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Lost in the echo by SonataNocturne

A/N: So! This is my first story ever in english. Sorry that the language isn't perfect and it is rather short. Please be kind.. I hope you enjoy and maybe even leave a review which I would appreciate greatly. I publish this also in Wattpad. Here we go


Chester woke up to the sound of metal clinging above his head. It was dark and he could barely see. Someone was hovering above him freeing his wrists from shackles it seemed

"Finally. Are you ready?" the person asked trying to lift him up.

His feet were numb and wrists sore.

"Well? I have had enough of the bullshit" the man now dragged him in his feet and was pulling him by his wrists.

"What... Hey stop it!" Chester tried to protest but he was way too weak for the strong stranger.

"No. We had this fight already. Now you obey or I will get really mad and you know that isn't fun. At least isn't for you" the man pushed him forward with a grin in his voice.

He couldn't do anything but to walk, still dumbfounded what was happening. He didn't have time to think and the man pushed him into another room that had faint light coming from a broken lamp. The room had torn dirty wallpapers and big messy looking bed with only a thin sheet. On one corner of the room there was lonely chair turned away from the center and on the other corner a pile of empty bottles and cans. Mostly beer and Redbull but also some water.

"Undress" the man shoved him further and closed the door behind.

"Wh..what?" Chester turned around thinking he hadn't heard that right. Then he saw it. The stranger had greasy black hair drooping over his gray eyes. He was weirdly twitching the other eye. Cheeks covered in acne scars and beard not shaved just bit too long. He wasn't muscular but tall and sturdy. And now Chester remembered it all. All the days before. All the tears and screaming. All the bruises and cuts after. And how he had gotten here again. And how the man wasn't stranger after all. He went pale and broke in cold sweat.

"No no no no no no no!" he lunged towards the closed door.

"For fucks sakes Chester! What did I tell you just few minutes ago. I am NOT doing this all again. You know how this goes" the man was now on the verge of screaming.

"But... Why..." he was whispering for the door

"You know why. Cause you are pathetic, weak, disgusting creature that no one loves", the man grabbed his collar and pulled him away from the door.

"So now. Do as you are told or do I need to give you another lesson? Remember last time? You couldn't wear tight shirts in a week. You know I saw you..."

Chester gulped and dropped his gaze. The memory made him shiver. He couldn't believe this was happening again. Why him? Oh yes, he was ugly, skinny and pathetic. Yes he knew that. But why not to leave him alone? Why not to bully someone else? His palms started to sweat and he wiped them in his skinny black jeans.

"NOW!" the man yelled suddenly and Chester startled.

He begin to take his shirt off and remembered- the door wasn't locked. The lock had broke few weeks ago. He could try. He would only has to get to the other room and little bit further. The back door was in the corner of the other room. And it certainly wasn't locked either. Now or never, he decided and lunged once again towards the door. He apparently made it cause it was dark again and he heard the man yelling. He searched the room for a second and ran to the back door. Well at least he tried. He tripped to something and fell grunting in pain.

"Why you always want to do this in the hard way? You fucking never learn!" the man was now screaming on his face and then started to drag him by his ankle. He tried to grab to anything he could but the man was strong.

"Stop it! You can't get away before I am finished!" he yelled to Chester.

Back in the room the man lifted him by his collar and threw on the bed closing the door again. Chester was now trying to catch a breath. It went as well as he thought. He was so familiar with failure that it didn't even surprise him.

"I can see the wheels turning in you head. But I can assure you it would be the easiest and less painful if you would just give up" the man was brushing his dirty hair away from his face the eye twitching even more than before. He came climbing on top of Chester.

"So... Where were we?" the man was now grinning and licking his dry lips.

"Please... Just let me go", Chester plead tears filling his eyes.

"Oh love... I have heard that so many times from you. And how many times I have let you go? Right, none" the man laughed and licked salty tears from his cheek

It was more like an reaction than anything else. Chester slapped the man in the face. Hard, but still slapped. Like a little bitch.

"You fucking...!" the man screamed with flaming eyes. Before Chester even knew what was happening something crashed on his head and he felt blood running down his face. He gasped and all went black.

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