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If Only They Knew by Technicolorlover


When he first found out about the stories, he dismissed them. But curiosity eventually got the better of him as it always did. It was surreal to say the least, thousands of people from all over the world writing about him and the band. All the different genres: fantasy, sci-fi, horror, high school AUs. And of course, romance. For every one story about any other genre, there seemed to be fifteen about romance.

Everyone had been paired off. Brad and Rob, Joe and Dave, Mike and Brad, Rob and Joe, Dave and Brad, and every possible combination. Threesomes and even foursomes graced the Internet. He even saw a few band orgies. And of course, there was him and Mike, the most popular pairing of them all.

He got a kick at who they thought would top in that pairing. It was funny really to see the majority convinced that Mike was the dominant one in the relationship. They all seemed to think that he was the one spreading his legs, begging to be fucked.

Perhaps it was because of how he looked. He'd have to be blind not to notice how thin and even delicate looking he was. After all, he had been made fun of it when he was a teen and now those very same features that used to get him shoved into lockers sent people around the world crazy in some sort of twisted “Ugly Duckling” irony. He was almost like a living china doll with his bow lips, porcelain skin, and innocent doe eyes.

Or maybe it was his past. He had never delved into exactly what he went through as a child, so many wrote him as a bottom as a “healing process”. How that was supposed to make those memories stop was beyond him. He had come to terms to what had happened a long time ago, no magical healing penises needed.

To many of the fans, something about him screamed “submissive”. Where they got that idea, he'd never know.

If only they knew the truth.

If only they knew that Mike got off at being paddled like a naughty school boy. If only they knew how often he performed with the plug deep inside him, unknown to everyone but the two of them, keeping the cum from their latest encounter from oozing down his legs. If only they knew that one reason he never took his shirt off was because of the amount of red welts left behind from his favorite whip. If only they knew that they had a safe word (it was taxes by the way, not that they ever had to use it). If only they knew about the piercings that graced his nipples and the small hoop through the head of his cock and that he could orgasm just by playing with the hoops.

How could they know that Mike loved to suck dick and that his biggest fantasy was about getting gangbanged by his fellow band mates? That they saved DP for special occasions? Did they have a clue as to how often Mike allowed himself to get fucked in the bus while the rest of the band were mere feet away? Could they even imagine how Mike’s night routine ended with him impaling himself on a dildo before falling asleep? How could they know that Mike Shinoda, was the biggest cockslut that he had ever met?

He chuckled at the idea of bottoming for Mike. It was absurd to be honest. Mike might be the control freak in the studio where everything had to be perfect, but behind closed doors he gladly gave that precious control up and loved being dominated.

He had tasted the rainbow when it came to drugs but there was nothing quite as addicting as seeing Mike Shinoda on his knees thrusting a fist sized dildo into himself, begging for release from his Master. Because he never came without permission. He was pretty sure that if he just walked up behind Mike anywhere, on the bus, in the studio, or even on stage and whispered “Come for me” then Mike would come right then and there, situation be damned.

Pavlov’s dog had nothing on Mike Shinoda.

He closed the door behind him and headed down the stairs to his basement. He rubbed his rock hard member with excitement at what he would find. He groaned at the possibilities that were in store for him.

He brought his attention to what was in front of him. Mike was naked and bent over a large table, his wrists tied to the table with his favorite silk scarves and his legs were spread and secured to the tables legs. He was blindfolded and clearly ready for what his Master had in store for him. He had been ordered to spend the day with his Master’s favorite plug in him, the one with the remote control vibration. He had to spend the entire day in the studio with his fellow band mates, none of whom were the wiser to the situation.

Every once in awhile he'd discreetly turn on the plug, sending deep vibrations into Mike that nailed his prostate. He'd casually turn up the intensity and watch with glee as Mike tried to critique Brad’s guitar playing without moaning like the slut they both knew he secretly was. And as soon as it started, he'd turn off the plug, causing Mike to send a small keening noise from the back of his throat to his Master. He had to remind Mike several times “Later.”

Now it was later and he watched as Mike moaned loudly at the plug that was still deep inside him on its highest setting. A thin chain connected his nipple piercings to his Prince Albert, sending shocks of pleasure every time he moved his dick.

He was sure that if someone asked Mike what his name was, he wouldn't even remember much less be able to get a sentence out.

He loved seeing Mike like this. Strung out, begging for release but never giving himself what he wanted without his Master’s permission. Moaning like a two dollar whore, begging for “More more please I need more fuck my mouth fuck my ass Master please I need more aren't I your good slut please gimme your cock I fucking love your cock in my greedy ass I can't get enough.”

Oh yes, Mike Shinoda lost all control of his filter when it came down to sex. There had been many times where he nearly came untouched by simply listening to Mike’s babbling.

He calmly walked over to the moaning emcee and placed his hand on the base of the plug. He slowly started pulling it in and out carefully fucking Mike with the toy.

“You've been a good boy today Mike,” he praised the younger man as he grazed the toy against Mike's prostate, “and good boys get rewarded. Tell me, what do you want?” He stopped his ministrations long enough for Mike to croak out,

“The gag and the ring sir.” He smiled at Mike’s choices and thrust the toy back into him, causing Mike to cry out in pleasure. Placing a kiss on the back of the emcee’s neck he grabbed the younger man’s leaking member and let his fingers lightly dance across the sensitive skin. Mike let out a deep moan when a calloused finger spread the precum over his cock and slowly began pumping him, flicking the thin hoop going through the head, sending jolts of pleasure through his body. Just when the thought he couldn't take anymore, the hand let go, causing him to let a sob out.

He went to grab the necessary supplies, but not before flipping another switch on the remote for the plug. Mike started screaming as the toy not only buzzed inside him, but began to piston inside his ass, fucking the emcee.

He walked over calmly to the chest that contained their favorite toys. Dildos, whips, paddles, blindfolds, handcuffs, restraints, cockrings, gags, and so much more resided in there. Opening it, he quickly found what he needed and closed the chest.

Mike was babbling when he got back, strung out and dripping pre cum that fell to a puddle at his feet.

“Please Master I need it,” Mike begged as the toy continued to fuck him. He was glad he had so much experience with restraint after all those years of on stage hard ons, he felt like he could come untouched watching Mike. “I'm open and ready just how you like me. You could fist me right now I'm so fucking ready. Could take everyone right now. Wouldn't you like to see me get fucked by the guys while you watched, telling them what to do? I'd make it good for them like I do for you. Don't you like the idea of me being covered in their cum and used like a cheap hole to fuck.”

He had to hold back a groan at the visual that Mike brought forth. The idea of Brad and Rob both thrusting in and out of Mike together and Dave fucking Mike’s mouth while Mike jacked off Joe was one he liked.

As much as he loved hearing Mike talk about his deepest fantasies, he had a job to do.

He brought the gag to Mike’s lips and said, “Open.” Mike gladly opened his mouth and allowed the thick penis gag to slide down his throat. This was his favorite gag, it strapped a realistic 8 inch cock into his mouth and allowed him to feel like he was being spit roasted while his Master fucked him. As soon as the gag was secure he started sucking it as if it was a real cock.

He often wondered who Mike was visualizing when he sucked the fake cock. Was he sucking his Master’s cock? Or perhaps he was getting off on the idea of sucking one of their band mates. Or maybe he was fantasizing about a glory hole, sucking any random cock that appeared in front of him.

Walking behind Mike he prepared himself with the other toy. Usually they only brought this one out on special occasions such as birthdays or holidays, but since Mike had been such a good boy he decided to comply with the younger man’s wishes.

He strapped the dildo to his own member and began to lube it and himself up. Mike loved getting off on two dicks at once and he loved it too. Having another cock, even a fake one, made his own cock squeeze tighter against Mike's silky walls. He watched as Mike sucked the gag like it was his only source of oxygen and thrust his hips trying to match the pace of the plugs own thrusts. Tears of pleasure were coming through the blindfold and his cock was letting a steady stream of precum out through its angry purple tip. He moaned around the gag, unable to make any other noise. Not that he'd be able to talk even without the gag at this point.

Approaching Mike he turned off the toy, causing Mike to let a muffled sob out at the loss of his pleasure. He slowly removed the plug and put it to the side and slid four fingers in without any hesitation from the emcee’s body.

Mike wasn't kidding when he said he was ready. He was slick and hot and he felt like he could shove his forearm into his band mate’s ass. He pumped his fingers in and out a few time before removing them and slowly began to replace them with his own cock and the strap on.

He still felt as tight as they day he first fucked his lover. He let a groan out as he fully sheathed himself inside Mike.

“God you're so tight,” he moaned as he began moving inside of Mike. “Your ass was made for me.” He tried to keep his movements slow, but he slowly lost control as he watched Mike’s hole swallow both members greedily.

He barely had to do any work with how hard Mike was thrusting against him, fucking himself on his Master’s length.

“Look at you,” he whispered into Mike’s ear while giving it an occasional bite. “What would people think if they saw you like this? Fucking yourself on two fat cocks and sucking on another like a cheap porn star. What would people think if they saw the great Mike Shinoda like this?” Mike moaned around the gag, his eyes rolling back underneath the blindfold while tears rolled down his face.

It was too much, he couldn't take it much longer. He wanted release but knew he would be punished if he came without permission. He felt helpless as his Master took control and his cock and strapon began to pound into him faster and faster, nailing his prostate every time. Stars began to explode behind his eyes as he was overcome with pleasure. His poor cock was aching for release, begging to be touched. He thrust his hips in a vain attempt to get some friction, his mind slowly blurring into a mantra of sogoodwannacumohgodfullyespleasecum. He let his tongue run down the underside of the cock gag before letting it circle the fake head, saliva slowly dripping out of the corners of his mouth. He felt his eyes roll to the back of his head, allowing himself to simply react to what was going around him. Thoughts started to become more scarce as all he cared about was the cocks in him and trying to get them off, whether they were real or not.

God, it was delicious. The tightness, the slickness, and it was just so hot. He looked down to watch his cock thrust in and out of Mike. Watching that greedy hole suck in both cocks almost sent him over the edge. Almost. He began to thrust even harder, shaking the table beneath him.

“God you're so fucking tight I don't know how you do it with such a needy hole like yours. You can't go a day without shoving something up there can you? You'd put both fists in there if you could.” Mike moaned loudly at the idea of both of his Master’s fists inside him at once.

Faster and harder his Master fucked him until just when he didn't think he could take anymore, thin fingers wrapped around Mike’s cock and his Master whispered, “Come with me.” And that was it. The words were barely out before Mike screamed around the gag, cumming all over the thin hand. At the same time his Master thrust deep into him and painted his insides with his cum.

They both laid there, for how long, neither knew. The room smelled of sweat and sex and the heat was almost unbearable. The only sounds were of their steadying pants as oxygen couldn't seem to fill their lungs fast enough. Slowly he removed himself from Mike and removed the strapon before he began the ritual of cleaning Mike up.

He started with untying his ankles, gently kissing where the silk scarves bound him. He did the same with Mike’s wrists, placing soft kisses on his pulse points and caressing the hands against his cheeks. He carefully rolled Mike onto his back before removing the gag. He gave Mike a tender kiss before unhooking the chain that connected the rings on his nipples and member, rubbing soft circles around the hoops. He grabbed a damp washcloth and began to clean Mike of all sweat and cum, while softly humming. He took extra care around his lover’s softened member, placing a kiss under the sensitive head when he was done. He placed the washcloth to the side before taking the blindfold off and gazing into his lovers eyes.

“I dunno how you do it Mikey,” he said as he wiped sweat off of Mike’s brow, “pretty sure what you go through would send a normal guy crying to his mom and cause him to take a vow of celibacy.” Mike smiled at him before answering,

“One man's boner killer is another man's fetish I guess. Think next time we could try that double fisting you were talking about Chester?” Chester gave a wolfish grin down at Mike.

“I thought you'd never ask.”


So yeah, long time reader, first time writer. Fictional Chester and Mike's views are probably not the same at their real life counterparts and my views may not be reflected here as well. Hope you guys like it! Rate and Review!

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