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In My Remains by SonataNocturne

Something has been taken from deep inside of me

A/N: Lol. Literally just wrote the lines that Joe is flying back and then he publishes a photo from LAX. Love the coincidence. Uhm.... So here we go again. Brad's turn to get tortured, hahah (don't kill me). Again no children in my story, can't write them in. And I thought I wouldn't have to do any research for this story but oh boy... Lol. Some facts might be wrong, I'm not a doctor and only have Google to use.

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Disclaimer: I own only the story, it's all fiction.

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It was like any other day for Mike Shinoda. Well like any other day after his wife left him. That wasn't really a sad thing, he was satisfied that they had divorced. Just he reason behind it was hurting his heart. Only Anna and their drummer, Rob knew why. Mike wouldn't have even wanted to tell him but now he was glad he blurted it out. Cause with Anna he couldn't talk about it. After Anna found out she had packed her bags instantly and left to her moms. Divorce wasn't final but they were trying to handle it as fast as possible. Anna's wish, he wanted to get rid of everything that reminded of him.

Now he was sitting in his home studio trying to create something. They were about to release a new album, and didn't have really anything else than interviews and rehearsals before they would hit the road again and start a big tour. But he was just obsessed with writing. Or more like trying to focus to something else than to the thoughts that were spinning in his head. Sighing he took a sip from his water bottle and stared at the computer screen.

He was wondering should he try to figure something else to do or just stay there. It had been a beautiful day and the sun was just setting. A walk seemed first like a good idea but then he would have to be alone with his thoughts. Suddenly he heard his phone ring and tossed the idea aside. The phone he had left to the kitchen cause he was annoyed when it was beeping all the time from notifications. Surely turning them off would have been a option too, but then he would have had to turn them back on.

Mike Shinoda, he answered the phone like he usually did when there was no caller ID.

"Mr. Shinoda, I'm calling from LA County General. Your number was found as ICE number from Mr. Delson's phone. He was brought here earlier today", a bright woman voice told him.

"Brad? What's happened?", Mike started to shake.

"I'm afraid we don't know. Police are investigating", the woman continued.

"I'm coming there. But he.... he is fine?", his voice was taut as the strings of a bow.

"He is alive", the woman said in a reassuring voice.

As they had ended the call Mike dialed Rob instantly and got out from his house.


Mike's voice was cracking now and he barely got his words out properly. "Rob, Brad is in County General. Can you... Could you come with me?"

He listened to the silence while running to his car. The drummer was apparently trying to process the words the emcee had said.

"What? Yeah, pick me up? How is he? What has happened?", Rob croaked.

"I don't know. They don't know. I'll be there in ten", the emcee mumbled and turned the engine on tossing his phone to the shotgun seat.

The drive felt excruciatingly long and he forced himself not to scream. Rob was pale as a sheet when he had picked him up and calling to rest of the band members. When they arrived at the hospital they ran inside trying not to knock anyone over.

"I got call earlier. I'm Mike Shinoda and my friend Mr. Delson is here", he panted at the desk.

"Mr. Shinoda, wait here. I'll get the doctor", a nurse nodded and turned on his heels.

"Mike calm down. I can already see you're about to strangle someone", the drummer whispered to the pacing man.

Mike couldn't believe this. Brad was hurt and he couldn't do anything to help him.

"Mr. Shinoda? Hello, I'm Mr. Delson's doctor", a white coated am was suddenly in front of them.

"Hello. Can we see him? What's going on?", Mike shook the hand the doctor offered not really feeling to have any kind of a small talk.

"Yes, in a minute. And you would also need to stay after cause the police wants to talk with you. I'm afraid that Mr. Delson has suffered severe injuries. He has also amnesia. CT scan was clear so we believe it is at least partially dissociative. He remembers otherwise perfectly but not what happened to him or what led to that. Police will talk to you more about it when they arrive. Usually this kind of memory loss isn't permanent ", the doctor explained calmly.

The emcee's heart was beating so fast he was afraid that he would faint. Rob was squeezing his arm probably thinking the same.

The doctor pointed at a corridor. "So, let me guide you to your friend. I have to remind that he has several injuries."

They followed him quietly not really knowing what to expect or think.

Brad was laying in hospital bed completely still looking out of the window. Mike ran to him more anxious than ever. Same time Rob's phone rang.

"Yeah. I'll come to the corridor", he said got the phone before turning to Mike, "It was Chester, I'll come and get him, be back soon."

He was still reluctant to leave. The emcee looked shocked, sad, confused and all that. He was afraid the other would loose it.

"Brad. What happened?", Mike mumbled trying to get an eye contact.

The doctor cleared his throat and gave him a look like saying: "Are you daft? I just told you he doesn't remember what happened."

He looked horrible. Mike was happy the guitarist was alive but he looked like he has to be in pain. He had bruises and scratches all over his upper body. Nose broken, other arm broken too as it was in a cast and a sling. The skin under eyes was blueish and his lip was split. The white hospital sheet covered rest of his body.

"Hey... Say something please.." the emcee wiped the tears that were trying to escape.

Chester barged in with the drummer looking super worried. "How is he?"

"Dunno. Hasn't said a single word", Mike mumbled.

Rob frowned. Cause he knew something the other two of his band members in the room didn't.

"Mr. Delson has been treated. His arm is broken as you can see. CT scan was clear and he had a surgery to stop the internal bleeding. He had lost a lot of blood but we believe he should recover just fine", the doctor smiled.

Mike was fuming. The doctor was smiling when his friend was laying in the bed only vital sign showing being the breathing.

"What the fuck?! He is guitarist! He has broken arm! You don't know what happened and you say he will recover!", he charged at the doctor.

"Mike!", Rob got in the way just before he could punch the poor man doing only his job.

"No! Fix this!", he screamed when the drummer tried to hold him.

Chester sighed sadly and said to the doctor, "Could we go outside and talk about the recovery? He needs to cool down."

The doctor nodded glancing once at the half Asian who was still raging his face red.

"Mike what the fuck! Calm down. He is alive and we will figure out what happened. That is not helping at all", the drummer pushed him forcefully down to sit on a chair.

When the emcee finally calmed down so that Rob could let him go he went to look at Brad who was still staring out from the window.

"Brad. Could you please say something? Just to calm Mike down, okay? What is the last thing you remember?" he asked biting his lip.

The guitarist remained silent for a long time. Finally few words, "I was going to make some food. I remember that I was cutting up tomatoes."

Same time the door opened and two police man came inside with the doctor and the singer. They shook hands and introduced themselves before they got serious.

"We are sad to say but we don't know what has happened. We got a call today earlier from his neighbor. He had heard some screams and it wasn't usual to the couple to fight. He also knew that the wife was out of town so he didn't hesitate calling in. When we arrived the attacker had already left the premises. After we had called ambulance we did the basic crime scene investigation but haven't found anything. Few fibers that could be a lead but that's it. We talked with Mr. Bennington already and he told that the parents live in different state, and confirmed that both wife and brother are out of town", the apparently older officer told them.

"The house... I would suggest that someone goes there and cleans before Mr. Delson is released", the other added cringing.

Mike was about to stand up but Rob was one step ahead and pushed him back down giving a stern look.

"That's... You're saying that you can't do anything?" the drummer asked.

The older spoke again, "Sorry to say but no. We are going to hear the neighbors but we don't have any leads or evidence for now. If he remembers something we will of course hear him too."

"When. Not if", Mike glanced the guitarist and turned then to look the officers his eyes angry.

"I believe that is possible", the younger nodded looking at the doctor, "but we will contact you if we find our more."

And like that they were out of the room leaving them dumbfounded with the doctor.

"What now?", Chester spoke glancing at the emcee who was squeezing his hands closed so that his knuckles had turned to white.

The doctor sighed not really knowing how to tell it cause he didn't want to cause any conflict. "We are keeping him here over night just in case. One of you is allowed to stay, if you would like. In the morning he gets a visit from psychiatrist and after I have done the final examination he is released. I talked briefly with the psychiatrist and she told that he has all requirements to get better mentally. But he needs help from the friends and family. When she heard about in what condition the house was he strongly suggested that someone goes there before him as the police told too."

"Mike... Do you want to stay or...", Rob asked from the emcee who had relaxed.

"I would. I need to clean the house though. So you stay?" Mike almost pleaded like Chester wasn't even in the room.

"That's fine for me? Dave is driving back home today but he said that he is probably back tomorrow. Joe said he would take next flight", the singer mumbled.

"Okay. I'll leave you to it. If you need to talk with me the nurse will give you my number. I am more than happy to give you all possible details if you need them", the doctor nodded and left the room.

"Holy shit fuck", Chester sighed when the doctor had left.

Rob shook his head I disbelief. "You don't say... Mike, you alright?"

"No. I'm not alright. But I have to go to the house. Update me please if anything happens?" he went to look at the guitarist one final time before leaving.

"You will get through this. You hear me?" he went to grab Brad's hand but only caused him to flinch and pull his hand away.


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