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Fear is How I Fall by Stefuh


Hello! Since Blackout is over and there's only a couple of chapters left to Dead by Sunrise I decided to publish this fic, which is already complete, so the updates should be quick. :)


Mike was aware of three specific things about his surrounding right now : his jeans were soaked with mud (and maybe blood, after all, it already covered his face and his hands so why not also his pants) and he could feel the dirty water seeping through his thighs, making him shiver. The only sound he could hear was his breathing as he was panting from all the running he had just done – he quickly covered his mouth to hush the sound, not wanting to give his place away. Also … he had no idea where Chester was right now and this frightened him more than anything.

He would have done anything to trust the young man at that moment but he just couldn't. With everything that had happened these last few months … he could only trust himself. A part of him was screaming that he shouldn't have answered that stupid ad he saw in the paper – his life would still be somewhat normal and he wouldn't be on the brink of death.

Meeting Chester Bennington might have been the worst mistake of his life.

He tried to look in the darkness to see if there was a sign of the young man chasing him but he couldn't see anything, there was only the light of the moon shining down on the corn maze to help him make his way through it … except a faint light ahead coming from a house! Someone could help him! He took a deep breath before sensing his heart skipped a beat. Hope. Something he didn't think he would have felt again after all the betrayal. But this was his chance. Mike gulped as a shudder ran down his spine. Someone would end up dead tonight, he was sure of it. He could only hope it wouldn't be him.

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