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LPfiction Mods/Admins Wanted by Gummibear Queen

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Firtly, I know stories only - authors notes, etc are banned but as I own this site I can do whatever I bloodywell want to haha!

Okay, it's been noted that the current admins (myself included) haven't been around much recently - life is getting in way :(

Things have been slipping, some crazy crap is being posted and you the actual readers/writers here daily aren't getting much say in what's going on here.

So I want to get you guys more involved - if you want to become an admin/mod for the website go to my profile and send me an email from there - we can open up some discussions.

If you have any questions leave it in the review and I'll answer them there.

If you have suggestions - also leave them in the reviews and we can address those too.

I've closed the message boards to new members to discourage bots - I'd really like to encourage people to use that again but understand due to former members and the bitchiness caused there if people don't want to use them...I'm considering closing them.

This website is paid up for 2 years - I'm looking for options as to what happens then as I'm not sure I can continue running LPfiction, but don't want to simply close the site and lose everyones hard work.

Ideas please?

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