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Notes: Hey folks, I'm back with another dom/sub Bournoda one-shot. This is a sequel to another one-shot I did recently titled Overpowered (link here: http://lpfiction.com/story.php?id=16630). I had so much fun writing this today! I'm curious what some of you will think. Also, in the author notes in Overpowered, I responded to some of the reviews :D Anyway, enjoy the read!


Rob clutched Mike's upper arms tightly. He was kneeling on the bed, with his pretty boy straddling his lap. He pulled the emcee's body extra close, and roughly slammed their lips together. Mike could barely move as the drummer led each kiss, randomly shoving his tongue between those plump lips and salivating at their taste. He was so hard, so hungry, and those lips were the perfect appetizer.

Mike trembled with excitement as Rob growled, and he wrapped his legs around his waist to keep him close. He sunk his fingernails into the flesh of Rob's upper back, which provoked another growl. The grip on his arms became tighter, and forced a quick moan from his mouth. Rob's tongue went deeper, and Mike curled his lips around it, sucking hard as it pulled back. The drummer relished the feeling of his tongue being sucked on, and he pushed it in again just to see what would happen. Mike sucked extra hard this time, and mumbled a sharp "Mmm" as he did.

Mike was loving this feeling, of Rob's tongue sliding into his mouth, and being able to suck it almost as good as when he sucked his lover's thick manhood. He made more yummy noises, conveying that he liked having his mouth tongue-fucked.

Mike was enjoying it too much though. Without warning, Rob shoved his back hard against the headboard, making a loud thud in the process. The emcee whined, and Rob broke the contact between their mouths. He nibbled at Mike's throat several times, then moved on to his collar where his nibbles turned into bites. They left red marks here and there, and were more things for Mike to admire in the morning. Combined with his scratches and bruises from the other night, it was a growing collection, courtesy of Rob's predatory mouth.

Yesterday morning, Mike had happened to roll up his sleeves while working in the studio. It took all of a second for Brad to notice the scratches and hand-shaped bruise, then question him about it.

"What the hell is going on?" Brad asked.

"What do you mean?" Mike also asked, confusion on his face.

"You spent the night at Rob's, and you come in looking like that." Brad said, pointing to Mike's right wrist.

"Uh, yeah." Mike said, his eyes shifting side to side as though Brad should not be at all bothered by what he was seeing. Brad still didn't get it. "We're fucking." He said, expecting his long-time friend to just get the picture.

"You're fucking? That doesn't look like fucking." Brad said, his voice showing concern.

"It does when you like rough sex." Mike said, grinning at his comeback. He took a victory sip of his coffee and walked away like the conversation had never happened.

Now, all Mike wanted was more trophies that he could show off to the rest of the band. He wasn't even sure why he needed to show them off, he just did. "Uh, fuck, you make me into such an animal." He said with a husky voice, while Rob furiously ground into him. He shivered each time Rob's hot and hard manhood was shoved against his own. The sensation of his back being jabbed against the headboard, made him feel like he was under the complete control of Rob, yet he felt out of control at the same time.

Rob slowly carried his hands down Mike's arms, caressing softly and smoothly. He stared his lover deep in the eyes, like he was challenging him to try and get away. He smiled though when Mike didn't budge, even when he clutched his wrists firmly. Rob pushed Mike's wrists up against the wall, which made the top of the headboard dig into his shoulder blades. He savored the sensation of the emcee trembling against him, his heart pounding wildly, his breathing speeding up, his body turning hot and moist. He kept him pinned there with the strength of his whole body, passionately kissing him again, until their saliva mixed and dribbled down their chins.

Rob let go of his wrists though, and wrapped his arms around his back. He smiled warmly, since he had that man's skin so close to his. He wanted Mike to know just how much of a beast he could be. To feel it, actually. To feel his body being taken over and devoured until they could be a part of each other, just like they were the other night.

Rob pulled Mike away from the headboard, and let himself fall backward, with his pretty boy in tow. Mike propped himself up on his forearms, and stared down at the drummer lovingly. His adventure on top only lasted a few seconds, before Rob rolled them over, bearing all his weight on the emcee.

"That got you going, to have me on top, didn't it?" Mike teased sensuously.

"Heh, you wish." Rob said, as he sat up. He leaned over to the nightstand and opened the drawer. As he picked up the bottle of lube, Mike shoved him in the stomach with his feet, and scooted to the end of the bed. "Really?" Rob said, unimpressed by the escape, but growing hot at the idea of a chase.

As he moved for Mike, the emcee dodged, and made his way toward the other end of the bed. Rob caught him by the arm, and slammed him onto his back. Mike pushed at him with his feet, but the drummer's weight and strength were too powerful for him. He bit down hard on Mike's throat, eliciting a painful, throaty cry for mercy. That would definitely leave a mark.

Rob released his bite and licked the area a few times, while enjoying the taste of Mike's skin. There was a tiny hint of metal here and there, and he noticed a few of his teeth had broken the skin. The sound his lover had made had nearly sent him into overdrive. "Do that again." Mike demanded, his voice aggressively aroused.

"Excuse me?" Rob said, his voice low but still dominant.

"Please." Mike begged.

"Well, since you asked so nicely..." Rob said. He grabbed a fistful of Mike's hair, which made him wince. He tilted the singer's head to the side, which exposed the length of his neck. Without hesitation he bit down, making Mike cry out again, louder this time. Mike dug his nails into Rob's back, and carried those nails down, setting the flesh on fire and catching the man above him completely off guard.

"That was so hot." Rob echoed in a sultry way, before kissing his throat and moving along his jawline. Those scratches, he'd remember those. Like Mike, he'd gaze at them fondly whenever he could, and appreciate them for what they were. He let go of the hair, leaving it an unruly mess. He started more wild kisses, taking a short break from being so rough just to keep Mike from coming too soon.

Mike arched his back, moaned softly, and wrapped up Rob's waist again. The drummer knew that behavior meant the singer didn't want to wait to be fucked. He was just as hungry to be dominated as Rob was to dominate him. It made the drummer's skin tingle just to think about it. To be able to have Mike in front of him, to truly have his being and know that no one else in the world was allowed this kind of pleasure, made him feel more than special. It made him feel loved.

Rob smiled down at him again. He knew that Mike would never see what was coming next. He rolled them over again, leaving the emcee lying on top of him. He smiled seductively, then said, "Ride me."

"Huh?" Mike asked, totally perplexed.

"Go on, ride me." Rob said again, giving him full encouragement.

"Ride you?" Mike questioned once again, his voice stuttering nervously.

"Don't worry, I'll make it worth your while." Rob's voice wasn't calm at all. Mike on top like this, so close to him, it did more than turn him on. It made him feel wild.

Mike could see that Rob was serious, and clearly turned on by being in this position. "So, you want to know what it's like to submit?" Mike said with a hot voice.

"Don't push your luck." Rob warned. He wouldn't give up his power over the emcee that easily.

Mike sat up, and ran his fingertips along Rob's solid chest. "You can't just, tell me to ride you and think I'll ignore such a golden opportunity." He said. He glanced at the blindfold sitting on the nightstand. He looked back at Rob, who wasn't really sure what was going on inside his head. "In order to... truly surrender yourself, you have to go all the way."

"You're going to lay this on real thick, aren't you?" Rob asked.

"Yep." Mike said, his lips making a pop sound as he spoke.

"What do you have in mind?" The drummer asked, trying to stay as cool as he could. Deep down, however, his insides were screaming. He needed this, badly, but he'd be damned if he'd give it up easily.

"Come here." Mike beckoned, curling his fingers at Rob to sit up. The drummer did, and found them both face to face. The singer was still nervous, but he was confident in how this would play out. "Close your eyes." Rob hesitated, but the look in Mike's eyes made him feel more comfortable about doing so.

He felt the silky blindfold gently drape over his eyes. His breath hitched, and he took a deep breath as Mike tied the blindfold tightly. As soon as the second knot was done, he leaned forward to try and steal a kiss, but was pushed away. Mike giggled, then said to him, "Ah ah, behave yourself."

Rob was shoved backward, and it was the strangest yet hottest feeling. All of a sudden he was the one being tossed around, not knowing what would come next. He squirmed in anticipation, and he felt Mike moving about, but didn't know exactly what he was doing. He heard the cap of the bottle of lube opening, and after a moment, his hard member was coated by a small amount of lube. As usual, Mike's hand was so soft and smooth. That same hand gripped him tight, and in a flash the emcee pushed himself down hard, taking the whole length inside himself.

Rob moaned. He moaned again when Mike went up, slowly, then thrust down hard again. He knew he was hitting Mike's spot, because each time he did, the singer would shudder for a second and exhale sharply.

Mike started to ride faster, but just as hard as before. He moanly pleasurably as he hit his spot just the way he liked. The way Rob would always stretch him, and fill him up, just added to all the wonderful sensations rolling through him. Rob's breathing quickened, and little beads of sweat dripped down the sides of his face.

"If only you could see the way you look right now." Mike said, staring down at Rob and watching every little move he made. Those words made the drummer squirm a little, and dig his heels into the mattress. "Hm, I'd say you like this more than you're letting on."

"Yeah." Rob moaned lightly. Mike picked up his pace, which made Rob moan again. He pushed his hips up hard, which forced a heavy moan from Mike's mouth.

"Keep doing that. It feels good." Mike encouraged. Rob did as was asked of him. He pounded up again, loving the way it aroused his lover, and sinking deeper into his own pleasure. This was such a wild adventure, and he didn't want it to end.

"Uh... oh fuck..." Rob blurted out, the wet feeling around his cock, and the friction getting the better of him. "So... good, oh fuck!" His voice captured the room, and made Mike turn hot. A crazy string of fucks escaped Rob's lips, while he clenched his fists and continued thrusting up to satisfy his lover.

"That's it baby, that's it." Mike said, tilting his head back as the great feelings rolling through his body intensified. He gasped for air as his spot was hit in the most perfect way. He tried to hold on, to not let it take over, but he couldn't help it. That incredible heat slithered through his abdomen, down his thighs and along his length. "Rob..." He said with a strangled cry. He said his name again, louder, then started to throb. He dug his nails into the drummer's chest, and his hot seed splashed against his belly.

Rob felt it well, and reached up to wipe it away. He brought his fingers to his lips and licked the come away, while Mike continued to ride as best as he could. Rob tensed up though, because this was getting to be too much. Mike had him under a spell, had him writhing all over the place now, and whining from how good it felt. He could barely make a sound, or even think about making a sound. "Baby, you gonna come for me? Hm?" Mike said, his voice wild and intense.

Rob squeezed the sheets. He couldn't concentrate on thrusting anymore. He dragged his heels back and forth along the mattress, then turned warm all over. He panted rough and wild as his legs started to burn. That fire crawled up his length, forced him to pulsate so powerfully that he couldn't make a single sound. He just laid there with his mouth hanging open, face scrunched up, arms and legs wriggling around as his seed poured deep into Mike's hot cavity. "Mike, I feel so good!" He said loudly, his voice high-pitched and consumed by what was happening to him.

Mike stopped riding, and lifted hmself off of Rob's no longer hard member. He pulled the blindfold away, and leaned in for a soft kiss. As he broke that kiss, he said, "You look so lovely right now."

"Do I?" Rob said, his composure starting to come back.

"Mhm." Mike said, nodding yes.

"That was fun."

Mike smiled and gave him another kiss. "You're high as a fucking kite right now."

They kissed again, harder, and Rob pulled Mike close. He rolled him onto his back again, reminding the emcee that even though he'd surrendered tonight, he was still the one who was dominant. "I am, and it's all your fault." Rob said, still excited from their adventure.

"I'm gonna pay for this, huh?" Mike asked, playfully.

"Absolutely." Rob said, before giving him another passionate kiss. He'd never thought until very recently that he'd let himself go like he had that night, but, he knew that Mike was the only person he'd ever do this with.


More notes: Thank you for all the reviews!

@Stefuh - I had a lot of fun writing the way Brad reacted, and Mike's sass. His sass is always fun :D

@Missdomho - So glad you liked this! I was a little worried for some reason that the reviews wouldn't be very positive cause of the roll reversal.

@littleblacksubmarines - In this story and Overpowered, I wanted to write about rough sex in a positive way. A lot of people think it's wrong to enjoy rough sex, and there's just this weird stigma about it. Like, I totally get people who are weirded out by BDSM, because that's in a totally different ball-park. And like you said, it's about trust between Mike and Rob. I'm really glad you picked up on that :D BTW, I've been writing Bournoda slash for such a long time, and I have absolutely no idea why pairing them appeals to me so much, lol.