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It's Raining by A.N.

Notes: Here's a short, fluffy Bournoda one-shot for you guys! I hope you enjoy this, it was fun for me to write. Thank you in advance to any reviews you'd like to leave :D

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Rob slowly awoke from his slumber. He was curled up under the blankets with Mike's back tucked against his belly and chest. He liked having his partner wrapped in his arms like this, all warm and safe, especially after the news they had received several days prior. It was strange, yet comforting, how tragedy could bring people closer.

Aside from using their bathroom, Mike had refused to get out of bed. He wouldn't watch television, kept his phone off, and barely ate anything. Rob did his best to comfort him, cry with him, and keep him feeling protected. He'd find Mike waking up randomly, becoming restless and agitated, or worse, bursting into tears. Rob would sit up, scoop the emcee into his lap, and rock him side to side as his chest heaved, and the tears soaked his face.

Rob had always been a resilient person. The reality of Chester's passing broke his heart, though, and he hadn't gone anywhere or done anything. He hadn't wanted to, because going outside had meant facing people, talking to them, and hearing condolences over and over again. He didn't need consoling, he needed his friend back.

His memories of Chester teasing them a few months ago, being so accepting and understanding of their relationship, came flooding back into his mind. Never would he have thought that their friend was in such a dark place. He sniffled a little, and forced the memories down, because he'd done enough crying this week. He was tired of crying, and he didn't want to wake Mike up.

Today, however, what Rob really needed was to get outside, but he needed Mike to go with him. Neither of them could face the outside world alone. It didn't help matters that for three days straight, it had been raining. The pitter-patter of the water droplets against the windows and roof, was soothing to the drummer's ears. But for the man he loved, the rain had been an excuse to stay inside.

Rob yawned, and stretched his feet. Mike was still sound asleep, breathing softly, and seemingly calm for the first time in a long time. Slowly, and as quietly as he could, he slid out of bed, and placed the blankets back over Mike. His boyfriend didn't seem to notice, and stayed deep within his slumber.

Rob went to one of the bedroom windows and stared out of it in fascination at the weather. The sky was a dark gray, with the light of the early morning sun barely penetrating the darkness. Nature was showing him a powerful metaphor for what the past week had looked like, and how long then had to go before the rain stopped and the sun came out.

A few minutes later, Mike rolled over, his half sleepy self expecting to feel Rob beside him. The absence of his love made him wake up almost completely, and search the room with his eyes. He spotted Rob by the window, still dressed in only his boxers, and watching the rain come down. "Babe, are you okay?" Mike asked, his voice showing he was still tired.

"Yeah, just watching the rain." Rob said, looking back at Mike with tenderness in his eyes.

"Come back to bed, will ya?" Mike asked, his eyes nearly pleading with his partner to return to the cozy warmth. Rob was good at hiding how upset he was, and all the emcee wanted to do was hold him tight and never let go.

"Hun, I need to be up for a while." Rob said. He could see that Mike wanted to stay put, and to have his love stay put with him.

"Okay." Mike said, then sighed.

"What can I make you for breakfast?" Rob asked, hoping that Mike would agree to some food.

"I'm not hungry." Mike said, quietly. He wrapped the blankets tighter around himself then closed his eyes, since now he just wanted to go back to sleep.

Mike shivered and groaned mildly when Rob yanked the blankets off of his tired form. "Seriously?" He exclaimed, and sat up to snatch the covers back. Rob stopped him by coming close to him and scooping him up under his thighs and right arm. "What're you doing?" The emcee asked as Rob hung him over his shoulder, and started carrying him across the room.

Without a word, Rob left the room and went down the hall. He carried Mike through the living room, while he struggled, kicked and swore loudly. "Dammit Rob, put me down!" Mike yelled, but it didn't work. He was brought to the back door, where Rob opened it and rushed outside into the pouring rain.

"The hell are you doing?" Mike asked, not yelling this time but sounding very annoyed. Rob's bare feet slapped against the puddles on the deck, the sound echoing in between the hundreds of raindrops pounding into the wood. He went down the stairs and into the yard, where the water had soaked the grass and made thick puddles of mud all over the place.

Rob loved the sensation of the wet dirt on his toes. The way the rain cascaded all over his body, soaked his skin and cooled him down, just felt so good. He didn't know when they'd have another rainstorm like this again, and he needed Mike to feel it with him. He started to set his partner down, who by now was soaking wet from head to toe, but had gotten quiet. Before Mike's feet could reach the ground though, Rob lost his stability, and his feet slid out from under him. He tried to catch himself, but ended up falling forward, and taking Mike with him.

The drummer landed on Mike and made a heavy "oof" sound, while both their bodies made loud, sloshy noises as they collided with the ground. Falling hadn't been Rob's plan, but he started to laugh. His forearms and knees squished into the wet grass and mud, and it was oddly soothing for him. He looked up, to see a huge smile across Mike's face. Slowly that smile evolved into a grin, then into laughter. Rob continued to laugh, joining in his boyfriend's amusement.

Mike tried to quiet his laughter a little and said affectionately, "This is why I love you."

Rob smiled warmly. This was the first time in a while that he'd seen Mike laugh and smile. This was the first time since they'd lost Chester, that he'd done it himself. He sat up, and Mike tried to lift himself. He easily fell back down onto his butt, and just laughed more, while flopping down on his back.

Rob grabbed hold of Mike's calves, and pulled him forward so that his rear was resting against his thighs. His love knew they had just had some kind of a silly wrestling match while covered in mud, and he didn't care. He smiled more as the drummer lifted him up, and started a warm, passionate kiss. Mike wrapped his arms around the back of Rob's neck, and cooed as their kisses went deeper.

Rob held Mike extra tight, while massaging their lips together tenderly. He stopped their kisses though, so that he could say, "I love you, too."

"Thank you for always caring about me." Mike said. He rubbed the tips of their noses together, then gave Rob a soft peck on the lips. He smiled brightly, even though there was still some sadness in his eyes. Healing would be a long road, but this moment was a good start.