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Sharp Edges by Indee


Hello! I have this crazy idea which reveals my true identity as a big Potterhead. Hogwarts AU! Based on book four: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Cannot hold myself any longer. Hope you like it.

Disclaimer: Linkin Park and Harry Potter aren’t mine. This story is completely fictional (and making no sense)




Chester opted to be by the lake-shore after breakfast. Bringing his Potion books along, he determined to finish this essay for Snape today. He was stuck outdoor on his study session despite the cold November air. He didn’t a fan of cold seeing as he grown up in the scorching heat of Arizona. Yet, today, he had no choice. Common Room was too crowded with fellow seventh year and library was too noisy with the constant giggling of Victor Krum’s fans. After all, he could perform some spell to raise the temperature around him so it wasn’t that unbearable.

He finished the opening paragraph of his essay when he heard a loud exclamation not too far away. He looked for the source and found another idiot whom also spending their time outside in the bone-biting air. It turned out to be a pair of fourth year Gryffindor debating something. The boy looked frustrated and his companion seemed to try calming him down. Chester recognized the duo. They were Harry Potter and his genius—or super nerdy—friend, Hermione Granger.

Even as a muggleborn, Chester had learnt enough about the Boy-Who-Lived. Being the only human being capable of surviving the killing curse and made the caster died instead—which happened to be the most powerful, menacing dark wizard in Britain wizarding community history—making the clueless one year old an instant hero. Not stopping there, Potter's presence on Hogwarts was eventful to say at least. On his first year in Hogwarts (freaking first year!) he was in the Philosopher’s stone’s havoc. Second year he entered the Chamber of Secret and killed a bloody basilisk with a sword. The most recent was his participation in the dangerous magical tournament called Triwizard Tournament.

Many would say he was a heroic—if not attention-seeker—adventurous wizard. Chester, however, would say that Harry Potter was having terrible luck. The boy didn’t enjoy them, especially the thing about being the second representative of Hogwarts. His face when Dumbledore announced his participation last night was priceless. He wasn’t expecting it. Unfortunately, nearly everyone in the school was blind to the fact and started scheming ways to make the poor boy’s life miserable. The idea was, of course, coming from Draco Malfoy, the rich snob who claimed to be the leader of Slytherin house just because his father had plenty of gold. Oh, and he was Harry Potter’s rival, by the way. He and everybody else said so.

Chester sighed. Fixing his black, thick-rimmed glasses, he cursed himself for being so drawn into the thought of other people. Such a pointless thing to do. He had his own matter in hand.

When he finished the last line of his essay, it was almost lunch time. He managed the ninety centimeters essay and was so proud with his work. Despite the homework was for Snape who tended to give some slacks (too much slacks actually) to students from his house, Chester had a strong intention to give his everything in his last year of school, especially when he only got 5 classes for his NEWT*.

Chester flicked his wand several times to cast the non-verbal diffindo*. When he finished, he had had a neatly trimmed 30x90 centimeters parchment. He gave another flick and the black ink was completely dry so he could roll it and tucked it inside his bag.

“Non-verbal spell*? I rarely see student uses them.”

The young wizard jumped at the sudden comment. No one had ever disturbed him here for the place was quite hideous and not in the favorite list of students’. Too close to forbidden forest with trees too crowded to one another. He had never had any intruder for over a year he made this place as his own secret hideout.

“Whoa… easy there, fella. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to startle you,” the newcomer said with both hands up in the air signaling surrender. The Hogwarts student had his wand pointed at him, ready to blow any curse.

Chester didn’t lower his wand. His eyes narrowed as he studied the new boy. Not a Hogwarts student. He was wearing a blue robe which contrasted his tan skin. Beauxbaton? The fact that he was a Beauxbaton student* and was in Hogwarts this year told that he was one of the candidates to represent the school. It also meant he was the same age as Chester. A seventh grade student. His ebony hair was thick and styled with silly spikes as if the boy was trying to look rebellious as well as presentable. His chocolate eyes were so dark it could be mistaken as black. Those eyes were staring at the wand pointed at him warily.

“What do you want?” Chester barked. Okay, it was harsh, and rude. He didn’t use to people approaching him without ill intention.

The Beauxbaton boy blinked, completely taken aback by the other’s reaction. “I just want to… well, I was doing my little exploration around this astounding castle and spotted you among the trees so I thought I would stop by and say hi?”

There was nothing in the young wizard’s face to show that he trust the newcomer. Yet, he lowered his wand and gave the other boy the relief he wouldn’t be jinxed for the time being. Chester silently called his bag with another non-verbal spell while keeping his wary eyes on the stranger. “I could’ve attacked you, you know?”

“Glad it didn’t happen.”

Chester rolled his eyes but said nothing as he gave a swing with his wand to make his stuff packed themselves.

“Are you leaving? I just got here!”

“Well, then the place is all yours.” Chester walked to leave the place but his wrist was quick to be caught by the foreigner student. As if being hit by electrical shock, Chester whipped his hand away from the boy’s grip who widened his eyes in shock, not expecting that kind of reaction.

“S- sorry,” Chester muttered quietly and took more distance. All the while avoiding eye contact with the boy before him.

“No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t... surprise you like that.” Dark chocolate eyes stole a glance. The Hogwarts student still finding the ground more interesting. “I’m Mike Shinoda. What about you?”

Chester finally looked up. Mike offered him a friendly smile he couldn’t stop staring at before he finally replied;

“…Chester Bennington.”



If you haven’t figured it out, I put Chester in Slytherin. Ohoho… contradicting to people’s belief that he would be in Hufflepuff. But it’s my story, I do whatever I want *continue evil snicker

Since this story is based on the book, I put some terms and insert events that probably do not exist in the movie. Like:

NEWT: Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test is the important test seventh year students of Hogwarts take to help them pursue their future career.

Diffindo: The Severing Charm, used to precisely and accurately cut something.

Non-verbal spell: Performing magic without saying the incantation out loud, nor mouthing it. Taught in sixth year and the use is kinda tricky.

Beauxbaton: Beauxbaton is NOT an only-girl school like how the movie pictures it.

Those notes are courtesy of harrypotter.wikia.com. Should I continue with the mini thesaurus or should I not and just let you figure it out yourself?

One thing I would really like to apologize for is; that I will make a lot of mistake or mismatch in between American English and British English. As my English ain’t perfect thus my knowledge about differences between those two accents is still at the minimum level. Feel free to point out my error though.

Thank you for reading. See you next chapter!

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