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Tell Brad by malaiyas


Hi, guys! I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend. This is just a little prologue to something I've been working on. I hope you'll enjoy it and share your thoughts. x

“…And you’re all set, Mr. Shinoda. Just to be clear, we’ll be picking up your belongings at your address in Los Angeles, California, and the drop off is in New York, New York, right?”

“That’s correct. I’ll call back with the address as soon as I have it.”

“That’s no problem. I’m going to send an email over to you with some documents. Verify that the information is correct, give us a virtual signature, and you’ll be all set to take a deep breath and know that at least this is done now.”

“Yes, thanks so much. I’ll be in touch.”

Mike hung up the phone, staring at the screen until the call faded back into his home screen. The realization of what he’d just set into motion began as a ball of energy in the middle of his chest, which expanded and traveled upwards, forcing itself upon his lips in a smile so broad it hurt.

Swelling with excitement from the latest step in his fear-filled mission to move across the country, Mike fired off a group text to his mom and his brother. All of the important people… except one. Brad.

Brad had been Mike’s best friend since high school. They’d graduated together, shared their first drinks together, raised all kinds of teenage and young adult hell together. But as Mike inched closer to leaving young adulthood, he found himself and his dreams of leaving his hometown unfulfilled. For years, he’d yearned to trade The Big Orange in for The Big Apple, and for years, he’d stifled that longing. No longer, he’d decided. His time had come.

He’d placed a deposit on long distance movers and had informed his current complex that he’d not be renewing his lease. As excited as he was to move forward, the action sent Mike into a strange place of mental limbo. It was happening; it was becoming real, yet it was still so far out of reach. There he stood, one giant step closer, with so many steps left to take.

Mike’s phone started to erupt with numerous messages from his family. He sifted through, a smile at his lips as he read through their reactions. In the back of his mind, however, the need to tell Brad nagged at him.

He pushed the thoughts aside. Soon.

He just wanted to wait until he knew, without question, that there was no backing out.

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