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Leather and Scales by A.N.

This is probably one of the sexiest video shoots we have ever had. All day I was watching them record him on that throne, dressed in the tight leather, the horns on his shoulders and the snake around his neck. He looked absolutely delicious and I wanted him all to myself.

Did I mention he had his hair slicked back? I have a bit of a soft spot for that bad boy image. He looked so bad yet so good at the same time.

I wanted to touch him everywhere, lick him everywhere, and of course I wanted him to do the same to me. There is nothing I love more than when he runs his hands all over me. Such soft hands, strong and perfect for caressing my skin.

I was not expecting what he had planned for me that evening. Not even remotely. To this day I have no idea how we managed to get away with this.

Once the video shoot was over I retired to the empty dressing room. I had foolishly left the door cracked open a little, which gave him the perfect opportunity to sneak in without my noticing.

Just as I removed my shirt and cast it aside, I felt his fingers slide around from behind me and powerfully grip my lower stomach. He pressed his belly against my lower back, and I immediately realized it was flesh against flesh. I felt the leather of the jacket too, and this had me quite curious.

He whispered a few seductive things in my right ear, kissed my lobe a few times, then squeezed my waist. I felt him breathing me in and I tilted my head back a bit. Really, go ahead, breathe me in all you want, I welcome it.

He continued kissing my ear lobe, and as he did this, I noticed something wet flick the left side of my neck for a moment. At first I thought it was a droplet of sweat, so, I ignored it. When it happened again, and again, I started to wonder what Mike had gotten me into.

Mike continued his work, licking the back of my ear, then sucking from time to time. His hands slid to my inner thighs, where he rubbed and gripped tightly. "I don't want anyone to spot us." I said.

"Aw, is my drummer boy worried about being seen? Everyone else, even the crew, left to get dinner. It'll be a long while before they get back." Mike said.

That's when I fully discovered the situation I was in. I wasn't afraid but this was a new one for me. Mike's new best friend, Trevor, glided down around my collar and tucked the side of his head against my throat.

"I think he likes you." Mike said with a small giggle.

As unusual as this was, it was just as sexy now as it was during the video shoot. The snake tightened around my neck which caused my breath to involuntarily hitch. Mike took notice of this right away. He started flicking his tongue against my left ear, and my back tingled ferociously. "Like that?" He asked.


"Want more?"

"Please." I beckoned.

"Then follow me." Mike said with a dark voice. I didn't follow at first. I didn't even know if he was still in the dressing room. I was so excited that it was hard for me to move.

It took me a few minutes to figure out where he was. He was hiding behind the throne, peering at me through the antlers that adorned the back of it. His gaze bordered on predatory. He was only wearing two things: the snake, and that leather jacket. I licked my lips at the tasty sight. Tonight, he was all mine.

I approached the throne, and he watched every move I made. It was like looking into the eyes of a cobra. They do that, watch every movement your body makes. My insides screamed in both nervousness and pleasure.

I slid my pants from around my waist and watched his eyes light up. I smirked, then sat upon the throne, his throne. It didn't take long for that predator to creep from behind my seat and crawl into my lap. He leaned ever so close, bared his teeth and whispered, "Doesn't a beautiful animal like this wrapped around me, make you so horny?" He said it in a way like he already knew the answer would be yes, but wanted to torment me with the idea anyways.

I was already hard, but this just made me become harder. I leaned back in the seat and slid my knees forward for the perfect position. "What do you want me to do first?" He whispered in that sensuous tone. Some of his hair slid down around his eyes.

I parted my knees as much as I could in the little room we had. He glanced downward for a split second then gave me a small smile. "That's what you want, huh?" He asked. I nodded. He crawled onto the floor, knelt, and wrapped his hands around my knees.

I gasped for air when his warm mouth slid onto my head and sucked hard. Trevor curled himself a bit tighter around Mike's neck as his work began. The emcee was right, this image made me very hot.

He went a bit deeper, which made me pant and moan. I threw my head back when he nailed a spot I really liked. He did this over and over again, forcing sharp moans from my mouth.

His fingernails dug into my flesh. He went deeper again, where I could feel myself hitting the back of his throat. He occasionally allowed his teeth to graze me, but not very hard. I was beginning to shake all over but I didn't want to reach my climax so quickly. He pulled back, but gripped my heat with his right hand. His tongue swirled all over the head, sometimes flicking in and out of my slit. "Not so soon baby... not so soon..." I panted.

He gave a couple more licks then finally stopped. He grinned like an animal then crawled his way up my body. I will say, I am almost twice his size but I felt trapped. He gripped my heat again, but this time so he could mount me. He pushed himself down onto me kind of slow at first. His face contorted a bit when he forced me to push against his spot.

He held the antlers loosely as he began riding up and down. I truly enjoyed watching this. Those soft fingers of his crawled down away from the antlers and to my shoulders. He pressed our torsos closer. His skin was so soft and warm.

I placed one hand on his hip and the other around his cock. My thumb rubbed the slit nice and slow, almost like it was torture. He shivered a little bit and echoed a small moan.

I knew he was beginning to attack his spot again when he would tense up and growl each time he hit it. I have never been so turned on in my life. I'm shocked I didn't cum early.

As I watched him bob up and down, I started pushing my hips up as best I could. I hit his spot harder than I expected to and he wailed. I did this again, just to see what would happen. Oh, he wailed all right, and proceeded to scratch his nails down to my chest.

The sensation of my cock buried in such a warm and wet cavity felt so amazing. I began to gasp for air time after time. I slammed upward as hard as I could each time he came down. His fingers curled into fists and he pushed at me while his thighs squirmed.

I picked up the rhythm of rubbing his heat. He growled again, whimpered, and squirmed even more. Then the snake slithered along his left arm, and around the back of my neck. I probably shouldn't think this way but I really liked how soft the scales were, it reminded me of how soft Mike's hands were. Those hands which were know shakily touching me again. I made my thrusts faster.

I had to admit, this was dirty. Dirty and raw and animalistic and hot. My body ceased up for a moment and I thought I was there, but not quite. I was going to make sure this would be good, and as drawn out as possible.

Mike leaned forward in the midst of all of the sensations attacking his body. His tongue slithered all over my throat. His hands massaged my sides. I was growing so moist, and pounding into him was becoming almost like being sucked off.

"Yeah... you like this, huh?" Mike murmured in between wet kisses. I couldn't speak. His moist lips placed larger kisses along my chin and cheek. He then moved to my jaw, and back around to my throat again. Somehow he was regaining control and I just couldn't allow this.

I pounded into him so hard that he gave a sharp, almost painful gasp. I did this several times, as he started to lean backward. His head rolled side to side and more growls were heard. "You love it when I fuck you hard, don't you?" I teased.

"Oh yes baby..." He murmured.

"It's good, isn't it?"

"So good..." Mike's muscles locked up and he panted so rough until his seed spilled onto my hand. The very image of him so excited was enough to send me over the edge. I tensed so tight that I could barely breathe. My cum poured into him in hot streams. He whined then pressed his forehead to mine.

I raised my hand to my lips and licked my fingers clean. He tasted delicious, as always.

Mike's hair was all messy and dripping wet. Actually, every part of him was dripping wet. The same went for me.

"We need to incorporate scales and leather into our sex life more often." I said.

"Don't forget the throne."

"Yes, the throne definitely helps. But lets get our clothes back on before they all come back and see us." I said with a slightly worried tone.

Mike leaned in a bit more and gave me a sloppy kiss. He smiled brightly then plucked Trevor from around my neck.

"I am seriously considering trying to convince Hahn to let us have this throne, just so that we can have a second, third, fourth and well, infinite version of the events from tonight." I teased. Mike laughed a little and headed back to the dressing room. I quickly followed, figuring this time, I could sneak up on him.


Notes: Thank you to my friend Kelly for proofreading this. Secondly, there is something about Mike Shinoda with the throne and the leather and the snake around his neck that turns me ON. I had to write this or my brain and ovaries were going to explode.

Edit: Thank you for all of the great reviews, you guys are awesome :D I'm so happy you liked this one.