loved the glasses on him anyway and they’d probably be an aid to the crazy idea he had in mind. They’d never done this before, but there was a first for everything, right?

Not two minutes later, Mike walked in and Brad looked at him through the mirror. He smiled at him then turned around and practically threw himself at him, circling his arms around the man’s neck to kiss him hungrily. Mike mumbled something against his lips, but Brad didn’t want to break the kiss. Instead, he started to push Mike toward the stalls. Surprisingly, Mike let himself be pushed back until they were making out against one of the doors.

Relishing in the feeling of Mike’s strong, dexterous hands roaming over his body and the possessive way they grabbed him, Brad slid his hands from Mike’s shoulders down to his biceps and moaned at the firm muscles he found there. It always amazed him how big they were. He would never get why Mike insisted on keeping them so zealously guarded from the rest of the world. Then again, he loved the fact that only he got to fully enjoy them.

As they kept on kissing and groping each other, things started to heat up.

“Fuck,” Mike hissed against his lips then pulled back a bit to look at him. “You look so hot with your glasses on. So fuckable,” he added in a rough voice and attacked Brad’s mouth again. So it was a good thing he forgot to leave his glasses.

Brad’s breathing was coming out in short pants and Mike’s had thickened to the point he almost seemed to be growling instead of breathing. Their intentions were naughtier the more time passed too. Which was why when they heard loud voices approaching from outside, Brad almost cursed out in frustration. Now Mike was going to peel himself off of him as if burnt and go back to his not here mode.

To Brad’s surprise, after giving him an alarmed look, Mike grabbed him and pulled both of them into the stall behind them and closed the door. They stared at each other, panting. An unvoiced conversation went on between them and Brad wondered if he was reading the signs wrong, but when Mike put his index on his lips in a shushing gesture, accompanied by a suggestive smirk, Brad’s insides tingled with excitement.

Mike was in, so he pushed on.

Kissing him again, Brad started to work on the Mike’s belt at the same time as fingers tangled up in his curls and tugged at them a little so Brad had to break the kiss and tilt his head back. Mike inched closer to suck on his neck. A shiver ran up and down Brad’s spine and his knees trembled as the expert mouth worked on the tender flesh, sucking and grazing his teeth gently over the veins there. He had to bite his lips to prevent any revealing sound from escaping them and alerting the intruders of what they were up to inside their little stall.

Unfastening the belt, Brad started working on unbuttoning Mike’s jeans while the man’s free hand roamed down his sides then around his hip and further down until it cupped one of his butt cheeks and squeezed it tight, pulling him closer. A soft, barely audible moan escaped Brad’s lips when his growing erection clashed against Mike’s and his hand instantly sneaked between their bodies and started stroking them both over their clothes. The voices outside—which seemed to belong to three different men— were loud and boisterous, but whatever the topic of the conversation, Brad couldn’t care less when he tucked his hand inside Mike’s pants and gripped the man’s hot thickness in his hand. At this, Mike moaned against his neck then bit on his tender flesh, causing Brad to mewl and close his eyes in pleasure.

Tilting his head back to expose more of his neck to Mike’s ravenous mouth, Brad gripped tighter and ran his thumb over the head, smirking at what he found there. Mike was already dripping with desire for him.

All of a sudden, Mike broke the kiss and sat down on the closed toilet, giving him this lust-filled look as he patted his thighs. Taking the hint, Brad followed and straddled him, lurching forward to capture the man’s luscious lips in a desperate kiss, biting a bit on the bottom one as he started to rock his hips back and forth so their erections rubbed against each other; the hard material of their jeans an impediment to how much they wanted to feel each other, yet still providing some friction and relief. It went like that for a couple of minutes, Mike’s hands squeezing his waist as he kissed him back with uncontained hunger; the man’s tongue deep in his mouth, exploring and conquering. But then Mike broke the kiss and pushed him back a bit, shaking his head and motioning for him to stand up. Disappointed, Brad did as told. He thought Mike had come to his senses and was about to call the whole thing off. Except hands grabbed the hem of his jeans and pulled them down his slim hips, boxers too, with one aggressive pull.

Brad gasped and almost made to grab at his clothes to pull them back up on instinct, but then Mike ran his heated gaze over the now exposed flesh of his thighs and hips, until it set on his half hard member and placing his hands on Brad’s now naked hips and bringing him closer, the man licked his lips, making Brad tremble with want. He then looked up at him and smiled that goofy adorable smile of his. Brad smiled back and stared into the dark eyes of the man with love, then buried his fingers in Mike’s silky hair and started to massage the man’s scalp with his fingertips.

Grabbing the hem of his thin sweater, shirt and undershirt, Mike pulled them up a bit to expose his belly and leaned closer until warm lips brushed over his skin. Brad shivered with delight when the soft lips began to cover his belly with lazy kisses. The kisses started to move down over the delicate skin stretched over each of his hipbones. Brad tugged at Mike’s hair gently while biting on his lips then threw his head back and let out a soft moan when Mike ran his tongue from his pelvis up to his bellybutton. And then the kisses traveled lower even and a firm hand grabbed his cock. Brad’s eyes snapped open and he looked down just in time to see Mike’s warm mouth swallow him whole. Brad’s knees became weak and he had to hold onto Mike’s shoulders for support as the man started sucking him off in a lazy, slow rhythm that was only intended to tease him.

He managed to humor Mike for a bit, trying but failing due to the man’s firm hold on them, to rock his hips forth into the warm mouth sheathing him and back on the fingers leisurely preparing him.

Huffing out in frustration, Brad pulled away from Mike; his cock sliding out the mouth eliciting an obscene sound. It was too slow— too gentle. He needed more.

Smirking, Mike stood up and kissed him on the lips. Normally, such a thing would disgust him, but as horny as he was now it only made him more eager.

He watched in fascination as Mike spit in his hand and coated himself with it, making use of the precum as well. Brad licked his lips as he observed Mike’s hand moving up and down the thick member and ached to feel it inside him, even though he was still somewhat sore from that morning.

Letting go of himself, Mike looked at Brad and took both his hands in his then guided them up to the top of the walls, instructing him to hold on tight. Brad obeyed, still giving the other man a curious look. Then, Mike squatted down a bit and clasping his hands under Brad’s knees he pulled them up until they were resting on the crook of his arm. As he was lifted off the floor Brad held on tighter not to fall off. He smirked devilishly when Mike kept lifting his legs until he could rest Brad’s calves on each of his shoulders.

“Let go,” Mike mouthed, grabbing him by his sides. Brad did as told and let go of the walls, letting Mike keep him up until he managed to clasp his hands behind Mike’s neck. The new position had him folded almost in half which was a bit uncomfortable given he’d just had an abundant dinner, but he got the purpose of it. If anyone were to lean down to look at the bottom of their stall, only Mike’s feet would be seen.

Keeping his cock lined up with one hand, Mike pulled him down on it. Brad had to bite his bottom lip to stifle the loud moan he almost let out as the thick member breached him. Loud drunken laughter erupted outside just in time Mike sunk deep inside him, so Brad just let go and groaned in pleasure. Not a good call, apparently since Mike looked at him in panic and slapped a hand over his mouth to quiet him. Brad cursed inwardly. If Mike chose to call it off now, he didn’t think he’d be able to handle it.

Luckily for Brad, the guys outside kept talking like nothing had happened so Mike sighed in relief and continued to fuck him. He lifted him a bit so the thick flesh inside him slid out almost completely then let gravity do its thing and loosened his grip on his sides enough that he dropped down and got impaled once again. Brad was ready this time and successfully muted the moan that threatened to expose them; his mouth forming a perfect ‘o’ as he moaned in complete silence and continued to keep any sound in as Mike fucked him over and over again.

The angle was both torture and bliss for Brad for it caused the head of Mike’s cock to pound against his prostate with every single thrust (or drop), but not being able to be as loud as he liked to be took some fun out of the whole thing and more self control than he had at the moment. On the other hand, the idea that just a tiny door separated them from the men joking outside thrilled him.

When a particularly harsh thrust hit his prostate dead center, Brad almost lost it and forgot how limited the space inside the stall was. He rolled his head back and banged his head against the door. The laughter and boisterous talking outside ceased abruptly at the harsh noise and was followed by some mumbled exchange of words among the intruders. They stared at each other in alarm and Mike held a finger against his lips in sign of silence.

Thankfully, a few seconds later the laughter erupted again and the drunken chat resumed as did the fucking.

Brad could feel the pleasure pooling in his gut and his self control growing weaker as he was fucked hard and fast; his eyes kept closing on their own accord and his breathing was starting to sound more like tiny whimpers that he simply could not shut down. His hand moved on its own accord and wrapped around his dick while the other held on to the back of Mike’s neck for dear life. Mike’s thrusts were growing more irregular as time passed and he too seemed to have lost some of his self control, which was saying something.

Pumping his erection with fast, vigorous strokes, Brad worked to bring himself toward the edge and just one well-aimed thrust on his spot was enough to topple him over and he came in his hand with a low grunt, squeezing down on Mike in the process.

Curving inward and biting on Brad’s shoulder to stifle an ecstasy growl, Mike came as well, filling Brad’s insides with his warm release. As he rode out his orgasm with shallow, erratic thrusts, Mike lost his balance and fell back on the toilet. Brad squeaked when the impact made Mike’s still fairly stiff cock get buried deeper and bump against his over stimulated prostate and almost lost his grip on Mike’s neck. The constricted space and weird position had forced them to exert more physical power than they would normally need which had them panting hard.

Brad groaned when Mike released his legs and lowered them to the floor, but he was still too tired to get up from Mike’s lap so he just sat there, resting his head against Mike’s shoulder, unwilling to unwrap himself from the man’s warmth yet.

Just as they were starting to get their breathing and heart rate under control, a loud knock on the door put them on edge and they stared at each other in terror. Brad considered telling Mike to go out on his own while he stayed and pretended not to be there. The thought of anyone knowing what they’d just done terrified him now he’d come down from his lust.

“You guys are fucking in there, aren’t you?”

Brad’s eyes widened and his heartbeat froze for the second it took his brain to process the voice and recognize it.


“Duh, who else?”

“Is it just you out there?” Mike asked, visibly more relaxed.

“Of course it’s just me. What do you think?”

Groggily, Brad stood from the other’s lap and pulled his pants and boxers up mid-thigh. He was going to be so sore in the morning.

As he stood there, he could already feel Mike’s cum starting to leak out of him so he grabbed a bunch of paper towels and started to clean himself. Mike did the same with his cock, which took a lot less paper, then put his pants up, zipped them up and secured his belt. Brad looked him over. Mike looked like nothing had happened. Even his hair was on point even when he’d grabbed and tugged at it just a few minutes ago. And Brad just knew he wouldn’t manage to look as collected as Mike.

“Not to worry you guys, but I heard it from someone outside,” Chester told them then through the door.

“What!?” They exclaimed in unison.

“A guy warned me that a couple was fucking in here just as I was about to get in. You should get out before they decide to come sneak a peek.”

“Shit,” Brad huffed. “This was a stupid idea.”

“We’ll be out in a second,” Mike told Chester then turned to look at Brad, who was now pulling his pants up and zipping them up. “Hey, it’s okay.”

Brad nodded and offered Mike a weak smile.

“Hey,” Mike said, putting a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “No matter what

happens…we’re together. Besides...I really enjoyed it.”

Smiling a much more honest smile, Brad nodded again and finished securing his belt.

They opened the door and got out of the stall in shame. Brad tried his best to act normal, but Chester snickered at his poor attempt. “You look so fucked, dude.”

Brad felt his cheeks heat up. “I do?”

“You’re just trying too hard to hide it and it makes you look guilty as fuck. But don’t worry. It’s not like you have it written on your forehead.”

“Mike, you should go out before me, not to raise questions,” Brad suggested and then looked himself over. “I’ll try to make myself more presentable.”

“Okay. See you out there,” Mike replied and leaned closer to peck him on the lips before leaving the bathroom.

Brad turned to see Chester staring at him.


“I think you got cum on your glasses, dude.”

Brad’s eyes widened and he hurried toward the mirror to check. And indeed, there was some suspicious white splashing on the black frame. “Shit,” he cursed, taking the glasses off to wash them.

“Want me to wait for you?” Chester asked. Brad thought about declining for a moment, but the idea of walking out of the bathroom on his own and face whoever had caught them, twisted his stomach into knots.

“If it isn’t too much trouble…I’m almost done,” he said as he dried his glasses off with his t-shirt.

“Course it isn’t. Take your time. I gotta take a piss anyway,” Chester said and headed for the urinals.

Brad put on his glasses and finished tiding up, fixing his hair and clothes some more. He then turned to Chester, who’d just finished washing his hands, and gave him a hesitant look.

“You look great,” Chester assured him with a smile. “Let’s go.”

Brad took a deep breath and walked out of the bathroom behind Chester, feeling ashamed and paranoid, like everyone knew what he’d done in there, which was probably the case considering what that one guy had told Chester and rumor’s tendency to spread like wildfire. Adding to the stress, the feeling of Mike’s cum still inside him had him afraid something would leak out and expose him. But when they returned to the table and no one even spared him a glance, he started to relax. When he sat back on his chair and Mike smiled at him and leaned closer to put his arm on the back of it so it almost looked like he was hugging him, Brad leaned back against the arm, smiled to himself and relaxed some more.

Even if he’d probably be sore all day tomorrow and they’d probably gotten caught, this moment right now, with Mike so close beside him and currently pouring more wine in both their glasses was worth it.

Brad leaned closer to Mike to whisper against his ear, “Happy birthday.”

Mike smirked and leaned closer to whisper back. “Hope you’re not too tired. I want some dessert once we get back.”

Widening his eyes, Brad took his glass and drank from it before answering. Oh, it’d be a challenge, but one he’d definitely take on.

“We’ll see,” he replied after setting his glass back on the table and gave Mike a suggestive grin. At that, Mike’s arm casually slid from the back of the chair onto Brad’s shoulders and suddenly, Brad didn’t care if they got caught anymore. They were together and that was all that mattered.


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