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We'll Be Okay by ValentineShinoda


I look up to see Brad pushing a plate of food towards me.

All I did was shake my head, he pulls the plate away and gives the plate to Chester who cuts the food into smaller pieces and begins to eat while I watched with my brown eyes that have lost their glow but nobody noticed.

The band all has things about them that nobody knows, I look out the window to see Joe smoking on the side of the bus, I look at the other side of the table to see Phoenix with three lines on front of him, I look to my left and see Rob there staring at me because he was worried about us all and Brad has to deal with all of us. I’m the one that runs when they get too much attention.

Brad and Rob always runs after me and gets me by cornering me or picking me up.

I don’t weight a ton so it really isn’t a big deal. Clothes for the band isn’t an easy thing these days because for the band you are in and out of the children section and we are constantly passing around pieces of our wardrobe and we are confused about who owns what.

These days our shoes are the only thing we are sure about is whose shoes are who’s. Today I went to wardrobe and all the pants in my wardrobe was too big except a pair of sweatpants.

I put a pair of skinny jeans on with the sweats underneath, I put a tight shirt on with one of my button up shirts and left the shirt unbuttoned.

Fans asked over and over why I would never take my shirt off but I have always said a lie that was believed so I never have went into too much detail.

Chester have actually gotten a diagnosis and I am the one just shaking his head when people ask him about food this is just how it works around here.

I often blame myself for everything because I am called the glue but in my opinion I am not who people think I am but who am I to cause drama just because I think in the worst way possible and can’t eat my food.

It seems all people focus on these days is the music not the people behind them that are as broken as it gets but I guess the money is what is cared about.

I wake up to Brad trying to wake me, I guess he was successful because I was awake.

Brad told me that we were having breakfast with another band. Me and Chester followed Brad’s words and got dressed.

We all left to go to the restaurant that we were having breakfast and Brad sat to the left of me and to the right of me was Chester.

Ordering for Linkin Park is not as complicated as it seems. All we ordered was four children’s plates with six cups of black coffee and a regular breakfast.

Brad was the only one that put sugar or milk in his coffee.

The rest of us just stared at our coffees wishing the black liquid would stop making our thoughts eat us alive.

The regular breakfast is for Brad, One of the children’s plates was for Joe, the second plate is for Phoenix, the third was for Rob and the fourth one is for Chester and me.

When the food arrives Brad gives Phoenix and Joe theirs and halves mine and Chester’s and cuts it into small pieces.

Me and Chester stare at our surroundings.

I expected to see the other band laughing at us but in the back of my mind I knew that they know the band life more than we do.

I look over and a member of the other band was doing the same thing but when he gave it back to Brad I knew.

Brad passed the plate to me, I put a piece in my mouth and we all started talking. The talk was about tour and stuff and before I knew it breakfast was over.

We all went back to our bus and hung out.

The Linkin Park bus wasn’t dirty today but it wasn’t exactly clean, there was opened cigarette packs, white bags of powder and there was two containers with various snacks cut up and seperated in the compartments of the containers.

I can see their stares but words didn’t come to their lips because they have seen this all before.

I go to the table and pick up the container with my name on it and picked up the smallest piece that I could find.

I felt eyes on me and then sudden silence. The other band left and the bus was back to its quiet speaking when it is needed vibe.

I go to the kitchen and sat down.

My jeans even fall off me so I have to wear Chester’s jeans that are too small for him and a belt that I had to put another hole into to fit but at least they were not falling down.

Today Me and Chester had almost no time to get ready so Chester put on my clothes and I put on his.

Chester had on clothes that were too small for him while I was wearing clothes that were too big and had no contacts in or glasses on because they were with my clothes.

Chester had on my ugg boots while I had his combat boots on we were a mess.

When the other band left I had the worst headache I ever had in my life because I spent all morning with no glasses or contacts.

When I woke up this morning I got to the place where our clothes were and someone told me that we were wearing the clothes that we have to wear to the interview later, I went to where my clothes were and when I put them on they fell off, it was very annoying to keep them up but if everything was easy we wouldn’t learn I guess.

Before the interview Chester gave me my contact case, this was a relief because I can finally see clearly. We also swapped outfits because we were both annoyed.

We made it through the interview and we all went back to the bus and went to sleep in the front lounge.

Before I fall asleep I take out my contacts and fall into a very light sleep.

I got awaken by someone waking up and I go to the fridge and take out some water and start to drink it.

Chester comes up to me and scares me in the process.

He asks me why I am drinking Vodka instead of water.

This is when I realize that I made that mistake.

I got out the water and made sure it was water.

When everybody else woke up Chester’s stare was burning holes in me.

I don’t say anything but he does,

“Mike was getting some water from the fridge and got out the vodka instead”.

I expected the whole band to burst into laughter but they didn't Chester said he was sorry.

All I could do was nod my head because I didn't want to cry on front of my friends.

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