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The Great Below by malaiyas

Skip this one if you don’t like depressing themes. If you see it through to the end, I’d really love to hear your thoughts and see if the intended metaphor came through clearly. x

The full moon hung high in the night sky, casting its beams down upon the peaks of the black waves as they lapped forward with enviable grace. Upon hitting the shore, the undertow eased the water back, returning it to the sea in time for more to brush forward.

Chester stood on the shore, captivated by the movement of the water’s natural ebb and flow. The sea was the heart of the Earth, he decided as the return flow was pulled back to its source just as more was pumped forward.

He trained his eyes down upon the wet sand, stepping in it as the water dragged back and watching as his footprint was erased as the next wave came forward and shifted back again. It was cleansing, he thought, as he stepped forward so that the water brushed both of his ankles with each new wave.

A cool breeze brushed against Chester’s skin, causing his hairs to stand on end. He closed his eyes and breathed in, feeling refreshed by the scent of the lightly salted air. It was always cooler by the sea, but the air felt clean in his lungs.

He stepped in further, seeking to become one with his peace. The water was waist-level, though the waves soaked his shirt up to his chest. He swayed gently along with the movement of the water, raising his hands up to cradle the back of his head, fingers interlocked.

The water was cold, but Chester never let go of the mental image of his own footprint being erased from the sand. As he reflected on all of the days that led him up to that moment, he wondered if the ocean could cleanse him, too.

His body shook as a tear slid down his cheek, the tension of emotion settling into his bottom lip with a gentle quiver. The tear hit his chin, where it lingered for a moment before it fell and disappeared into the ocean. He watched as the single drop of liquid had no distinguishable impact on the rest of the moving water, his eyes closing as he mulled over that thought.

Chester moved a little further then, wading deeper into the breaking waves. The sea pulled him closer, and he watched with a sick sense of fascination as it carried him further and further away from the shore.

Panic set in as he couldn’t free himself from the arms of the rip current. He swam against it as hard as he could, but the force of the water was rapid and strong, keeping him in its firm embrace even as he struggled against it.

He fought for some time, just trying to keep his head above water until exhaustion set in and he gave in.

He gave in.

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