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Admin Note by Penelope_Ink

We need to hear your voices

Hi everyone, as most of you have noticed, LPF is badly in need of some updates. Now is the time, and we're putting together a list of things we will be actively updating/changing over the next few weeks.

One thing that we are working on is adding a tribute to Chester under the LP Faction section of the site. We would love to hear from all of you on this. If you would like to leave a personal sentiment for this project, please leave it in the reviews. We will compile the responses and add them to the tribute. We will be leaving this thread open, so that when new people join or when old people return, they can leave their thoughts and dedications as well - it will be a living document here on LPF. Readers and writers alike are welcome to participate. And since this is a writing site, we would love for you to add in what Chester/the band has meant to your writing and even your reading life. Tributes don't have to be long - a few sentences or a paragraph is fine.

As for other updates around the site, if anyone has any suggestions, please leave those in the reviews as well. Updates take time, so please be patient with us as we work to continue to make this a place of community and creativity.

Happy writing everyone.

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