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Shouting Out by Alerion

Car Crash

Hey, y'all! The description is terrible, I'm sorry lol. I have stayed away from writing LP fanfiction, or...anything that could be remotely related to Chester because the one-year anniversary is a week from today and even thinking about it makes me extremely emotional. *deep cleansing breath* BUT, I've had this idea for a minute and I decided, why not give it a try, right? The genre says drama but it's actually a mish mosh of like...three different genres, You'll see. Enjoy. (or don't. It's fine <3)

Title of the story is that of a song by Grey Daze that I can't listen to without crying lol

On with the story.


When I opened my eyes, I was completely engulfed in darkness. There was something heavy next to me, warm. A body, I assumed. My memory was foggy as to who this person was. There was a sickening smell in the air though, that caused me to gag. The strong iron stench of blood.

I slowly brought my hand to my face and found something crusty and thick smeared across it. When I raked my fingers across it, it crumbled away.

What happened? I thought to myself.

The big van I was in suddenly gained momentum and the body rolled to a stop on top of me.


I pushed the seemingly lifeless corpse away from me in pure panic. Where are you Rob? Are you still alive? Please be alive, man.

The van stopped and I hurdled forward. The back door was opened, allowing a small light to illuminate my surroundings some.

And I saw Rob. Next to me.

The tiny amount of light shown on his short blood soaked hair, darker than before and matted to his head. His skull had been crushed on one side, which made him almost unrecognizable and a bit scary. His brown eyes and his mouth both stood open in frozen horror. The way his head was positioned made it obvious to me that his neck had snapped.

Terrified, I pushed myself away from him and hung my head out of the now open door of the van, and regurgitated on the ground outside. I was dizzy and confused about the night’s events, not to mention nauseous after seeing Rob, and I appreciated the cool fresh air.

Slowly lifting my head, I made eye contact with a short, frowning man, looking at me with contempt in his green eyes. I felt the car shake beneath me and seconds later, two more men appeared above me.

“I thought you said they were both dead!” The man on the right said, looking afraid and as confused as I was.

“I thought they were.” The man in front of me said, slowly.

“Well, what now, Dave?” The man on the right asked. He had shifted slightly away from me, making it nearly impossible to make out what else he was saying.

“Kill him.”

I shook my head, attempting to speak but nothing would come out. Would they understand anyway? Would they care if they could?

The man on the right turned his attention back to me and looked upon me, obviously not feeling sorry for what he was going to do to me.

The third man, who had said nothing, immediately sprang to action. He yanked me out of the van by my shoulders, throwing me and letting me fall flat on the concrete.

Before I had time to fully process the excruciating pain my body was in, I was hoisted up and dragged to the front of the van, my clothes giving way to the rough ground beneath me. I tried kicking my legs out in front of me, wanting to make this man let me go so I could stand on my own, or run. When I was able to do so, I felt a body press itself against me, gripping me tightly around my chest, pinning my arms down. This man that held me had a tight grip, yet his hands felt gentle. Still, I didn’t dare move.

The two faces from before appeared in front of us, both looking at me as though they had struck oil.

“I think the basement sounds like our best bet.” Dave said to the man still holding me with a vice grip, before nodding to me. “What’s your name?”

In that moment, a memory crashed into my brain. We were standing on the side of the road, with our thumbs out, hoping to catch someone who would give us a ride back to a city we could recognize. We had spent all day, lazing around under the sun on the beach, but now it was cool and the wind blew like crazy. When it began to get dark, he turned to me and explained that since he was a tad bit taller and in a sky blue t-shirt, he’d have better luck being seen. The van swung around the bend, gunning for us, completely out of control, and the memory ended with me rolling over the hood of the van while his head met the windshield.

Rob. His name was Rob.

Dave waved his hand in my face, taking me away from my thoughts. “Hey, kid? What’s your name, I said?”

It had gotten chillier outside and the crisp air had caused my nose to run. Dave seemed unfazed and he took a few steps closer, landing just inches away from my face. I felt the arms holding me tighten and the restriction of having my arms pinned to my undoubtedly bruised chest had begun to hurt more than a little.


I felt warmth on the side of my face and I turned away from Dave to see the lips of the man holding me, right up against the side of my face. But he was saying something I couldn’t read.

A hand violently snatched my face back to look at Dave. “Fucking answer me.”

The red haired man said through grit teeth.

His breath smelled of beer and old cigarette smoke. It was nauseating. I wriggled a bit until I was able to free one of my arms.

M-I-K-E, I signed, knowing my finger movements would be lost on them

Dave’s bearded face sprouted a grin that soon grew into a laugh, loud and hearty from what I could tell. “What the fuck?” He said, obviously cracking up.

“Sign language.” The thin man leaned up against the van behind him, piped up.

Dave turned back to me. “He’s…deaf.” He said to the man still holding me.

The man behind me spun me around and my eyes met with his, which were a deep coffee color. He was eyeing me suspiciously , his eyebrows knitted together. I took the time to get a closer look at him. His head was shaved clean, giving him a mean edge. Red and blue flame tattoos licked up both wrists and as I looked on, I discovered more tattoos: elaborate portraits of orange koi fish swimming in vibrant blue water on the shoulders of each muscular arm and a large chest piece that was mostly hidden under his white wife-beater. On any other occasion, I would have been impressed.

Two fingers came to snap right in front of my face and I was forced back to the realization that this was far too dangerous a situation for me to be daydreaming.

“You read lips?” The tattooed man asked.

I hesitated for a second, but nodded.

His thin lips slowly stretched into a disturbing sort of smile.

“Are you able to speak?” He asked next.

Should I put all my cards on the table? I thought. Maybe if they thought I was just some disabled person, someone unable to communicate and thus, tell on them, they would let me go. So I shook my head, and signed “Can’t talk’.

I hadn’t been this afraid of the silence since I was 8 years old.

His strong hands were gripped on my shoulders and he squeezed hard. I thought it was comforting move on his part but the serious look in his dark eyes told another story. He was letting me know who was boss and I was petrified.

Before I had the chance to react or protest, the man pulled me up and slung me over his shoulder, walking me to the back of the van. My chest was crushed up against his shoulder bone and the pain was so bad, I had to choke back vomit.

Through a small opening between this man’s arm and torso, I could see Dave and the skinny guy pulling Rob’s body from the car. I watched in silent horror as they carried his body to the edge of a bridge. As they threw him over, I shut my eyes tight, willing the sight of Rob’s head dangling as if it had never been attached to his body and the thought of his body tearing to pieces on the rocks below, away from my mind.

I was shoved back into the rear of the van and I tried to grab hold of the man’s t-shirt, attempting to claw my way out. He grabbed my hands and held them firmly in his, and not breaking his intense eye contact, he said,

“You might want to chill. Or you’re going to hurt yourself.”

He let my hands go and slammed the door of the van shut and just like that, my soundless world went dark. I opened my mouth to scream but how did it sound? I screamed until my throat was on fire. But did it matter? If a tree falls in a forest, does it still make noise? If I scream in this black quiet hell, would anyone hear me?



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