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The risk of Falling by MissDomho


AN Hello everyone! *waves* Hope all of you are well! Since I am almost finished with 'It starts with one' and 'My Guardian Angel' too seeing as though the both only have 1-2 chapters left I thought I would start another chapter story! So please let me know, should I continue? I really would love all your feedback beautiful readers/lurkers and writers as I have had this idea in my head for a while!

It is AU. I love AU stories :) it's set in High School as I love young high school love especially involving Bennoda! This story is about coming of age, questioning sexuality, coming to terms with true feelings and all the nitty bitty high school angst too! :) also...I might add slash...because well...I live for slash haha, so you have all been warned that in later chapters it will be coming slashy and full of Bennoda goodness XD. It's all fictional<3

On with the story:) <3


The risk of falling


Chester was looking at himself in the mirror hanging in his own locker, cringing at the sight of his dark locks of hair, sticking out at odd places where it shouldn't. It was then he ran a hand through it, trying to rid it of the obnoxious cowlick that has plagued him the entire day. After a good minute or so, He gave up trying to get the little tuft of hair to go down, instead completely messing his short hair into something resembling an organized mess. He smiled, contented with his new look for the day. The young teen looked into his dark, brown eyes, small blood vessels streaking across the whites of his retainers, evidence of the late night study session the previous night he just had.

It was well worth it though, the test earlier in the day being a breeze. Blinking a few times, He inspected his teeth, making sure there weren't any scraps of food stuck in between, running his tongue over them once.

"Hey there Mr. 'I'm in love with myself'."

Came the annoying voice from behind his locker door. Rolling his eyes. A small smile pressing along his lips now as he didn't need to look to know who it was.

"How many times must I tell you Brad? I'm not vain, I just care about the image I portray to people."

Chester replied, giving himself a once over glance in the mirror before closing his locker. "It's called being professional."

"Yeah, like a video editor needs to look good. All you do is sit in front of a computer screen all day, or is Mr. Chester Bennington trying to impress someone?" The curly haired boy quipped, shooting his best friend a smirk to which Chester felt his cheeks burn even at the thought of that as he playful shoved his skinny friend back.

"No." Chester deadpanned. "Last I checked I was the only gay kid in this school and..." He was rudely cut off when an asshole forcefully bumped into him, almost sending the smaller teen flying into the side of the lockers. As he could hear laughter erupting behind him.

"Oops, sorry Bennington. Oh wait, no I'm not."

The jock mocked walking past Chester and Brad. Mike Shinoda, quarterback and all around nice guy, except when it came to Chester. His own personal bully if you wanted to call him that. Once Chester regained his footing again, he gave Mike a blank expression, not wanting to give him the personal satisfaction of seeing Chester getting angry.

Mike Shinoda was the guy everyone in school liked. Built like some professional model with stylish slicked hair and exotic features about his young face, he was the envy of guys and the sought after prize of girls. At 6'1" and made of tanned, lean muscle, he could easily take on anyone at school, that is if he actually needed to. Chester let his eyes survey him once, seeing that he was dressed in their school hoodie and a simple pair of denim jeans, very much like the outfit Chester was wearing himself. His hoodie however, looked a size too small for him, the thick fabric stretching over his chest and his biceps straining against the sleeves, outlining his lean physique.

Awesome athlete, straight A student as well as junior class president, his future was pretty much set. Everyone, including Chester although he hated to admit it, knew he was going to be valedictorian in their senior year and quite frankly, he deserved it. Bullying Chester aside, he was truly a nice guy.

"Fuck off Mike." Brad grumbled, shooting Mike a glare, to which the half Asian teen simply put up his hands in his own defence and walked away innocently, still sniggering from under his breath. Mike had nothing against Brad- but his constant picking on Chester made the lanky, curly haired boy kind of blacklist the star quarterback.

"One day I'm gonna fuck him up so bad." He seethed between gritted teeth, to which Chester had to laugh at his best friend's comment.

"What?" He had the nerve to ask what? Brad, his best and possibly only friend at Agoura High, was to say the least, the last person anyone would pick a fight with. At 5'8", he was probably the skinniest and most awkward looking guy in their school, added to the fact that he was no fighter. He never went to a gym once in his life and his idea of physical training was running down to the closest Starbucks to order a caramel macchiato.

"You? Please...You can't even win me in a fight, let alone Mike Shinoda." It was Brad's turn to roll his eyes up at Chester's comment, as if what Chester had said wasn't true. He means he went to the gym on a regular basis, and although he was a mere 5'9", Chester dare say himself could hold his ground against people who were bigger than him.

"Why do you put up with him though? After three years, most people would lose it." Brad asked Chester, pulling Chester along to their next class once the bell chimed, indicating students and teachers the next class was about to commence.

For a moment Chester was silent as they both silent walked side by side before he then shrugged his shoulders at the thought of Brad's comment.

"Don't care really. It's not like he does anything seriously bad. Showing him it bothers me would only give him the satisfaction and I'm definitely not going to do that. Besides, I have you and my mum so it's all good."

"It would be better if you're dad got on the same wagon though." Chester tensed at the sound of his best friend's words. It was then Chester shot him a glare, which made Brad give that 'I'm sorry' face. He knew better than to bring Chester's father up. After he had came out, his father as good as disowned Chester. His father had stopped talking to him apart from when absolutely necessary, and even then it was mostly one-word replies. If not for his own mother, Chester was pretty sure he would have been kicked out of the house by now.

"I still don't get why he only picks on you though? He's basically a saint to everyone else- but you?" Brad said, shifting the conversation back to Mike.

"Glad you know to change the subject. And isn't it obvious? he's just a homophobic asshole. That's the only explanation as to why he likes to make my high school life a living hell." Chester grumbled.

"Well it's not like you're the typical kind of gay guy. You act like a dude, you dress like a dude, yeah you care a little too much about your looks- but like, who fucking cares? It's not like you strut down the halls in flamboyant outfits or whatever, not that there is anything wrong with that either." Brad replied a little quickly. He always did get a little agitated when it came to homophobes, probably because his younger brother was also gay and it's just his natural protective instinct coming out. He's more perturbed by it than Chester was.

"Well I think that's probably why he hates me so much." Chester stated, to which he gave Chester a confused stare. "It's because I'm not the stereotypical gay that he's intimidated. Male ego if you could say. Shit like that. I don't know you're the straight one."

"Well whatever it is, he better get his ego in check before I keep it in check for him." Brad said, shaking his fist in the air, trying his earnest to look as intimidating as he sounded to which Chester just sniggered lightly, stopping outside his next class.

"Okay grumpy, see you after school."

He waved his farewell before Chester disappeared into the classroom leaving the disgruntled best friend to stew in his own thoughts. The young student smiled at the couple of students already seated at their desk chatting amongst themselves, to which they smiled back up at him. Chester was lucky he thought. Other than Mike, no one else in school really gave him a hard time about being gay.

Everyone simply understood and life went on. Being the only openly gay kid in school did have its downsides though, like never having a date to any of the school events and such- but it was fine. Chester would always have Brad there to be his right hand man.

High school didn't seem as bad as what most other people had it- but Chester did wish his home life could be better. He meant his dad was ashamed of him, not something most teenagers had to deal with- but he didn't hold it against his father though. He was after all entitled to his own opinion. At least he doesn't abuse Chester for it, he just pretends his own son doesn't exist. To which broke his heart most times- but as life would have it, he would just move on.

Chester shook off his own thoughts just as the teacher walked in, slightly frazzled whilst holding a travel flask of steaming coffee in her hand as she started scribbling notes on the board.


The day had passed by rather quickly and before Chester knew it, it was the end of another school day. Chester had slowly made his way back to his locker. Pulling at the dial until it clicked open, it was then he was seen throwing in any books that he didn't need, giving himself a once through in his mirror before closing his locker. He busies himself by leaning against his locker waiting for his best friend to show as they both promised they would meet up. They both had planned on heading to Chester's place to just hang out after school- but as usual he was late. It wouldn't be the first time and Chester had just gotten used to it over time.

Bradford Delson had been his best friend since middle school. He was actually the new kid, having moved to Los Angeles from New York City. His father's job was kind of hectic as he moved a lot growing up. So far, his stay in L.A. had been the longest he's ever been in one place. Anyway, they had both met in middle school and been best buds ever since. They just clicked and Chester had always dread the day that he would just tell him that he was moving somewhere far away again seeing as though his father's line of work had always been very unpredictable. Chester tried not to think about it too much though, like somehow thinking about it made it real.

Chester casted a quick glance to his watch, realising that he had been waiting close to fifteen minutes now and still no sign of his curly haired friend to be seen. Chester sighed loudly, pulling out his smart phone from his pant pocket, thinking about texting his very forgetful friend.

You know how things always happen at the wrong time, like when you get an itch when your hands are dirty, or a phone call when you're in the bathroom, as if knowing that Chester was going to text him, it was then Brad rounded the corner in a brisk manner.

"Sorry, sorry!" He called out at the sight of Chester waiting.

"Well took you long enough? Shall we get going?" Chester asked.

"Yeah well about that. That was kinda what I was apologising for?"

Chester turned to look at his best friend, raising an eyebrow at him. "Yeah I got a call from my mum, apparently she needs help with something so I have to head home now. I know we were supposed to hang- but...I'm sorry."

Chester chuckled at his flustered friend making up his explanation as to why he couldn't come home with Chester. "Yeah man, no worries. You could have texted me or something though, so at least I wouldn't have waited here like a fucking idiot."

"Yeah sorry about that. You know me, I'm stupid like that." He smiled sheepishly at Chester as he lightly punched Chester in the shoulder.

"Whatever. See ya then." Chester chuckled, turning around, giving Brad a wave goodbye and headed for his own car. Once in the school parking lot, the young teen looked up at the beat-up truck and smiled softly. The thing had memories that was for sure. His dad and Chester used to work on it together, back before Chester had came out. They were actually pretty close back in the day. He would spend his weekends out with his old man, be it going fishing, the batting cages or just in the garage fixing up little red. That was what Chester had called the truck, well because it was red. Genius right? When they finally got her up and running, it was kind of an accomplishment really for the both of them. It was Chester's first car that he had ever fixed, although most of it was his dad's handy work.

'When you can drive, she's all yours.' The memory of the father saying that to his own son pushed its way through Chester's mind, as Chester could remember looking at their own achievements of getting the old pick-up truck to start. He was shocked to say the least- but ecstatic at the same time. Chester's first car, and it was something he helped fix up. Even after he came out and his own father giving him the cold shoulder, Chester was still given Little Red and he was grateful for that at least.

Little Red wasn't the shiniest or newest car around the school yard, far from it actually- but she had character, and for some beat up old truck, she still had a lot of fight left to give.

With a jingle from his keys, jamming the right key into the lock it was then he quickly jimmied the lock as he got into the truck and started her up once he closed he door behind him, feeling her rumbled to life under his body. He shifted Little Red into the right gear as he pulled out of the school parking lot before heading home. Chester lived in the suburbs of L.A., nothing too fancy- but it was home nonetheless. His family wasn't rich- but we weren't poor either, middle classed like most other people who lived in the same area as them. Once home, he parked by the curb outside his home looking to the two-story house that sat to his left. Chester's dad's car wasn't parked in the driveway so that means he hadn't gotten back from work just yet. Chester got out of his truck, locking it before walking up the winding pathway that led to the house. He glanced at the grass lawn noticing that it was getting a little shabby now from weeks of neglect. Making a mental note to mow it later on as he continued his walk onto the wooden porch, the bottom stair creaking as he approached the front door.

Pulling out his keys, sliding it into the door lock. He opened the door, only to have his senses assaulted by the smell of someone baking. Smiling. There's nothing like coming home to his mother's baking. Brad would have cursed the fact that he missed coming over.

"Hey mum, I'm home." Chester shouted as he closed the front door behind him, kicking his converses off, throwing his keys aside onto the small hallway table along with his backpack he then headed for the kitchen.

"Hi honey. I'm in the kitchen." Chester smiled. Of course she was in the kitchen, where else would she be baking.

"No duh mum. Didn't think you were baking in the bathroom now did I." Chester sniggered, now walking into the kitchen, the smell of freshly baked cookies even more overwhelming now as the young teen's mouth watered at the simplicity of how amazing the kitchen was smelling now. "What's the occasion?" Chester asked, picking up a cookie and sitting up at the kitchen island. Watching his mother move around in the kitchen.

"No reason. Just felt like baking." His mum smiled softly at her comment, taking off her oven mitts before coming over and kissing her son on the forehead. She cocked her head around as if looking for someone behind Chester. "I thought you said Brad was coming over today?"

"He had something come up, he couldn't make it." Chester said, taking another bite of chocolate heaven. Softly moaning at the sugary sweetness that would come between his lips from taking second bite.

"Oh well that's too bad. He loves my cookies doesn't he?" She asked as if the answer wasn't already obvious.

"Everyone loves your cookies Mum." Chester deadpanned. Taking another large bite out of his cookie, his actions repeating itself with the sounds of moaning escaping his lips.

"That's sweet of you. Well you can bring him some tomorrow then?" She suggested kindly.

"Or I can just eat all of it." Chester said, picking up another cookie. She just chuckled and pushed a hand through Chester's already messy locks, giving his spiked hair a slight ruffle. "I'll be upstairs mum. Just call if you need anything."

"Kay honey, oh and could you do me a favor and mow the lawn, it's getting pretty unruly."

"Already planned on doing it mum." Chester shouted back as he ran up the stair, closing his bedroom door after him. His room wasn't very big- but it was sufficient, enough room for a double bed, his computer workstation and a few posters of his favourite bands that littered the walls to which was all that Chester really needed. He did video editing as a side hobby and it help him get some extra cash now and then too. Sometimes he would do stuff for the school and sometimes people would ask him to do their wedding videos and what not. He wasn't complaining. If he got to make some money doing what he liked to do, then why not? After all, what teenager wouldn't want a little extra cash now and then?

He spent an hour or so online before he decided to go down and mow the lawn, before it got too dark in the day as nightfall was slowly approaching. Pulling off his good clothing as he then slipped into a pair of old cargo shorts and a wife beater he found beside his bed it was then he headed outside as his mum was now preparing dinner before Chester's dad would arrive at any given moment.

Realising the lawn mower was out of gas. Halfway through the job of collecting the spare can of gas from the garage, the familiar black jeep pulled into the driveway. Chester didn't bother to look up at his father because he wouldn't have acknowledged him even if Chester did so he just kept on doing what he was doing with his head down as he could hear the door of his father's car slam shut before the familiar heavy footsteps ascended up the pathway before he would disappear into the house. The young teen sighed, wondering if it would ever change, his relationship with his dad as he longed to have an actual conversation with his father one day. It was then with heavy heart, he pushed the thought from his mind as I continued with the lawn.

"Hey there Bennington." Chester rolled his eyes at the sound of his annoying, drawling voice. Could his afternoon get any worse then it already was? Once he heard the familiar sounds of someone speaking beside him.

"What do you want Mike?" Chester asked, not bothering to hide the frustration in his voice.

"Now is that the type of tone you use on your dear neighbour." He cooed from the sidewalk. Chester scoffed at his statement. So what if he was his neighbour? He'll be damned if Chester ever talked to him nicely.

"You know if you have nothing better to do then just fuck off Mike, get the fuck away from me." Chester growled between gritted teeth, keeping his focus on wanting to mow his lawn before dark. Didn't think it was a bad idea telling Mike to fuck off until Chester let out a squeak moreorless as the smaller teenager was tackled to the ground. His side hurt from where Mike's shoulder contacted him- but he managed to turn around, however being ultimately weaker than Mike, Chester couldn't break free. He straddled Chester, his hands coiling up to pin Chester's hands beside his own head, flashing that annoying smirk that he reserved solely for Chester.

"Get the fuck off me." Chester spat out, trying to get out of his grasp- but it didn't work as Mike tightened his grip as he then leaned in closer, his breath so warm against Chester's quivering lips.

"You're a feisty little thing aren't you?" came Mike's breathy voice, that Chester couldn't help- but shudder.

It was then, Mike moved both his hands over Chester's head, pinning them there with one hand, leaving his other hand free. "You know I might actually lay off you if you weren't so rude to me."

"Yeah right and I'm going to be President of the United States. Just fuck off man. Isn't school enough for you? Must you torment me even when I'm home?"

He grabbed Chester's face with his free hand now, squeezing his cheeks hard against his hard touch as sniggered darkly, his lips an inch away from Chester's which the smaller teen tried to not think too much of the close proximity between both boys. "Now where's the fun in that?" He said, lightly slapping Chester on the face.


The voice boomed from across the yard. Chester watched as Mike rolled his eyes from where he was still hovering above Chester.

"Yes dad?" He said, putting on his best charming voice which only made Chester snort, Mike narrow his eyes into slits, casting Chester a deathly glare.

"Quit playing with your friend and come here. I need you to take care of your little sister. I'm going out." Chester turned his head slightly just enough to see Mr. Shinoda get into his car, before driving off without as little as a 'Goodbye'.

"Yeah more like get drunk again. No wonder mum left you." The half Asian teen mumbled to himself which Chester caught onto the end of Mike's words as he bit his lip up at Mike's comment about his dad. He turned back to Chester, looking down at him once again.

"Looks like I have to cut short our little play session." He said, releasing Chester's hands and getting off of the smaller teen. "Till next time Bennington." He spat, strutting over back to his own house. Chester sighed dropping his head back down into the thick grass. Mike was irritating- but not anything he couldn't deal with. He has never actually hurt Chester so he could take it all in his own stride. Mike's just trying to get him riled up- but luckily he had his best friend; Brad and his mum to keep him in check. As screwed up as his dad was, at least he's still there, unlike Mike's mum who skipped town the minute she divorced Mr. Shinoda. Yeah he could deal with it.

Well that was until his world started crashing before his very eyes.



AN Should I continue? Please let me know everyone :)? I will have my other stories updated. Just had this story half written for a while and really wanted to give it ago. Let me all know what you think. This is very different for me, I am have always wanted to write a high school fic featuring the band in it :) so yeah this is a challenge for myself and I hope you all will enjoy it <3

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