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From Orchids and Othello by Strawberry.dear

Orchids and Othello

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Orchids and Othello

Twirling one curl around his finger, he let it go again, pulling a face of disapproval. It was Saturday morning, a normal, sunny morning and as every Saturday morning around this time, he was preparing his appearance. Which included picking out his best outfit he always saved up for the weekend and bringing his hair in place, however the latter usually was a big failure. Sighing loudly, he shook his head and just let his curls be, it didn't matter anyway.

Half an hour later, he was on his way, a bouquet of wildflowers in warm and sunny colors in his hand, along with a box of self-made biscuits. Work got its hands on him pretty well but it didn't stop him from baking cakes and other sweets after almost ten hours of work each day. Since having his own flower shop, there was a lot more to do than just selling flowers; it meant preparing bouquets and flower arrangements, and with his shop being a recommendation among insiders, he had plenty of work to do, even after closing the shop's door behind him.

An hour later, he entered the huge building he always visited on Saturday mornings, climbed the stairs to the room like usual, greeted the same nurses and other visitors as he always did. Only one knock at the door of the room that was his destination, and an old lady's voice sounded from inside, calling him in. With a broad smile on his lips, he entered and closed the door behind him, his smile increasing when he was greeted properly. “Chester, my dear, it's good to see you,” his grandmother chuckled, the joy of seeing her grandson clear in her voice. “Good morning, grandma, how are you feeling?” They started their usual conversation, he told her about the events in his shop, about his cats and the happenings in the neighborhood. Chester loved his grandmother to death, she was his only relative living so close that he was on good terms with still. What would he do without their Saturday mornings...

It was a lovely morning as Mike Shinoda woke up, his alarm loud and piercing as it announced that it was time for him to get up. With a groan the male reached out and silenced the annoying clock and crawled out of bed. It was 5AM in the morning and almost every other human-being was still in bed and deep asleep – but not Mike. The young man had to go to work, a down side his job brought with itself but after years of working in it he had gotten used to it. After sitting on the bed side for a while he got up and went to the bathroom, starting his morning routine before he would get dressed and search for some breakfast.

Around thirty minutes later Mike was standing on the porch of his house, which was leading into his his backyard. It held a cup of coffee in his hands while he watched Othello, his little bordeaux mastiff puppy run around in the soft grass, trying to catch little insects. The young man chuckled before he moved to sit down on one of the steps and carefully whistled for his K-9. Immediately the brown-furred dog came running, jumping towards his owner who lifted him into his laps and cuddled him close. “Whoa... buddy, soon I can't take you into my lap anymore... you get heavy” he laughed as the pup tried to lick his face. “No stop that... no” Mike said again, his voice now a little more stern and the dog stopped, “Today's a big day... you're coming to work with me for the first time. No more lazy days at Brad's... you gotta work too, my friend” he explained while he scratched Othi, a nickname he had given him, behind his floppy ears. The puppy had a red/brownish fur color and lots of wrinkles adored his face, which made him look even more human. Soon he would grow out of them though. Mike had gotten the pooch when he was twelve weeks old, and by now he was around four month old, and growing bigger and bigger. But Mike loved his slobbery K-9.

After finishing his coffee and locking up the house Mike and Othello where on their way to Mike's work place, a residential home for elders. Mike Shinoda was a male nurse for elders and he loved his job. He worked at this place for five years already and everyone liked him here, even his boss, which was why he was allowed to bring Othi too. The dog did have a job at the nursery home too. Mike planned to train him to work with the elders, because studies had proven that pets could really have a great impact on a human's life, especially when they had to live in a place like this. So Mike had huge plans for his companion, which would start today. It would take a lot of serious training for the pup and at first he had to get used to the life in an nursery home. All the noises, scents and people, but the young man was sure the pup would be alright.

“I told you not to overwork yourself, my dear. What about your social life, have you met any nice girl yet?” His grandmother looked at him in concern, knowing her grandson well his answer would be a short 'no' and a quick change of subject. When he didn't answer, just looked out of the window with that look, she knew what the truth was. “Chester, you need to stop working so much. Hiding in your shop doesn't bring you true happiness, my dear, you have to get out of there for once. Go on a vacation or go out, a handsome and charming man like you will attract a lot of attention, I am sure.” She flashed him an encouraging smile, knowing well that he didn't take it seriously and definitely wouldn't take action.

“I'll be fine, grandma, don't worry,” Chester forced a smile, even though he knew that it was obvious what he was really feeling about it. Ever since his last breakup, he hadn't tried dating again, instead started working more and more, at first only to distract himself from the pain. After a while though, he couldn't think of anything else but his flower shop, as if he had found his true love in his flowers and cats, and thus hadn't been out to meet anyone, not even friends, for years. It was okay to him to spend his days alone most of the time, only his cats and some birds that had settled down in his backyard, of course some customers here and there. But his grandmother seemed to think his life needed a little more action, needed a touch of love added to its gray surface. “Do you want to go for a walk? The weather is wonderful, great day to go to the lake and feed some ducks.” His smile turned softer, honest, his hand reached out to grab his grandmother's, squeezing it gently. Sharing his smile, she nodded and squeezed his hand back; she was so grateful to have her grandson.

A little later, they set foot into the corridor, his grandmother's arm wrapped around his as they walked towards the elevator. The conversation on Chester's social life was long forgotten, luckily, as he hated to talk about himself at all. Despite that, he wanted to feel good while he was spending time with his beloved grandmother, and not dwell into sadness over his missing piece in his heart. Before said thought could settle into his head, a puppy came running towards them, halting right in front of, almost bumping into them. “Hey, little one, no rush, the floor is slippery, you'll get hurt if you don't slow down,” Chester chuckled at the little dog in front of him, always having a warm heart for animals.

By the time Mike's shift was always over, and almost every citizen was in bed, taking a nap before they would start the rest of the day later. So far everything had been fine and the young man had a quiet day, but now... now that the house was more quiet he had gotten Othi out of the office and led him trough the house, making him familiar with all the stairs, the elevator and even the different kinds of grounds, constantly switching between carpet or parquet flooring. But suddenly the dog took of and started running, down the stairs and Mike immediately sat off to follow him, “Othi... stop.” he called and followed the pup. After two staircases he saw the K-9 sitting in front of a young man, who had an old lady at his arms – probably his grandmother. “Othello Shinoda, you come here, right now” he scolded the young dog, who immediately came towards his master, his head dropped and his floppy ears seemed even bigger. “I'm sorry. It's his first day here and he's still excited to say the least” Mike excused himself to the young brunette and the older lady, whom he knew was Mrs. Bennington.

A chuckle crossed Chester's face he watched the puppy walk back to his owner, obviously sad about being caught. “Oh don't you worry, he didn't do us any harm,” his grandmother reassured the nurse, flashing him a warm smile. “He's a cute little one, his name is Othello, am I right?” Only quickly, Chester looked up to the man in front of him, not fond of him right away so he focused back on the dog down at their feet. He seemed to have forgotten about his master's little scold, since he was curiously looking around the corridor, staying put though. Not wanting to interrupt his grandmother's conversation with the nurse, he waited for the right moment to compliment the other man on his well-trained dog.

“Yes, his name is Othello... or Othi” Mike chuckled as he looked down t the pup on his feet who was now laying on the ground, rolling around – just like a little kid who was bored. “He's still a baby though, only four month old” he explained and smiled at Mrs Bennington. He did knew the old lady, he knew every citizen in the house but seeing that he barely worked on the station the woman was living, he wasn't so fond with her. “He's going to be a therapy dog one day... but as I can see, we're far away from this” the young nurse chuckled as he watched his puppy rolling around on the floor, scooting closer and closer to the young brunette man in the process.

“I think he's cute, reminds me of my youngest cat. She would roll around too, especially when I was talking to her,” Chester chuckled, more talking to the dog than the other man. There was just something, some spark shooting over from him that Chester couldn't put a finger on, not even wanted to. First of all, he wasn't here to make friends, second of all, he didn't need any friends, and third, he was here for his grandmother, to take her out on a walk and not have this conversation with some male nurse in the corridor. “Well-trained, by the way.”

“He's not well-trained... he's misbehaving right now,” Mike chuckled and crouched down. Immediately the pup came towards him, his tail wagging like crazy as he sat by his master's side. “Good boy,” Mike smiled and looked at the brunette. His hair was curly, his eyes deep brown as he looked down at him. His lips pink and thin, formed into a smile while his eyes were fixed on the K-9.

“I've seen worse,” Chester countered, his forehead wearing a slight frown. Why was he looking at him? That look, the examining, piercing look he was receiving, what was it supposed to mean? It made him feel uncomfortable to say the least, and so he turned to his grandmother, suggesting they should head towards the exit. “It was nice to meet you, Othello,” she smiled warmly at the pup, gave the nurse a kind nod and let her grandson pull her away.

Mike gently frowned as he saw the young man's gaze but shook his head as soon as both, the old lady and her grandson, were out of sight. “Weird dude, don't you think, buddy?” he whispered and nuzzled his face into his dog's fur who whimpered happily and started to move more and more as he tried to get out of his owners grip. It didn't take long and he was jumping onto Mike's back, whimpering as he tried to get the male nurse to play with him.

Down in the entrance, his grandmother finally broke the silence that was walking between them. “I could tell, you weren't comfortable in his presence, did you know that man?” Chuckling at his grandma's smart thinking and quick combinations, he shook his head and smiled at her. “I've never seen him before and you know me, I would recognize my customers.” They continued their walk, followed the small path through the flowerbeds and the beautiful trees, their tops rich of color and a sensation that was filling him up completely. He loved nature, simply because it never failed him, never let him down and always was forgiving, it was a good shelter, a calm and silent listener and gave him so much more than just a beautiful sight. Hence, he became a florist, it was like acted as an intermediary between humankind and nature. His grandmother had been worried at first that the job itself wouldn't bring him closer to any girls, rather keep them away but even though to his disapproval, quite a lot of female customers tried to invite him out on a date.

Behind the elders' home, yet still on the same grounds, they reached a small lake, situated between beautifully arranged flowerbeds, bushes and trees, here and there even some vegetable and apple as well as orange trees. This garden or rather park was the reason Chester and his grandmother had picked this nursery home; when his parents had decided to move to Malaysia, his siblings and other relatives too busy with their own lives and Chester unable to take care of his grandmother all on his own, they had been carefully choosing the right home for her. Most of the institutions they had been suggested hadn't been too convincing, his grandmother was only physically unable to care for herself, her brain though was sometimes even working better than Chester's. And so, they had picked out his home, mostly because of the beautiful garden and the kind and open-minded nurses here. After three years of coming here every weekend, Chester couldn't say that he was regretting their choice; his grandmother was very happy in her new home.

After playing a bit with his dog Mike went back to his office to end his paper work and give Othi a break from the new environment.

Around one hour later he decided to take a quick walk through the garden, finishing off with Othi's day and his own. Even though his day had been quiet and calm he loved to end his shift with a walk through the nursery home's garden. Right now Othi was running in front of him, barking happily. With a smile the man looked after his K-9.

Usually he took this walks together with his co-worker and long time friend Brad Delson, but said one was currently unavailable and sick at home, so he had to take them alone.

Birds were tweeting, chasing another around the tree tops, squirrels climbing up the branches and ducks floating on the water. The sun's rays were glistening on the watery surface, something Chester had always loved about water, how it mirrored beauty in its natural appearance. They were sitting by the lake now, on a old-fashioned wooden bench with cushions, their eyes focused on a little duck family. A drake standing by a few chicken, their feathers looking more like fur, so soft and cute. “At least he has kids to take care of,” his grandmother pointed out, half joking, causing Chester to roll his eyes with a chuckle on his lips. “Grandma, they're probably not even his. And I told you not to worry, I will find someone. Not now, not next year but in the future,” he chuckled softly at her and received a smooch on the cheek. “I know, my dear, I'm just worried about you. You shouldn't be spending your Saturdays with your old lady, instead you should go out and meet a nice girl,” she joked, of course she didn't want him to stop visiting her. Knowing how to play this game with his grandmother, Chester chuckled back, “Aren't I spending my Saturday with a nice girl by the lake?” Instead of another smooch, she gave him a gentle clap on back of his neck, sharing the same chuckle with him.

As Mike reached the little lake he watched Othi catching bees and insects, sniffing around before he took off into another direction. Deep in his thoughts the young man thought about his past day and all the work he had to do on the next day. A sigh left his lips because lots of office work was awaiting him.

Looking back up he saw his pup laying on the ground by one of the benches near the lake, obviously playing with whom was sitting there.

Before their conversation could fall back to its original subject, Chester's non-existing girlfriend, a puppy came running towards them, halting in front of their feet and looked up to them, an excited expression on his small and cute face. “It's Othello again,” his grandmother burst out, leaning over to pat the little animal. As much as Chester was happy to see the gorgeous dog again, he wouldn't be running around alone and to come back to his grandma's assumption, he didn't like the puppy's master.

With a deep sigh Mike walked over to where the puppy was laying and trying to get the two adult to play with him. Silently the male nurse cursed his dog for being so forth coming towards strangers but otherwise he wouldn't be able to use Othello for his job. With a smile he stopped next to the bench, “I'm sorry he's bothering you again. Seems like he likes you, Mrs. Bennington”

“Oh no, don't worry, I like him back,” Chester's grandmother shook her head, smiling warmly at the male nurse. Maybe it was why Chester didn't like him, maybe he was jealous for a very stupid reason. Or that man was just someone you came to dislike right away. “Is he having a break from his first day at work?”

“Well, actually we just ended our shift. We always take a walk around here... or more, I do. It helps a lot to get your head clear” Mike smiled towards the older lady who was stroking Othi's brown fur, stroking him behind his floppy ears. “It's really beautiful out here... I like that. I grew up in Japan, so nature is everything for me, or a big part of my life” he continued saying, while he tried to ignore that the male next to the old lady not once said a word. Mike could say a lot about people after meeting them for the first time, hence his job he had a very good knowledge of people and this man seemed bothered by something.

“That sounds like my Chester, he runs a flower shop and is on good terms with nature,” the old lady smiled, ignoring her grandson who was about to protest that they were again, talking about him and even in front of that... that person. “We chose this nursery home because of this beautiful place. Chester was head over heels when we first visited this place.” Could it become more embarrassing?

“I can totally relate to that. I like it here a lot myself. Been working here for a few years now” Mike smiled at the older lady, “I think I have to make sure to work more on the station where you are living” he added with a chuckle at the older lady, knowing that he could very well chose where he was working, with the status he held.

“Are you flirting with me, young man?” The lady flashed him a playful but certain look, making her grandson look at her in disbelief. Too far, their behavior was going too far. But he wouldn't say a thing, he wasn't the one to burst and freak out on people. Not anymore. “Maybe you shouldn't waste your time on me, but take my grandson out for me. He only works and comes to visit me, that's all he does, it worries me to no end that he has no friends.” For a second, Chester's heart stopped beating, his breath caught in his throat before he released it into a gasp, his eyes wide opened as he exclaimed breathlessly, “Grandma!”

A deep blush crept onto Mike's face as he heard the old ladies words. Taking her grandson out? “I'm sorry... but I'm not orientated into that direction and I'm sure he's old enough to take care of himself” Mike smiled kindly as his gaze again dropped onto the brunette. His body was slender but yet muscular, as much as you could see under the v-neck shirt he was wearing. His pants were tight and well fitting, showing off all the right places. In fact... Mike had been lying. He was gay and the longer he looked at Mrs Bennington's grandson the more he found liking at him – when it came to his looks that was.

For that comment, Chester parted his eyes from his grandmother to look at the male nurse in front of him, actually for the very first time that day, taking his air into examination. For someone working in a job that was common for women, he was pretty muscular, quite masculine, his soft Asian features and his dark bluish hair spiked up gave a contrary touch to his appearance. Just from the looks, really only from that, Chester could imagine himself having a cup of coffee with him. But he was no one to spend his time with people, except for his grandmother. Speaking of the devil... “Oh, I am only asking you to take him out as a friend. Pardon me for the confusion. He could really use some company,” she tried to convince the nurse, still carrying that strange look and smile.

“Oh I am sorry then” Mike said and blushed even more, before he looked at the other male, smiling at him. “Well, I don't want to disturb you any further... Othi and I should head off anyways. Should you ever have a question or something else concerning your grandmother, just come and talk to me. My name is Michael Shinoda” he said in a soft and kind voice before he bowed a bit and turned around, calling his K-9 before he went to head back towards the home so he could change and head home.


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