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Roads Untraveled by MissBikeFinoda

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Hello! Nice to meet you all. I am an author over at FFnet for Bleach, but I thought I'd tried Linkin Park fiction. This was very different and difficult, haha. I hope this goes well....

The "Mike!"/"Chester!" interaction towards the end is from a live recording of "With You" at Summer Sonic '06. You HAVE to hear this to truly appreciate the moment, cause I simply cannot put it into words, the adorable interaction they had the first few seconds: http : // www . youtube . com/watch?v=tSD3eOcDOws

Disclaimer: I do not own brands or copyrighted material or the band.


Roads Untraveled: Prologue


“Five hours left, bitches!”

Cheers broke out throughout the large living room, few whooping from the kitchen and wherever else the many guests found themselves wandering, party hats and 2012 glasses glittering about.

Smiling as he pushed past the open door, Anna breaking from him to immediately greet her friends catching her eye, Michael Shinoda pushed the heavy wooden door shut behind him, waving at a few shouts thrown his way; “And here I thought we were early.”

Brad came at his side with a beer, grinning at his long time friend and vocalist, slapping a friendly hand onto his shoulder and gripping him- “Please, it’s Chester’s party! This shit probably started since three in the morning!

They laughed as Mike shook off his jacket, his grey dress shirt fitted above his worn black jeans, hanging his jacket on his usual rung beside the door. He smiled a bit as he recognized the rest of the five on there, turning to the crowded home with a sigh, clapping his hands together and rubbing them.

“Alright- let’s get slightly hammered, Delson.”

Raising his bottle in cheers, Brad took a swig, nodding his head towards the kitchen.

Weaving through the people, greeting friends and fellow artists as they passed, Brad tugged at his tie, the black on navy blue bothering him, looking back over his shoulder as they slowly excused themselves past people; “I knew Elisa made me over-dress. Look at you, you look ready for a show.”

“Always.” Mike grinned back at his friend, the pair finally stepping onto the kitchen floor, Phoenix and Rob smiling as they looked over from the island, beers nearly empty. Rob nodded a hello to his Asian vocalist, his white dress shirt over black looking bright under the lighting next to his band mates’ darker clothing.

“Look who finally decided to show. Even I’m on my second, Shinoda.”

Phoenix laughed at Mike’s dramatic pout, reaching down into the ice bath beside him for a bottle, leaving them to look for an opener. Mike tossed a lame fist against his drummer’s arm, reaching up and rubbing his neck with a slight frown, his other hand shoved into his pocket; “Told Anna Chester likes us here early, she just wouldn’t-.”

He stopped at Phoenix nearly shoving the Dos Equis into his face, his guitarist and bassist throwing their arms over either of his shoulders, Phoenix first to raise his beer-

“To slightly getting hammered tonight!”

Mike laughed, shaking his head as he thunked his bottle against Phoenix’s, smiling as Rob quickly opened a Dos Equis himself, raising it to Mike; “And for being the two comfortably dressed!”

“Hey!” Phoenix and Brad playfully shoved Mike away from them, tugging and adjusting their vests and ties with small, childish pouts, Mike immediately laughing out as Joe wandered in from the dining room beside them, glaring at their knowing drummer as he stood there with his beer- his suit a deep grey over white, his tie obviously tugged at a couple of times.

“Screw you, Rob. Screw you….”

Rob smiled into his swig of beer as Mike only laughed harder, Brad and Phoenix sharing their own laugh at their mate suffering a little more than themselves.

Just a little.


“Four fuckin’ hours left! Start shaking your asses-!”

The walls vibrated from the music pounding through their bodies, Joe distracting himself from his difficult attire at the elaborate stereo and choosing the songs for the night, the Bennington residence packed to the brim with dancing bodies, drinks being passed around as the music grew faster in beat.

Mike sighed as he swirled the last of his beer in lazy circles, looking about.

It had been an hour, and he had met the whole guest list except for the host himself- it had been days since he had seen him, having just gotten back from their Christmas trip to New York with both families, even the weeks before having been busy for both vocalists.

He wanted to see Chester, and he wasn’t going to go another minute waiting.

Taking out his cell phone, Mike slid the screen lock aside, Chester Bennington at the top of his message thread within seconds, his thumb quick over the keypad.


Ches- where are you?


“Mike!” Locking his screen, brown eyes looked up as Phoenix made his way over to his spot against the wall, a worried look barely hiding under his features as he reached Mike, standing beside him against the wall; “Dude, you okay? Been years since I’ve seen you do this lean.”

He laughed at the ridiculous but truthful point, looking at the bassist beside him before sweeping his gaze back out into the crowded place, his thumb rubbing the side of his sleek phone.

“Haven’t been able to find our fuckin’ vocalist in his own damn house.”

Phoenix rolled his eyes, smacking the back his hand to an unsuspecting stomach beside him, ignoring Mike’s startled protest- “He was working in the studio while he waited on you, we all thought it’d be the first place-.”

“Mike!” Phoenix smiled at the immediate lift to Mike’s handsome features, the famous ‘Shinoda smile’ truly showing itself as they heard a familiar voice shouting past the music and talking. Pushing off the wall, pocketing his phone as he watched his friend rushing past his guests with a beaming smile, Mike couldn’t help the laugh as he reached out for him, securing Chester into his embrace as the vocalist nearly plummeted into him with his own arm already swung around Mike’s neck, both men holding their glass bottles out to their sides and safe from their collision; “There you fuckin’ are, Ches!”

Patting Chester’s back as he walked past them, Phoenix left them to themselves, whistling down his dancing wife.

Hardly taking a step back from their arms hooked around each other, Chester looked into those brown eyes he hadn’t seen for so long, reaching up and ruffling Mike’s hair barely long enough to grab at the very front of his crown, smiling as Mike shook his hair out of his hold.

“Now who the hell told you, you could go and cut your hair, Shinoda? What the fuck am I going to grab now, you asshole?”

Chester smiled at Mike’s laughter, feeling his shoulders shake from it, Mike’s arm comfortably wrapped about his waist as their grey and black dress shirts hardly clashed, there beside one another as people carried on about them, Mike leaning in to talk closer to his ear as the songs changed into a fast, loud rhythm.

“Anna couldn’t stand it, take it up with her! Find something else I guess!”

The vocalist snorted with a hard laugh, shaking his head as he took his turn to bump cheeks with his friend, holding back from shouting into his ear under the loud music; “Oh, I’m sure I could, Mike. I’m fuckin’ starved having waited so damn long, go feed me!”

Nodding with a grin, Mike beckoned him to follow as he walked ahead of their host, making their way past the guests, Chester holding onto his shoulder as they weaved through. Stepping back into the kitchen, their drummer and string instrumentalists leaning along the counters, drinking and talking, Chester whistled their attention over, waving plates at them as he and Mike headed for the back sliding door-

“Pizza- try to catch up, motherfuckers!

Laughing as they rushed outside, Chester shoved the door back closed behind him, Brad’s hungry shouts muffled by the glass and music inside, Mike taking the plate Chester handed to him; “Hurry Mike- let’s eat all the cheese pizza.”

“Don’t you dare try anything with my cheese slices, assholes!”

Grabbing the three boxes of cheese pizza, the vocalist pair dashed from the tables as Brad had rushed over, heading across the dimly light yard as he chased after them, Rob and Phoenix shouting out bets on a whole box ruined and wasted by the time they ended their antics.

Grabbing plates, they piled on the pizza as they listened to their band mates race about-

“Give me my pizza-!” “Mike, c’mon, eat them!”


“Three hours to sweat your clothes off!”

Brad muttered obscenities about crazy vocalists as he brushed off leaves from his tamed curls, Mike and Chester still laughing on the lounger by the pool, the pizza boxes resting on their laps as Phoenix wandered over to them, peacefully chewing on his pepperoni slices.

“Did any of the pizza end up on the grass? The pool? Brad’s hair?”

Rubbing his eyes as he finally quieted down with Chester, Mike shook his head as Phoenix sat at the lounger beside them, their guitarist swiping a box from them with a growl; “Gimmie that.”

Chester sighed happily as he calmed his breathing and heart beat, leaning against Mike’s back as he watched Brad sit beside Phoenix, the pizza box on his lap. Rubbing his cheek against the grey material of Mike’s shirt, Chester glanced back at the house behind them, every window glowing with light.

“I didn’t even invite, like, two-thirds of these people.”

Brad choked on the pizza he had been chewing, Phoenix shooting a confused look at the packed house as Mike turned around to look at him, his eye brows furrowed in question; “What?”

Chester nodded, sitting up and tossing the box top open, taking a slice of the messy food.

“Yeah, I had wanted it to be just us this time, a couple of our friends and family. The pizza is a sorry attempt to give some type of food. I shoved what we had made into the ovens, didn’t know how to politely say, “Well, fuckers, I didn’t make enough food for your uninvited ass.”

Mike shook his head with disbelief, looking back at the house filled with so many people they knew, but hardly comfortable enough with most of them to just expect a sudden drop-in. Brad cleared his throat of any food, looking over at Chester.

“I thought it was just your usual, why the hell did you let them stay?”

Chester shrugged, finishing off his slice; “Cause in the end of it all, every single one is a friend at one level or another. I’m not that much of an asshole.”

He glared as his three band mates chimed in “yes you are” together, deciding to shove another slice of pizza into his mouth instead of jabbing back, his friends laughing softly as they fell into a comfortable silence, listening to the muffled music from within. Brushing crumbs off his hands, swallowing with difficulty what he barely managed to chew, Chester stood up from the lounger with a glance at his watch, barely some minutes having passed since nine o’clock was announced.

“I guess I should actually go in and mingle like a real host.”

Brad nodded, smirking as he glanced between the two vocalists, nudged Phoenix beside him; “Yeah, holing yourself up ‘cause you couldn’t cuddle Noda Bear is a little rude, you know.”

“Shut up, Bradford!”


“Two fuckin’ hours left!”

The mood was good was Chester sat on the couch’s armrest, his beer nearly empty as he listened to Rob tell the small group of friends about his newest love- Ramona, his German Shepherd pup. Fuckin’ adorable, was what it was.

He wanted to ask when Draven and the other monsters could meet her, but he caught sight of Talinda beyond a few shoulders, about to stand up and wave her over. It was then she pulled Anna over to her side, the two beauties looking serious, talking low between themselves.

He felt his stomach lurch a bit, wondering if they were alright, worry slowly tightening his chest. Excusing himself from the small group, he pushed past shoulders and drinks and swaying hips, his wife’s eyes snapping up onto him as he reached them, both women silent as they looked at him.

“Are you two alright? Did something happen?”

They shook their heads, Talinda gently caressing Anna’s bare arm as she tried a small smile for her husband, her long gorgeous tresses catching the lights above her, her royal blue dress similar to Anna’s. “It’s nothing, Chester. Just some… girl problems, I guess.”

Oh. He pulled his lips tight as he immediately assumed those problems involved suicidal ovaries, squeezing Talinda’s elbow with a nod and leaving them to themselves; he didn’t look behind him to see Anna’s hard gaze on him as he walked away, Talinda frowning beside her as she gently tugged Anna to follow her, leading her towards the stairs.

Chatting with a few friends as he wandered about, making his way towards the kitchen, Chester quickly tossed his empty bottle in the pile by his trash, grabbing two ice cold ones by their necks. Popping them open, he left the kitchen for the living room, quickly finding his way over to Mike, his half-Asian talking to two women he couldn’t quite recognize.

He came to his side, Mike’s brown gaze immediately turned onto him. Chester smirked at him, passing him a beer.

“You don’t look the ‘slightly’ in ‘slightly hammered’ my friend.”

Mike laughed as he took a quick drink, his friend’s eyes on him as he turned back to the pretty women whom had caught him in conversation, excusing himself from their pouting features.

Slipping his hand over Chester’s back, Mike gripped his shoulder as he turned themselves away from the ladies, hovering his mouth over Chester’s ears Joe returned to the stereo, blasting the music high again; “Have you seen An-?”

He jumped when Chester whirled around, grinning as the well-known LMFAO song started, his eyes bright with mischief- “I know everyone and their dogs have cameras on their phones, but you have to fuckin’ dance this fuckin’ song with me!”

“What!” Mike found himself dragged further into the dancing guests, many cheering when they saw Mike join them in the middle of the large living room, others surrounding the crowd cheering on the swaying and dancing, the music pulsing through them.

“Ches, no fuckin’ way-!”

His vocalist didn’t give him a choice, grabbing his waist as he gave Mike a wild whirl, his moves exaggerated with the beaming grin of fun on his lips, singing the wrong words without a care in the world as others laughed and cheered his shameless fun.

Mike smiled at his friend reenacting the usual club dancing best he could hardly a step away from him, dropping his head back with a defeated groan.

Who was he to ruin Chester’s fun?

“Wiggle with me, Mike fuckin’ Shinoda!” He couldn’t breathe from his laughter, his cheeks hurting from smiling so much as he gave in and just started mirroring Chester’s wild antics, his vocalist shouting happily as Mike finally made a handsome fool of himself with him.

He was sure he could hear the boys howling with laughter beyond them all, Joe turning the music to its loudest as they cheered on their frontmen.

“Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle- yeah!”


“One whole fuckin’ hour left of two thousand fuckin’ eleven, y’all!”

Beers and waters were fisted up into the air with cheers, the immense television over the elaborate mantel turned on, the crisp image of New York and its crowds and confetti adding to the excitement.

Crammed onto the couch with Brad, Phoenix and Rob, Joe and Heidi on the armrest beside the drummer, Mike leaning his arm on his end, they watched the party go hard, talking amongst themselves best they could under the music as they watched what they could of the television.

Mike rubbed at his eye with the heel of his palm, fighting back a yawn and yelping when a weight suddenly dropped itself onto his lap, finding Chester grinning happily, his leg draped over Phoenix and Brad’s laps-

“I think this is the most comfortable my couch has ever been!”

Heidi laughed softly as she watched the band mates sit together, amused at Phoenix’s scoff and roll of his eyes, gesturing at his lap; “You’re not truly comfortable until it’s my lap you’ve sat in.”

Rob wore a fond smile, Chester raising his brows at Phoenix’s claim, patting the thigh beneath him as Mike bit his lip, the slightest blush burning at his skin; he just wasn’t sure if it was from all the drinking or from his friend defending his perch on his lap.

“I don’t know, Dave- it’s pretty damn comfortable here, and I’m sure my great ass isn’t the only reason why it is.”

“Wow!” Brad coughed as he tried to clear his throat from the last of his beer, laughing between his hacking, Rob admitting defeat and just downing the rest of his own drink, the friends’ shoulders shaking from laughter as they sat there together, only Heidi knowing the reason to those bellows of cheer as people glanced curiously at them.

“Thirty six minutes to go! Y’all better grab your midnight kiss!”

Heidi grinned as she grabbed Joe’s hand and dragged him with her to find drinks, Rob and Phoenix standing as they started their search for their partners, Elisa coming up to Brad with an excited spring to her steps.

Patting Chester’s thigh lightly, laughing as Brad simply shoved his leg off of him instead, Mike stood as Chester moved off his lap, both abandoning their bottles on the side table beside them.

Glancing about the room, Chester didn’t see either of their wives, pulling his phone out. He turned to see Mike stuff his hands into his pockets, grabbing his elbow as he put his phone to his ear, dropping his hand from Mike’s arm as he shook his head.

“Nah, they were together last I saw them, I’m calling Talinda.”

Mike only nodded with tight lips, keeping his hands in his pockets. After a few seconds, Chester spoke; “Hey, where are you two? Midnight’s coming!”

Mike watched Chester grab his glasses from his collar, pushing them on, smirking as the brunette blinked rapidly to adjust his eyes, the silver and black of his frames matching his gauges.

“Alright, we’ll be in the middle!”

He hung up, Mike clearing his throat to pull his attention onto him, pulling out his hand to gesture at the phone in Chester’s pocket; “Where’ve they been?”

“She said they’re up in the room, I think Anna might be dealing with their monthly crap.”

He wanted to ask why Mike looked ready to tell him otherwise, Joe and Heidi coming up to them with champagne glasses, their samplist grinning quite smugly.

“Visiting your house so much has finally paid, knowing what everyone else doesn’t!”

Chester laughed, taking two of the glasses and handing one to Mike, turning to Elisa and Brad walking by them; “Did you find the goods like Joe did!”

“Damn right I did!” His wife’s arm linked in his, they raised their champagne glasses to him and moved closer to the television, the guests gathering into the living room from the rest of the immense home, excitement growing.

He could see Phoenix and Linsey with Rob and his good friend Dayna, each with the long glasses as well.

“Twenty-two minutes!”

“….Mi-ike.” Chester stood with his arm against his friend, looking to his side without moving, catching sight of a perked eyebrow from his emcee. Waiting a few seconds, keeping his features completely serious, Chester quipped, “Mi-ike.”

Mike snorted from trying to hold back his laugh, his smile spreading wide, quickly collecting himself as he cleared his throat, standing there as he watched a timer count down the minutes.




“Ches-tah!” A few people looked at them with curious smiles, others knowing all too well just how them they were being, laughing as the grown kids from just some twelve years ago stood together, faces straight and composed as they held their champagne- “Mi-ike!”


Chester ran a hand over his shaven head, looking about them as couples and friends stood together, beers and waters re-filled. Letting out an exasperated sigh, Chester clicked his tongue, frowning; “Where the hell are our wives, Shinoda?”

Mike shrugged, Brad waving at them over by the window, cupping his hands as he stood on his toes-

“Where the hell are your wives!”

Mike shrugged again with defeated hands, Chester popping up onto his toes as Brad dropped back down on his heels, his vocalist easily yelling back, “I don’t know!”

Elisa elbowed Brad as she pointed over at Joe and Heidi whistling for their attention, the couple pointing over at the frontmen with confused looks, Heidi gesturing at her breasts. Brad raised a brow, Elisa easily understanding her.

“They’re asking about Anna and Talinda.”

“Oh!” Brad nodded as he now saw it, shrugging back at them.


Turning around, he met Phoenix’s gaze, Rob standing beside him, both glancing towards Mike and Chester before yelling over at him- “Where are Talinda and Anna!”

“I don’t know ‘cause they don’t even know!”

“How could they not know!”


Mike frowned as he looked to the stairs, Anna yet to come down as the music died down and the television was turned up, Chester bumping his arm against him, his brows furrowed with concern as he looked over Mike; “You alright?”

“Yeah, just… jet-lagged, I guess.”

Chester made to press further, feeling his phone vibrate in his pocket, groaning as he pulled it out of his pocket to check his screen, bringing it up to his ear; “Talinda, the countdown is nearly done, will you two get down here already?”

Mike shifted uncomfortably as he watched Chester’s features, the brunette frowning as he listened.

“Well, should he go up there?”

Mike tensed, lips tight as Chester’s eyes moved onto him, muttering understanding into the phone. Talinda hanging up on him, he pocketed his phone, his eyes heavy as he looked at Mike, noticing the stress beneath it all; “Uh, she’ll try to get down here… but that Anna doesn’t want to come down….”

“…guess she’s cramping pretty badly….”

“Five minutes!”

“Wait,” Chester started, “are there any New Year’s traditions we’re supposed to have done?” Mike looked up to the ceiling in thought, Chester looking at him as Mike bit his lip, tapping his feet to the music on television.

“Well, there’s whole thing about cuddling a tiger during the countdown, but I guess it’s too late for that.”

“Don’t tell me things like that, you know I’d do it.”

“Four minutes!”

Chester switched his weight off his left leg, their arms pressed up against each other, scratching at his neck.

“Are you staying over tonight?”

Mike shook his head, watching the ball above the city grow brighter; “Nah, we should head home after this.”

“Three minutes!”

“Mike, our wives aren’t here yet.”

Mike frowned apologetically at him, shrugging as he ran his hand through his short mane; “Talinda can come down, you still have time.”

“Two minutes!”

Chester texted his wife, growling as he looked around, finding just about everyone coupled for their first kiss of the year- “Are you serious? Am I really going to miss this-!”

“One minute!”

Mike could feel Chester’s steady bouncing of his leg, glancing behind them to the stairs again, the balcony empty of either of their wives.

“Well, two scenarios,” Mike turned back to Chester, pointing at him; “Either Talinda makes it down and you get your kiss-.”

“Fifity seconds!”

“-Or you won’t be alone if she doesn’t make it. By the way, are we slightly hammered?”

“Ten! Nine! Eight!”

Chester nodded with a cheeky grin, clinking his glass against Mike’s.

“Seven! Six! Five!”

“Oh my god, Mike.” Chester whirled around to look at the stairs, gaping as he had yet to spot his beautiful wife.

“Four! Three!”

“Chester, I’m sorry-.”

Chester flailed his arm about in such disbelief, looking over his shoulder at the ball about to touch its base.


“Dude, I am not missing my damn kiss!”


Mike gave a small smile as hats were thrown into the air, their shouts echoing off the high ceiling above them- “Happy New Year!”

He raised his glass with the crowd about them, smiling as sips were taken, pairs all around him turning to each other and leaning in. “Ches,” he started, “Happy new-.”

Mike turned his head at Chester’s hand curled over the nape of his neck, nearly letting his glass slip through his grip as his eyes closed by instinct, breathing in with surprise as Chester pressed his lips over his.

He got his damn kiss.


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