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The Catalyst by SonataNocturne

Sometimes you got no control of where you go

A/N: Yeah. I started a new one. My plotbunnies went crazy and I had to write this first chapter now. It has been on my mind since I completed 'White Noise'. So I have written stories set on 1999, 2008, 2013, 2017... So now we go back to the old days. This is supposed to be lighter but sure I love my drama. And sex. Mixed up some facts as you notice soon and no wives or children again. And yes that one line is a reference, lol ;) And now I am really supposed to continue with 'Nobody Can Save Me', ooooopsies.



"So when does this happen?", Joe sat on the couch they had bought together with the little money they had.

"He said he would be here in few hours. Guess that can be anything from two hours to six or so?", Brad shrugged shoving a piece of bread to his mouth.

Rob yawned sitting next to Dave with his magazine. "So now we just wait."

"How do you even know this guy? So weird that you are willing to let someone in here... to our house", Joe rolled his eyes. He couldn't believe they were doing this but if Brad felt the guy was worth the trust then he was and he wouldn't second guess it.

"We went school together. He was my best friend back then. He is good guy. Weird, artistic and grumpy, but good", Brad answered.

"Sure he is. You're just being an ass", Chester laughed and threw a crumbled piece of paper towards Joe.

They had rented a nice house with three bedrooms, living room, nice kitchen and big garage. It was just convenient since three of them needed a home same time, and this was way cheaper than seeking of their own apartments. Then later Rob and Dave joined in and it was even more easy to pay rent. Together they had even painted some rooms and fixed small things to make the living more comfortable.

The house wasn't new but it was well taken care of. From outside it was the same grey color as the rest on the same street with a black roof. Inside they had painted one living room wall red just for fun. Good sound system was important since someone was always listening to music but they couldn't afford new ones. Second hand had been good cheap choice and since it worked well none of them complained. Then they got the couch and few arm chairs also second hand.

The garage didn't have cars in it. There they had musical instruments and tried to practice some songs when they didn't have work or school stuff. It was fun but they had different opinions would the music take them somewhere or not. The lack of time was the biggest issue and then the writing. Brad wrote nice songs and Chester tried but the other three didn't really participate in that, and it showed.

And now this new guy was stepping in. Brad was only one who knew him and the rest of them were unsure about the situation. Joe trusted Brad and if Brad trusted this new one then so be it. Rob didn't care, he had other stuff to think about. Dave worked so much he was barely at home, but it was 'fine' for him. He had even said: "As long as the dude doesn't sleep in my bed when I get home and doesn't eat my lunch he can stay." And Chester... He was bored and really just glad there was a new person he could get to know. Getting know someone from the start was the most fun thing he could think now. There was so many years to catch up.

So they had arrange some space for him. Brad had moved his stuff to Rob's room who had previously been sleeping alone. For sometime the new guy would have to sleep on a mattress before they could borrow a van a get a bed for him. They had pretty much always someone home. Dave worked mostly evening shifts and Joe woke up early to his studies. Brad got also studies to do and Rob and Chester worked. Nothing that payed well or was fun but they managed.

"Really you don't even have to wait for him. I guarantee he is decent guy and I thought this was already decided?", Brad tilted his head staring at the others who looked bored.

"Well, yeah but I want to see who I am sharing my bathroom with", Joe mumbled.

"Does that change your jerking of schedules or why you care?", the other answered making Chester burst out in laughter.

"Fuck off Brad. You know what I mean. Besides weren't I the one who caught you last time, not the other way around", Joe rolled his eyes but the small smile could have been seen briefly on his face.

"Is Dave getting home again around ten?", Rob asked wanting them to quit the bickering.

Brad glanced at Joe wanting to say something but decided not to. "Yeah I think."

"And why did you move from Chester's room to Rob's? There was already a free space in Rob's room. I don't get it", Joe frowned.

"Erm.. Well Chester snores", Brad mumbled.

"God I'm excited! A new person!", Chester clapped his eyes smile spreading from ear to ear totally ignoring the previous conversation.

"Sure you are... You're the weird one", Joe rolled his eyes.

Brad chuckled and shook his head, "I'm pretty sure the feeling isn't mutual. He is lonely wolf and has all kind of strange things that..."

He was stopped when the doorbell rang. Chester frowned. Stupid moment, he would have wanted the other to continue what he was saying. Brad stood up looking at the other and get to open the door. The man stepped in looking like he was lost. Sure they knew with Brad, but they haven't seen each other in months. The friendship they once had was still there cause they didn't have any fight or so. Just circumstances forced them to too far away from each other. They would just need some time to catch up. But these people... Three other people staring at him that didn't know him was weird.

"Hi", Rob decided to greet him first.

He kicked his shoes off when he noticed that the others didn't have any shoes on either and stood there his hands in his pockets.

"Hi. Rest of my stuff should be here tomorrow. I don't have much though, but I couldn't get a car so...", he mumbled staring at the floor.

"So the one in the left with brown short hair is Chester. But don't count on the hair, he can have different color tomorrow. He is working in burger joint. The one beside him is our Korean guy. He goes into the art college. Then there's Rob. He is quiet and probably the smartest one so if he tells you something you better listen. He works in a warehouse not that far away from here. And Dave... Well he is working at the moment and should be home around ten", Brad introduced them.

"Okay... Well I'm Mike. I go to the art college too. Well, now I do, just started. Then I work few shifts a week in an office. Uhm... Yeah", he mumbled. He felt so awkward but he needed a place to sleep and this was his best option. The rent was crazy cheap so he could even save some money. When he accidentally met Brad after a long time and the other told that they would have room for him too he couldn't believe his luck.

The Korean guy looked tiny bit annoyed. The one on the other side of the couch, Rob, wore a huge hoodie and looked like he was sinking inside even though he wasn't even small guy. He stared at him back blankly. No emotion what so ever to be seen. And then there was this Chester guy who looked like he would jump up any minute and hug him. He literally looked like he couldn't stay still. Way too excited. It annoyed him already too much.

"Great. Well we have lots to catch up. I'll help with your stuff. I moved mine to Rob's room so you'll be sharing room with Chester", Brad said picking up few bags Mike had brought with him.

Mike glanced at Chester only seeing the stupid grin. Oh great, he thought sarcastically. He followed the other to the second floor and dropped his bags when they get in the room. The room wasn't big but it was comfy. There was mattress on the floor and bed on the other side of the room. The closets were built in the walls and looked like there was plenty of space. And it had proper desk in front of the window so he could draw. Chester's side of the room was neatly organized. No trash or dirty clothes on the floor. It shouldn't be that bad, he thought chewing his lip.

"So... The guys are nice. It just takes some time for you to get used to this and get to know each other. Like I said Rob is smart and if you have something to ask he probably knows the answer. Joe is funny and weird. He might look like he isn't fine with this but he is, haha. Dave is super busy but he is kind. Chester is weird. And excited. He is this... well like tasmanian devil on sedatives. But you get used to it pretty quickly. He doesn't mean anything bad but he asks millions of questions and always wants to help if he only can", Brad explained.

"From now on remember this is your home too. The list to grocery store is on the fridge. Add there if you need something. We have shifts on that and on Tuesdays someone picks up the groceries from the store. On Fridays we usually order some food in and watch too many bad movies. Unless it's Dave's pay day when we head to the local bar for some drinks. Then the movie night is on next day. The rules... Well kinda not really rules but we all have our habits, you learn them probably soon", he continued checking that he didn't leave anything on the closets.

"But glad you joined us. I really miss the time there wasn't even a day we didn't spend together. I'll head back downstairs, just ask if you need anything", he patted Mike's back shortly smiling and left him alone.

Mike sighed and stared at the room. Guess I have to deal with this now, he thought feeling utterly confused.


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