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Just This Once by A.N.

Chapter One

Ted has always liked me.

It doesn't surprise me because, before I was married, we had a short history together. By short, I mean we went on a few nice dates. It just never went any further from there.

We had first met when his radio station invited me on for the evening. I always thought it hilarious that he asked me out to dinner after sitting through a radio show like Loveline. Minus the name, it's not exactly the most romantic type of show.

Ted was just as adorable back then as he is now. Medium brown hair, grayish-green eyes, light beard, and the cutest cheeks and lips. I admit that I still find him attractive.

I didn't expect what happened tonight.

The party had been incredibly boring. There weren't any good drinks, just a bunch of diet soda. The only interesting things were the food, and talking to Ted. I like being able to hang out with someone who is just as hyper as I am, sometimes more. He's one of the very few friends of mine who will just take me as I am, and ask no questions or pass no criticisms.

I could tell he had something on his mind because it was the night before my birthday. This party we were at right now had nothing to do with what I just mentioned; it was for someone else. But, there was just something in his eyes that made me very interested. Something exciting.

"You bored yet?" Ted asked me.

"I've been bored since we got here." I answered.

"How about we say goodbye and high tail it?" He asked again.

"I'm down for that."

We quickly said our goodbyes and rushed out as fast as we could. As we walked out to my car, Ted offered to drive. I gave him an odd stare.

"There's something I wanna show you." He said with one of those grins of his.

"Aw, did you get me something for my birthday?" I teased.

"Hm, maybe..." Ted teased back.

I grew curious when we pulled up to a hotel. I don't think at that moment, that it had clicked into my mind exactly what he had planned. I actually did believe at first that it was some kind of super secret birthday party, and that maybe he had booked the entire lobby or something. Because those are the sorts of things that Ted does.

So, Ted parked the car. We ventured out, and made our way into the hotel. Suddenly he was very quiet. I noticed the lobby was almost empty. We didn't check in, so I figured he had gotten a room earlier in the day.

The lobby had a simple white tile floor. The walls were a dark orange color. Some fresh flowers were placed around on various counters. The wooden molding around the doors and windows was very detailed.

We stepped into the elevator. Ted gave me this look, and I don't know how to describe it, but, it made me uneasy. It should have warned me about what was coming, and instead, I let it go.

The elevator had a strange, musky smell. The music that was playing was, in my opinion, very lame.

Finally, we got to the fifth floor. We walked down the long hallway together, still very silent. I didn't know if I should say anything or not. I just followed him, wondering what this party would be like.

Ted stopped at the door farthest down the hall. He swiped the key and pushed the door open slowly. I walked in after him, and gazed questioningly at what was before me.

The bed was covered with cream colored blankets and pillows. On top of the blanket was a pile of spread around red rose petals. There were candles set out in small groups everywhere, but not lit yet. "I think we're in the wrong room." I said.

Ted closed the door behind us. He walked around in front of me, and gently cupped my face with his hands. His smile was very warm, his eyes glassy. He crept closer to me. I could feel my heart pounding, but not necessarily in a romantic way.

"Um... Ted..." I beckoned. His hands were trembling slightly. I guess that's why he hadn't spoken much. Nerves.

"Yes Mike?"

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"You're so beautiful." He said. I shivered. This was way further than I had ever expected him to go. I clutched his wrists. He placed his forehead against mine. His lips parted and his breath tickled my chin. "I can't help myself. Let me make love to you, just this once."

I'm going to be honest. I felt sick to my stomach. "I'm married." I said sternly. That didn't seem to change his mind much. He tried to press his lips against mine. I pushed away. "Ted, stop it." I said, raising my voice.

Ted rubbed his thumbs over my cheeks and gave me this pleading look. "I've wanted to be with you for so long and I can't take it anymore."

I pulled his hands away from my face. "No." I said. "I can't do this with you. And I can't do that to Anna." He looked like a beaten puppy. I hated that expression. "I'm sorry but I feel really uncomfortable right now and I need to go." I turned away from him and turned the door handle. I almost stopped myself, but I opened the door and started to head out. I didn't need to look behind me to know he was upset.

I stormed down the hall back to the elevator. I furiously jammed my thumb into the buttons until the doors finally opened. I hurried inside and tapped the 'G' button rapidly. The ride downstairs in the elevator felt like an eternity. I rushed through the lobby as fast as I could. I was happy to get to my car. I didn't even care that Ted was stuck upstairs without a way home. I didn't even care about how he felt anymore. I was disappointed and angry.

And in my confusion most of all, I regretted saying no.



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