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Something between Us by MissDomho


AN This is probably the most random thing I have ever wrote lol. Hope to see some feedback? Sorry for the spam of fics...I have the worse writers block and it's eating me up inside! Anyway..on with the story!

Warning Drug use and fluffy Bennoda.



Chester's lips were the colour of cherry, plump and shiny. Mike watched them as they closed around the joint, aching to lean in and kiss them. Chester inhaled slowly and let the smoke trickle steadily out of his mouth. He caught the half Asian's gaze and grinned, holding the joint out to him.

“You alright?”

Mike had asked, plucking the joint from Chester's hand and taking a drag for himself. The older friend nodded, then let out an odd little giggle, crawling closer to Mike.

“Pass the joint,” He then mumbles softly. “I wanna try something with you- But you have to keep your mouth open.”

Smiling, Mike handed the joint back to his friend. As Chester wrapped his lips around the white cylinder full of hash, he inhales deeply, the weed teetering his lungs. He then beckoned Mike to move a little closer, until they were near enough to kiss. The older male exhaled in a rush, blowing the smoke into Mike's mouth. The half Asian man then breathed in, trying not to think about how close Chester's lips were to his own. As he moaned at the sensation of feeling Chester's hot breath against his skin.

“Did I do it right?” Asked Chester as he was looking anxiously up at Mike. “I didn’t get it in your eye or anything, did I?”

“That was okay- but there is a better way of doing it.” Mike then took the joint again, taking another pull of his own, and then slipped his hand on the back of Chester's neck. He covered the Vocalist's mouth with his own, their lips sealed together, and exhaled while Chester inhaled as he was whimpering into Mike's mouth, tasting the hash and minty toothpaste between Mike's lips. Once Mike was finished, he sat back. Chester looked dazed, swaying a little, and Mike was about to ask if he was OK when he suddenly seemed to come back down to Earth and grinned immensely up at Mike who was now returning his own smile.

“Holy shit,” He muttered. “Can we…ahh...can we do that again?”

“Sure.” Mike began to raise the joint back to his mouth when he felt a hand on his arm, pushing it back down, and all of a sudden Chester's cherry stained lips were just hovering close to his, and there was a hopeful, playful glint in his eyes now.

“I meant without the joint this time.”



This is so random haha. I had no idea what I was thinking. Was watching the movie 'Knocked up' and I dunno maybe that movie inspired me to write this haha! So let me know what you think? XD thank you xxx

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